(Minghui.org) I was eating breakfast one weekend morning when my mother asked what I planned to do that day. I jokingly said that I thought I'd go out and enjoy the day. My mother said that we should not waste time and suggested that we study the Fa together. I was very moved because everyone around me is dragging me into the big dye vat of ordinary society—only my mother made sure I remained diligent and studied the Fa.

I felt that besides Master, only my mother truly cared about my cultivation. Even though it's hard for me to concentrate, I feel very happy when I study the Fa with her. A part of me truly wishes to be diligent, but it has been always hard for me to take the initiative.

As my mother and I read “Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018,” Dafa’s immense power constantly purified my thought karma. Since studying the Fa is such a beautiful thing to do, and I feel very refreshed and enlightened afterward, then why can’t I persist?

With the Fa-rectification coming to an end, I told my mother that I was afraid because I did not do well as a Dafa disciple. I said that if practitioners were to consummate I would not even be qualified to enter heaven. Master had said that he would not accept an unqualified cultivator.

Whenever I thought about my cultivation path, tears came to my eyes. I feel regret for all the missed opportunities. I was also very worried about my cultivation because I recently had two dreams.

In the first dream, Master quietly looked at me but through telepathy Master said: “Just do whatever you can in cultivation!” I felt like Master was looking at me in despair and I felt very remorseful. At the same time, I saw my mother eliminating negative things with balls of fire while Master constantly reinforced her righteous thoughts. In the past, I did not feel the importance of sending righteous thoughts. I realized that not believing in Master and the Fa has greatly hindered me, and I don't feel the importance of sending righteous thoughts.

In my second dream, my mother and I held hands while we descended to the human world. After coming to the human world, Master always protected us. Through cultivating and assimilating to the Fa, my mother returned home with Master without me. I stood on the side watching everything and I was heartbroken.

Perhaps Master was using these dreams to give me a “stick warning.” If I still did not catch up in my cultivation, everything would be in vain. The Fa-rectification period has almost ended and those practitioners who are like me should not waste any more time. We should think about the vows we made, have we fulfilled them? Are we living up to Master’s expectations? Are we worthy of the countless sentient beings in our dimensions and our true selves that came here to obtain the Fa?

In the past my cultivation always fluctuated. Sometimes I was very diligent but other times, I slacked off. Only after encountering a big tribulation or hardship would I be diligent again. Master said:

“Opportunity knocks but once. Once the illusion that you cannot let go of disappears, you will realize what you have lost.” (“Practicing Cultivation After Retirement,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

But how much pain should we suffer before we become clear-headed? Let us be diligent, do the three things and make up for all that we’ve lost. Master is waiting for us.