(Minghui.org) I had a dream a few days ago. While I was reading a Dafa book, six police officers arrived. They did not pay any attention to me nor search my house. Instead, they set up a screen to display questions for me.

While I was wondering what they might ask and whether they planned to use the screen to attack Falun Gong, the first question appeared. It asked me about a famous foreign athlete’s favorite pastimes. Before I had time to respond, the answers appeared on the screen.

The same thing happened again but with a question about a famous movie actor. The answer appeared before I had time to think. Soon they were done. A reporter taped the whole thing. I felt nervous but nothing terrible happened.

Instead of leaving, they stayed the night at my house. Still in my dream, the next day I went to a market to buy groceries. But instead of a market, I found myself in a giant graveyard.

I suddenly woke in a panic.

I felt that the dream reflected my cultivation state. The day before the dream, I had skipped waking up for midnight sending righteous thoughts and slept through the whole night, two nights in a row. Due to my lack of righteous thoughts, evil found its way into my body and mind.

Although the police did not ask me anything about Dafa, they asked about sports and entertainment. Their agenda was clear: as long as I was wasting my time on entertainment, their job was done.

For a long time, I used a smartphone and WeChat every day as part of my job. In the beginning, I only used it to contact my clients. Gradually, I began to use it to search the Internet, do online shopping, and look at entertainment. I could hardly focus when reading Dafa books.

Master gives us the best when we learn Dafa. But the evil forces put the worst things on the Internet. Our minds get polluted when we look at them.

Nowadays people can make money just by watching online videos. Online shopping is so attractive; some vendors offer free shipping and even free merchandise. When people are attracted to these deals and spend lots of time there, they have no idea of the negative effects it can have on them.

I know the principle of “no loss, no gain.” As a practitioner, how could I knowingly jump into this trap of having my mind polluted, and even enjoy it? We must become alert to these evil tricks and stay clear of the Internet’s distractions.