(Minghui.org) My mother quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) a decade ago. She has listened to experiences about the goodness of Dafa and stories about Chinese traditional culture. However, she refused to read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party or other similar Dafa related materials.

Recently, she suddenly got upset when I listened to recordings of practitioners’ phone calls to China. She complained that the United States did this and that, about how we berated the CCP, and so on. She said much that I could not accept. As she continued complaining and did not want to stop, I began to send forth righteous thoughts. After it went on for a while, I took away the player with the recordings. I told her that we should think about how the authorities have treated our family. We should not thank them, as though they had done us any favors.

The next day, she asked me, “How come you took the player yesterday?” I told her that I thought she did not want to listen to it anymore. “I do want to listen. Why don’t we listen to it for an hour every morning. You told me what was on your mind yesterday. I also wanted to tell you what was on my mind.”

Actually, I did not feel that I particularly told her what was on my mind. I suddenly realized that her mind was clear, even though she complained on the surface. She watched ordinary people’s news and filled her head with negative propaganda. Although she did not mean it when she complained, I was affected when she repeated those messages. I told her that I interpreted what she said as her not liking to hear the facts about Falun Dafa.

I am writing this article to remind fellow practitioners to not be affected when people talk about COVID-19 situations. When they say negative things regarding Dafa, they may just be repeating things they have heard. They do not mean it, and it is not what they truly think. We should not look only at the superficial aspects or their surface response.

I was in a detention center once. After I had a sincere talk with the guard, the persecution did not lessen. It's because I was eager to end my pain and was only concerned about myself at the time. I told her, “Master said some people do not deserve to hear the facts about Dafa anymore.” She asked me nervously, “What are you trying to say? Please tell me. I read the book Dissolving the Chinese Communist Party Culture.” I was surprised by her response. But my cultivation state was not good at that time, and I did not tell her more.

One day while sitting next to the section lead, I wrote the poem “For the World’s People” in Hong Yin III from memory on a piece of paper and gave it to her. She was very nervous and asked me, “When did you write this?” I told her I did it when I sat next to her. I thought she was trying to interrogate me. In reality, she just wanted to make sure no one else had seen it. She said with a smile after looking around, “Your Master wrote it, right?” I said yes. She quickly put it in a folder with other papers and left. I felt sorry for her nervousness. I was surprised to see that she yearned so much for Dafa. I hoped that she would also show it to her family.

On the surface this section leader acted rough when she was with practitioners. Sometimes she spoke of Dafa disapprovingly. In reality, her mind was not so. She had a better impression of me because I did not complain to the warden or procurator even when I was badly beaten.

After we begin to cultivate, our thinking becomes far different from regular people’s. We need to have more consideration for them, so that we are able to awaken their conscience.