(Minghui.org) May (alias) is over 80 years old. She diligently studied the Fa, practiced the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts. 

She seemed to be very ill at the beginning of the year. She had difficulty breathing, had severe back pain, and her blood pressure was high. Her family took her to a hospital. Fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thought for her but it had little effect. 

Doctors told May's family to prepare for her funeral. 

A practitioner from her Fa-study group visited May in the hospital and reminded her to look inward. She also pointed out that May complained about her former son-in-law.

May had six children. Her youngest child June (alias) divorced. Before they divorced, June’s ex-husband borrowed 20,000 Yuan from May, but never returned it. 

May was upset. “The money was borrowed from me. He owed the money to me, not to my daughter. He should return it.” She was upset and couldn’t calm down even when she meditated. Soon afterward, she was hospitalized.

After being reminded to forgive her former son-in-law, May dreamed that she owed a person 200 ounces of silver in a previous lifetime. The person in the dream was her former son-in-law in this lifetime.

After Master compassionately showed her the karmic relationship, May let go of her resentment, got better and soon returned home. 

May told the other practitioners that this was a big lesson and said, “Cultivation practice is truly serious.” 

She listened to the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. She gradually became strong enough to walk to the bathroom with June’s help.

Later, another practitioner visited May. While they talked, May’s daughter June was busy preparing food and cleaning the house. Having pity on June, the practitioner said to May, “Your youngest daughter is the most filial to you. She has taken care of you. But she is the poorest of all your children. She has no house, is divorced and has to live with you. If you die, all six siblings will sell your house and split the money. She will be homeless again. Have you thought of her future?”

May asked the practitioner to make some suggestions. Later she wrote a will and appointed June to inherit her house and the other children to have no share in it.

Two weeks after writing the will, May became sick again. She was hospitalized and died several days later.

Fellow practitioners believed that writing the will triggered her death. The old forces found an excuse to persecute her, “She's already written her will and has prepared for her funeral. It's time for her to go.”

We felt that the practitioner who suggested May write a will did so based on her own human notions. May’s daughter has her own fate because of her own karmic relationships which are arranged by higher beings. There are karmic reasons why she is poor or rich in this lifetime. 

Several practitioners in our county recently developed symptoms of sickness karma and died. Other practitioners often point fingers at those in tribulation and say that they must have some shortcomings or had wrong understandings of the Fa's principles. Their negative thoughts added pressure and negative substances to those practitioners in tribulation.

Fellow practitioners should help those in tribulation to strengthen their righteous thoughts, look inward, and correct their thoughts based on the Fa.