(Minghui.org) The selfishness of humans caused them to start accumulating karma in the ancient past. Out of compassion for humans, gods created the Three Realms to give humans an opportunity to cleanse themselves of karma and return to their original homes in the heavens. This is how reincarnation came about. Gods have also sent enlightened beings into the Three Realms over the course of history to show humans the culture of self-cultivation.

China is the main stage for the grand drama that is unfolding in the world. The Creator systematically made arrangements for a divine culture and the heritage of cultivation practice to be imparted to humans so that humans would not miss the rare chance to learn Falun Dafa in the Dharma Ending Period. However, the deterioration of morality has led people farther and farther away from the path set for humans by the divine. In addition, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has instilled hatred, atheism and the theory of evolution into people’s minds, blinding sentient beings to the fact that Falun Dafa is saving all beings.

Reincarnation allows humans to repay their debts. Nothing that happens around us is a coincidence. Everything, including all the conflicts we encounter, have reasons behind them. When encountering seemingly unfair situations, most people resort to confrontation and fighting and act without restraint to resolve the issues. This is mostly caused by indoctrination by communist concepts, such as atheism. Cultivators must look inward for their own faults and practice tolerance when we encounter troubles, because we know that nothing is a coincidence in cultivation, everything happens for a reason. These things happen because we did bad things in the past and created karma, so we need to take them as good opportunities to improve our xinxing.

If a cultivator doesn’t practice tolerance or compassion for a long time, does not righteously enlighten to the Fa principles, and simply dismisses these opportunities arranged by the divine to improve xinxing, this cultivator has actually been disrespectful to the divine. Refusing to bear the karma that one accumulated is akin to an everyday person refusing to pay his debts.

Gods have finalized every person’s fortune, social ranking, illness and death. You won’t have money if it doesn’t belong to you. Money comes naturally in the course of your life. If a cultivator deviates from the focus of cultivation and develops strong attachments to building wealth, his efforts with astray goals could invite tribulations. Since everyone's wealth in this life has been predetermined, inappropriately seeking more is rejecting the divine.

Master’s poem says,

“Doing without pursuingDwell always in the Dao”
(“In the Dao,” Hong Yin, English Translation Version C)

The divine has made arrangements for certain things to happen at certain times during certain reincarnations. There is no need for cultivators to worry. Following the natural course of life is the best state.

No one can interfere with other people’s lives either, including that of one’s spouse or one's children. Everyone has predetermined blessings and has to walk his path of life according to the divine's arrangements. Spending too much time and energy on these things, one could end up wasting one's life. Some fellow practitioners have over-burdened themselves with worldly matters. They look old and lack energy. We have to treasure ourselves and the divine's compassion above all.