(Minghui.org) Greetings esteemed Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

Before I began practicing Falun Dafa in 2009, my health was terrible. I suffered from severe insomnia and my body could not digest some foods such as rice or meat. My pregnancies were unsuccessful and I constantly visited traditional Chinese medicine doctors and I took herbal medications.

I frequently had trouble sleeping. Shortly after I began practicing I visited a relative who is a practitioner. She suggested that I read the teachings. I thought it was a good suggestion so one night I picked up some pages lying on the bedside table and started to read Master Li’s teachings. Amazingly, after I finished reading I fell asleep very quickly and deeply. I later realized I had been reading Master’s new lectures.

About three months after I began practicing I became pregnant. My indigestion was gone and I had a healthy appetite. I could even eat foods like sticky rice that was difficult to digest in the past. I felt like I was in my 20s again. Whenever I stayed up late, my body recuperated with just a nap. My aches disappeared when I did the exercises or studied the Fa. In the past, however, I always felt tired and very uncomfortable no matter how long I rested.

After my son was born, I often played recordings of Master’s lectures or Dafa music such as Pudu and Jishi. My baby was seldom sick and quickly recovered when he was. I took him to Minghui classes to do the exercises and study the teachings with other young practitioners every Sunday.

One time when I was carrying him around the living room and silently reciting ‘Falun Dafa is good’ I was astonished when he put his hands together in Heshi (a gesture of respect) as if he knew what I was thinking!

My son is now nine years old. Last year, he reminded me of my birthday. I jokingly asked him what present he would give me. I knew he'd been putting money into his piggy bank so I teased him by asking him to buy a gift with his savings.

Around that time, the local Epoch Times office was hosting a conference on education and invited a practitioner who was an expert. We met by chance. She asked my son to listen to five minutes of the Dafa music Pudu then draw what he saw. The next day, I played Pudu and he listened intently. After a minute he signaled that I could stop the music and he focused on drawing. I was amazed by his drawing. Even though he was not skilled, he had drawn a battle between good and evil! I told him to sign and date it. By coincidence, it was my birthday. I thought that this may be his knowing side who wanted to give his mother the best present!

Even though my child knew about Dafa since birth, he seldom studied the Fa or did the exercises. He often told me about his schoolmates who were mostly Christian and asked, “Why do we need to study the Fa and do the exercises when my friends insist that you can go to heaven by simply believing in God?”

My son always admired heroes, and wants to become a policeman and catch criminals when he grows up. He asked me why the police in China beat practitioners. I tell him that both good and bad police exist; good police catch criminals, but bad police bully good people.

My Son's Third Eye Opens

During the school holidays this June, I took him to a Falun Dafa Nine-day Lecture Class. Although he was restless, he listened to what Master said and attended all nine days. In school, he had a short attention span and could not concentrate. He was always fidgety and had difficulty settling down. When he learned to meditate he was able to do the exercise. But at home he told me he felt like his head was moving from left to right. I thought that this might be why he always seemed distracted.

After the Nine-day Class was over, I decided to bring him to our group exercise site. He did the standing exercises very seriously. But he couldn't keep still for the sitting exercise and kept looking around. Afterward, he said he saw a huge finger pointing at him when he was meditating. When we asked what he thought it meant and he replied, “Be focused!” He said he knew Master was guiding him.

Another time during Minghui classes, young practitioners were doing the sitting exercises. After they finished, my son said he heard someone call his name and encouraged him to, “Practice diligently!” He was certain that it was Master’s voice. As soon as we returned home he excitedly kicked off his shoes, turned on the exercise music and sat on the floor to meditate. It was the first time he was so quiet and earnest. He usually couldn't sit still for even a few minutes. This time he was able to meditate for over half an hour. My husband and I were delighted.

When it came to Fa-study, my son was often distracted. I warned him that his lack of focus was disrespectful to Master. He was worried and immediately changed his attitude.

One day when the three of us were on vacation, I talked about how many young practitioners he knew had their third eye open and saw Master’s law body. He was full of admiration but disappointed that he couldn't see anything. The next morning as we were standing beside a river, we saw a ribbon of yellow light reflected on the water. My son saw purple and blue instead, and the light was standing and spinning. The bird that we saw as brown, he saw as green.

When we returned to our hotel room, I offered to teach him how to send righteous thoughts. When the time came to send righteous thoughts, however, he laid down and didn't want to get up. Sudden, he said he saw Master. He said that Master was wearing a brightly colored Buddhist robe with one shoulder exposed.

He was very excited because it was the first time he'd seen Master’s Fashen. I told him that Master was reminding him to send righteous thoughts, so he sat up and started to send righteous thoughts. I said Master would encourage him if he diligently sent righteous thoughts. He replied that Master was already encouraging him because he saw many golden books flying around.

When we were eating dinner and he was picky with his food, I told him an ancient Chinese story and he obediently ate all the food.

After we returned from vacation, he often said he wished his bedroom was the same as the hotel room. One day my son said that he could see heaven. I asked him what heaven looked like. He described it as very bright and filled with temples. I searched on the Internet and showed him photos of temples but he said those weren't what he saw. I thought of Shen Yun and found an image of the heavenly palaces portrayed in the show. He said that’s what he saw.

My son often saw beautiful scenes from other dimensions. He saw Master’s Fashen many times. Sometimes during Fa-study, he would see Master’s Fashen standing on the desk when he lifted his head up. One time when we were driving in the car, he pointed at a certain spot and explained that heavenly maidens were scattering flowers. When he did the exercises, he said fairies would take him flying to see scenes in heaven or he would see golden books take flight and then slowly descend to the table. Other times he heard fairies sing. He saw how every word in Zhuan Falun was glowing. My son loved to look at Master’s photograph because Master appeared friendly and cheerful and always smiled at him. He always asked me to invite Master to stay with us for a few days. 

One day he asked me many questions as we walked along. I tried to explain things to him based on my own understandings of the teachings. After we walked a while, he closed his eyes and said he saw a golden book. I told him Master was encouraging him to study the Fa more.

I once took him to the park to do the exercises. He did the exercises for a while then stopped and went to play. He told me afterward he saw a dragon descend from heaven! The next day after he switched on the speaker to listen to the Fa, he ran to the kitchen to tell me that the dragon he saw yesterday was outside talking with another dragon. My son also saw angels, divine beings and a Fa-boat.

At night, I would play video recordings of Master’s teachings. For two consecutive days my son saw divine beings come into our home to listen to the teachings; two sat on the ground, while one floated in mid-air. He saw a ladder in his bedroom on many occasions and would drop his playing to run to his bedroom to check whether the ladder was still there.

My son knows that the Chinese Communist Party is crooked and he was very worried about his grandfather who regularly watched the CCTV (The Party's state-run television). Once when I went to pick him up from his grandfather’s place, I heard the recording on Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Apparently he played it for his grandfather. I did not tell him to do so. Perhaps his knowing side hopes to save his grandfather.

My son had another experience when we were sending righteous thoughts. He was reluctant to start so I reminded him that sending righteous thoughts would destroy the evil creatures. After a minute he said that he saw a tiny red dragon crouched on the ceiling fan; the dragon disappeared when he sent righteous thoughts.

One time he hid his head under the covers because he saw a red dragon. I urged him to destroy it with righteous thoughts. After a while he said that the dragon was gone.

After he attended the Nine Day Lectures, my child’s third eye opened and he saw magnificent scenes from other dimensions. Even though he seldom sees such scenes anymore because he's caught up in ordinary society, these experiences solidified his belief that Dafa is real, that Master is guiding him, and that Heaven and Hell are real.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.Thank you Master! Thank you practitioners!

(Presented at the 2019 Singapore Fa Conference)