(Minghui.org) When the British waist drum team was first established, those practitioners who knew how to play taught the others. One practitioner kept correcting my hand movements, so I felt stupid at first. We only had one day to practice and the next day we performed in a parade. We did very well and everyone was pleased!

After the parade, we performed in Pigeon Square and our photo was posted on Minghui.org. I knew our movements were not completely accurate, but we did well. This increased my confidence.

Our team coordinator was an elderly practitioner. She brought us homemade snacks to encourage us and tried her best to prepare everything. Her selfless dedication and compassion helped me find my own gaps and bad thoughts. I had all sorts of attachments to fame, self-interest, and emotion. They were deeply hidden, and I wanted to eliminate them.

Improving Our Skills

I attended the Fa conference in New York this year. With help from U.S. practitioners, I was able to contact the coordinator of the New York waist drum team. That evening, I met the coordinator at a practitioner’s home. I wanted to be shown how to correctly play the waist drum so that I could help teach U.K. practitioners. I worried that I might not learn it properly, so I worked very hard. The New York coordinator encouraged me.

The next day, two American practitioners and another practitioner came to the park to teach me how to play the drum. Time was limited, and my return flight was in the afternoon, so I used my cell phone to video-record them.

After I returned home, the U.K. waist drum team coordinator asked me to teach our team members how to correctly play the drums.

The coordinator of the New York waist drum team told me that they practiced hundreds of times when they first started learning. Even though they'd played for years, they still practiced several times each month. For me to grasp it in such a short period of time was really difficult. I asked Master Li to give me wisdom.

I watched the video I'd made of the U.S. practitioners playing the waist drums over and over again. I then stood in front of a mirror to practice getting the hand sequence right. I practiced hundreds of times, thousands of times. I knew that I had a big responsibility. We wanted our waist drums to wake people up and save them. I realized that when my efforts were sincere, Master would help.

Our team cooperated very well, and we played the drums in front of the British Museum. The museum is a popular tourist attraction and there are a lot of Chinese tourists. They usually avoid talking to us or taking our fliers. But that day, many of them took photos of us or recorded the music. Some even wanted to learn.

The buses were filled with Chinese tourists, and they were all staring at us in astonishment.

We sang “Falun Dafa Is Good” with smiles on our faces while we played the drums. It was really spectacular. We felt the power of playing in unison. We played from morning until afternoon and didn’t feel a bit tired. We were really happy to see how people were.

Teaching the others how to play the waist drums helped me get rid of my attachments. I'm usually very short-tempered and have no patience. Teaching changed me and removed those things. I could think from the others’ perspective so I could help them grasp the skill. I'm really thankful that our compassionate Master gave me this opportunity to remove my attachments and help enlighten people.

Handling Tests with Righteous Thoughts

The European Fa Conference was held in the U.K. this year. It was a rare opportunity to inform people about Dafa. Local practitioners cherished this opportunity. The U.K. Falun Dafa Association took the arrangements seriously and were very detailed. Fellow practitioners cooperated well, and everyone took the initiative to shoulder responsibilities.

When the U.S. waist drum team and their coordinator heard that this year’s Fa Conference would be held in the U.K., they came to help teach us to play the drums.

After I purchased my tickets to travel to London for the Fa Conference, my mother called and said that my father had several big growths on his neck that he needed to have removed.

While my dad was in surgery, my mom called and said that she could not see and had to go to the hospital. I thought that something was wrong and that I should be on my guard. Everything had been fine—why did all these things come up so suddenly?

Nothing in cultivation is coincidental. When I looked inward, I noticed I had an emotional attachment to my family.

I sent the righteous thought: “I am Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period. No one can interfere with me. I am saving sentient beings. Don’t interfere with me by using ordinary people’s emotions.”

I let go of my emotional attachment to my parents and went to participate in the activities in London.

My parents were discharged from the hospital soon after the end of the conference. They were both fine. My father's growths were not cancerous and it was just a minor operation.

If I had been swayed by emotion, I would have been following the path arranged by the old forces, which would also have hurt my parents. This made me realize that cultivation is really serious. The old forces are looking for any excuse to persecute us. It's very important to study the Fa well. If we can remember what Master said when tribulations come, we can handle everything with righteous thoughts.

Our waist drum team played very well during the activities that weekend and drew a lot of attention.

As Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period, we should harmonize with each other, eliminate ego, and assimilate to Dafa to reach the standard Master requires. We also need to do the three things well so we can save more people.

I feel so fortunate to be able to participate in the waist drum team. Our coordinator asked me to write about my experiences. I kept delaying due to laziness and fear of having my attachments being exposed.

Thank you, Master, for giving me this opportunity to help save people!