(Minghui.org) When practitioners in China are arrested while distributing information about Falun Gong, many of them have taken the opportunity to clarify the facts about Falun Gong to the police, turning a bad thing into a good thing. Below are two such examples.

With Righteous Thoughts, I Walked Out of the Police Station

An elderly man grabbed me when I was distributing Falun Gong information in August 2019. I said, “You will be blessed if you read this information and find out the truth about Falun Gong. I try to be a good person according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. Won't you let me go?”

He refused. Someone passing by stepped in and said, “You have the choice to read it or not. Why are you bothering her? She hasn’t done anything wrong. Let her go.” He still wouldn’t budge and started calling the police. I thought to myself, “You won't be able to get the call through.”

Indeed, he tried three times and nobody answered. Angry about it, he attempted to push me over. I said, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” in response. I knew Master was protecting me and that he would not be able to hurt me.

He stopped pushing me and called the local neighborhood committee director, who in turn called the police.

I kept sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind him. I said, “It is very important for you to read what I am handing out. I am doing this for your own good.”

A few people from the neighborhood committee soon came. One of them picked up a copy of the material to read. As he read about the characters carved in the stone about 200 million years old that read “The Chinese Communist Party will be eliminated,” I told him that this was a hint from Heaven. He didn’t say anything.

Two police officers came and took me to the station. I continued to send righteous thoughts on the way. They asked me my name and address and where I’d obtained the materials. I did not answer them and decided not to cooperate. They smiled and said, “We will release you if you tell us your name; otherwise, we will take you to the station.”

I did not respond and kept sending righteous thoughts. Then I started to tell them about Falun Gong and the persecution. They listened in silence.

One of them suddenly asked, “What do you mean when you mentioned de (virtue)?” I said, “When one does good deeds, one accumulates de. Those who have abundant de are rewarded with great fortune and high status. Police are supposed to arrest bad people instead of good ones like Falun Gong practitioners. You and your children will be blessed if you let us go. It is a heavenly law that good is rewarded while evil is punished.”

At the station, I started to recite the Fa and reminded myself, “Master Li is the one who determines my fate—no one else. I should not be in a police station. I must go home.” I continued to send righteous thoughts to destroy the evil factors behind the police.

They asked for my name again, and I still refused to answer. They said, “If you don't tell us your name, how can we let you go home?” I replied, “You don't have to release me. I will walk out of here myself.” I knew Master was by my side and watching over me. I did not have any fear.

Before long, one of the officers went out on business while the other one went to another room to chat with his buddies. Because there was no one else in the interrogation room, I left the station.

The police had taken my purse with my money and transit card in it, so I had to walk until 9 o'clock that night to get home. My practitioner husband was sending righteous thoughts when I walked in the door. We both thanked Master for his protection and returning me home safe and sound.

I then searched within for loopholes in my cultivation. I found that I was frequently sleepy while sending righteous thoughts and riding buses on my way to tell people the facts about Dafa. Also, I had strong attachments to my children and to competitiveness, which contributed to the lapse in my cultivation.

I am grateful to Master for helping to resolve the problems in my cultivation. In the remaining time for Fa-rectification, I will rid myself of all attachments and follow Master home.

Helping Police Officers Quit the CCP During My Interrogation

I was arrested and taken to the local police station for distributing Falun Gong information in January 2016. When they took me to a room with surveillance cameras, I said, “I won't go in this room.” They then took me to another one, and I refused to go in again because it had cameras, too. They had to turn off all the cameras, including the one on an officer's shoulder, before I agreed to enter the room.

They then told me to sit in the chair that was meant for the person being interrogated. I said, “I did not break any laws. I won't sit there.” I then sat down in another chair.

When an officer asked why I handed out brochures, I replied, “To save people.” They asked who’d told me to do it, and I said, “I wanted to do it myself.”

I kept sending righteous thoughts. One of the three officers left, and I started to talk to one officer about Falun Gong and quitting the CCP for his own safety. He finally agreed to quit.

Officers came and went and talked to me one after another. I clarified the truth to all of them, and five agreed to quit the CCP. My arrest turned out to be a good thing.

In the end, they asked me to sign a piece of paper, but I refused. One officer said, “Forget it, we will let you go.”

After nearly 13 hours, I walked out of the police station.