(Minghui.org) Some practitioners keep talking about when our time to cultivate will end. Some say they've had hints that this will happen on certain dates. They continue speculating even though several of these dates have passed. 

I've also thought about when our cultivation will end. I even made arrangements for my family. I recently began slacking off even though I still studied the Fa, sent righteous thoughts and took part in efforts to raise awareness of the persecution.

After I practiced the exercises in the morning I began going back to sleep. I also shortened the length of time I did them. I felt that I'd had a hard cultivation journey; I'd done what I was supposed to do, and now I could wait for our time to consummate.

The old forces took advantage of my loophole. I became so sleepy at night that I just went to bed as I thought I couldn't study the Fa or practice the exercises in that state.

I understand the seriousness and sacredness of cultivation. Any human attachment could cause our cultivation to fail.

I recently received warnings that I was in danger. My third eye is open and I've seen scenes in other dimensions. Some high level beings were worried about me and warned me that many beings were anxiously watching me. Even though I had cultivated to a high level, I was in danger of dropping down; I still hadn't eliminated selfishness, but things could conclude at any moment.

Some scenes were like taking an exam. In one scene I was surrounded by creditors who behaved badly. In another scene I was shown the vows I signed.

We've come to the last leg of our cultivation. Seeking comfort, slacking off in doing the exercises and studying the Fa, and complacency about what we've achieved are all pitfalls. If we allow ourselves to slide down, the consequences are frightening. Master is still protecting us and giving us chances to cultivate and do better.

After my recent realizations I firmly resolved to cultivate diligently and rid myself of all my human thoughts and any behavior that does not conform to the Fa.

We may encounter tests at any time to see whether we have met the standard for consummation. These tests are tailored to each practitioner. Every day and each minute is important. Even seemingly inconsequential things may be tests. As the end of our time to cultivate draws near, we should be even more diligent.

I also enlightened that practitioners should eliminate our human attachments and walk out of humanness. A single attachment may block a practitioner from leaving when the final moment comes. Every human notion and mentality must be let go.