(Minghui.org) With the advancement of modern technology, many farmers are using weedkillers and artificial fertilizers to increase their crop yields, even though weedkillers cause environmental problems, not to mention health problems for the farmers who use them and for the consumers who eat the crops.

Many children have experienced short and long-term damage to their health after eating foods treated with ripening agents, and many health problems are attributed to these chemicals.

In China, people focus on profit and do not concern themselves with the consequences of the overuse of chemicals.

After learning about the health hazards of those chemicals, my husband and I, who both practice the spiritual discipline Falun Dafa and follow its principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, began to pull weeds manually instead of using weedkillers. We wanted to be responsible to our customers as well as to ourselves. It would also mean less pollution in the fields and in the environment.

The villagers who saw us working so hard in the field said, “Why are you spending so much effort? Just use weedkiller.”

We usually responded by saying: “We need the exercise anyway, and it doesn’t take much time. Weedkiller causes too much pollution and harms people and the environment.”

Great Yield Without Artificial Fertilizer 

We are in the land of orchards, and every family has peach and cherry trees. Every one of them use a fertilizer just before the fruit ripens. The fertilizer dissolves in water and is spread around the roots of the tree. Within three to five days later, the fruit get larger and ripens more quickly.

My husband saw the fruit from their trees and wondered if we should use that fertilizer just once. I knew it was to test my heart. I told him that we were Falun Dafa cultivators, and we shouldn’t use something that was potentially harmful. He agreed.

At harvest time, our peaches looked great! They were large and juicy and we were able to sell them at a good price every day. My husband was amazed that our peaches were bigger than those treated with the fertilizer!

Amazing Outcome When Abiding by the Principles of Falun Dafa

We have three kinds of the peach trees, but only one kind produces well. My husband was worried that 2019 might not be a good year for peaches.

I wasn’t worried. I thought, if we did not have a good yield, then we might not need to hire any helpers this year. I also mentioned that, as a cultivator, I would take things naturally. Whatever we have is what Master has granted us, and we should be grateful for it.

Just when our peaches were ready to pick, our neighbor’s father passed away. We were in a dilemma. If we did not help our neighbor when he needed us most, we would regret it. But if we helped him, we would miss the opportunity to sell our peaches at the prime time – and we might not be able to sell them at all.

I discussed it with my husband and said that we should help our neighbor, even if it meant we suffered a loss ourselves. He agreed.

Two days later, after we had helped with the funeral, we began to pick our peaches. They were a small variety, but the year before last (2018) they were bigger than they were supposed to be—close to half a pound each. In 2019, they were huge! Even bigger than the year before! Our sales were great. People were amazed and commented that they had never seen peaches that big. 

I told our customers that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and we did not use any harmful chemicals on our peaches. Our peaches were not only big, they looked beautiful and tasted wonderful. They were so attractive that we sold them all in no time.

My husband was pretty proud and said, “I can’t believe our peaches were the best at the fruit market!” Pleased, I commented, “See, when we abide by the principles of Dafa, the result is always the best, right?”


The other fruit farmers were not so lucky this year. The best they did was half of what they made last year. When we are not attached to profit and follow the principles of Dafa, Master shows up the power of Dafa.