(Minghui.org) I was on my way home when I found a wallet on the ground. I glanced around for someone who might be looking for it. I waited in that area for a while, and then looked inside the wallet for some identification. No one answered when I called the number I found in the wallet.

I thought about giving it to the authorities but decided that I would continue to try and reach the owner myself. It would be an opportunity to tell them about Dafa. Master has mentioned that nothing we run into is an accident. Perhaps the owner of the wallet and I have a predestined relationship.

I finally reached someone when I called on Monday morning. The owner of the wallet was happy and asked for my name and address. She said she wanted to give me something to thank me for my kindness in returning her wallet. I told her it was not necessary.

I went to the post office and express mailed her the wallet, which would arrive the following day. I e-mailed her the information.

The following day I received her reply. She was grateful and still wanted to reward me with some shopping vouchers.

I thanked her for the offer and told her how polite and kind the Japanese people are, and that I was only working in Japan briefly. I assured her that she did not need to give me a reward. Then I told her that the Shen Yun Performing Arts troop from New York will be touring around the world and perform in Tokyo next January. “If you have a chance, please bring your family and friends to see the show.”

I also mentioned that the Japanese TV stations were broadcasting how the Chinese government had been illegally arresting good people in China and harvesting the organs of Falun Dafa practitioners for many years. I encouraged her to speak up for us, to help collapse the totalitarianism regime and have it become a truly free and democratic society. 

I wrote: “Let us work together to stop this tragedy that has never occurred in the world before. Living in this most democratic and prosperous country, the influence of its citizens is way beyond your imagination. Please help support us and spread the word to people around you.”

Her reply: “I am truly grateful that you sent my wallet to me, and so quickly. Please accept my most sincere ‘thank you’. Shen Yun looks great, I will attend when they are here. I am also aware that there are all kinds of issues in Chinese society today. However, I was surprised when I heard about the “live organ harvesting,” I will definitely spread the word here and hope you make progress regarding this matter.”

Because of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) provoking its own citizens to be against Japan, I was hesitant of her accepting what I had to say. However, I was overly concerned. She had a positive interaction with a Dafa practitioner, and I felt confident that she would attend Shen Yun, and now had a better understanding of the persecution of Falun Dafa in China.