(Minghui.org) After serving time as a soldier, I was recommended by fellow villagers for the position of village secretary under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Dealing with village affairs, coupled with my bad temper, pride and insistence on being right, resulted in my worsening health. I suffered various conditions, including gastritis, stomach hernia, and groin hernia. Despite seeking and undergoing medical treatment throughout the region, my illnesses remained incurable.

My wife also suffered from poor health. Sick for nearly thirty years, she spent her days resting in bed, unable to do anything else. In 1998, some visitors came to our village to teach Falun Gong. My wife attended these lecture sessions and to our surprise, recovered completely from her illnesses! Also, a man in our village with a severe spinal abnormality (kyphosis) started walking upright after learning this practice.

Inspired by these miracles, more than a hundred villagers started learning Dafa. These Falun Gong practitioners became morally upright citizens, whose positive influence spread throughout the village. During this period, I saw a significant decrease in the number of quarrels and household disputes.

However in July 1999, an order was sent down from government headquarters and Falun Gong became banned in China. Many Falun Gong practitioners from our village visited Beijing to petition the government. These petitioners included my wife and younger brother’s wife. Everyone was arrested and my younger brother’s wife was illegally incarcerated in a detention center. When the 610 Office announced their intention to hold “re-education classes” (brainwashing sessions), they requested I provide names of villagers practicing Falun Gong. I remember my initial confusion, “What crime did these people commit?” However as a government employee, I had to follow the CCP’s instructions to the letter or face consequences. I complied a list of several important Falun Gong practitioners for the 610 Office, which included the names of my wife and younger brother’s wife. I even assisted the authorities in their efforts to arrest them.

However, I felt something amiss after sending my wife off to the 610 Office re-education class. That night, I lay in bed and thought, “Falun Gong is good, but the authorities have banned it. Why do practitioners refuse to accept this decision? Why do they insist on continuing to practice it?” I decided to see the content in Zhuan Falun for myself.

I got out of bed and retrieved my wife’s copy of Zhuan Falun from its hiding space. After reading for a while I turned off the light, closed my eyes and prepared to sleep. To my surprise I saw numerous circles of light, rotating and glittering in various sizes and colors, floating around our house. I had never seen anything so magical before. They vanished as soon as I turned on the light, but reappeared when I turned the lights off. Later my wife explained to me that these were Falun.

This encounter convinced me that Falun Gong is an extraordinary practice. I began spending more time reading Falun Gong books. The books taught people how to be more considerate of others, to avoid starting conflicts and live according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Falun Gong is the complete opposite of the Communist Party’s slander.

Without my awareness, my various chronic illnesses disappeared. Only then did I truly understand why the CCP, despite the wealth and resources at its disposal, has met with little success in changing the hearts of Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong truly is an amazing practice! As long as one practices Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance in their everyday lives, one can achieve perfect health.

I became the target of much criticism at every village meeting. Officials would criticize my lax enforcement over the many Falun Gong practitioners in our village. However I was extremely reluctant to comply, having seen and read the truth for myself. In 2000, I resigned from my post as secretary of the village committee in order to devote my efforts to practicing Falun Gong with my wife.

Occasionally, Falun Gong practitioners from our village gather at my home to study the Fa and share their experiences. Our family also participates in various truth clarification activities.

Despite knowing the strict laws and vicious penalties which await practitioners of Falun Gong, for the sake of our good health and happiness of our family, my wife and I committed ourselves to practicing Dafa. To date, we remain healthy and faithful practitioners of Falun Gong.

Furthermore, it is true that the entire family will benefit as long as one member practices Falun Gong. From an early age, we taught my young grandson to recognize the phrases, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” and “Falun Dafa is good” which are displayed on the walls of our house. Though he had yet to learn how to speak, whenever we uttered the phrase “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” our grandson would turn his little head in the direction of these words on our walls.

One day while we were gathering wild vegetables, my three year old grandson suddenly collapsed to the ground. We rushed to seek medical treatment, but all the experts we consulted in the various county, city and provincial hospitals could not determine the cause of his illness. We spent days shuttling between medical specialists to no avail. Eventually, we lost faith in these medical institutions and decided to bring our grandson home. I placed our little grandson on the bed and declared to my family, “There is no other way. Let us leave everything to Master!” As soon as these words left my mouth, my little grandson climbed to his feet and happily began clapping his hands. We were speechless with amazement!

The CCP is certainly meddling in something beyond its control. Persecuting those who practice a divine cultivation way will certainly result in retribution! I hope that these government officials and personnel can recognize the goodness of Dafa and quit the CCP for the safety of themselves and their families. Our family would like to express our gratitude to Master for his boundless compassion!