(Minghui.org) I had a bad temper and easily got angry if someone said anything that I did not agree with. 

I saw a big improvement in my wife's demeanor and health, however, after she began to practice Falun Dafa. So I learned it, and my temper also improved. I began to look within for my own shortcomings and was no longer quick to take offense.

I work as a farmer in other people’s fields Sometimes, people were stingy about paying me and tried to give me less than we’d agreed on. I did not take it to heart. 

I once worked for a farmer who wanted me to plant in the neighbor's field. I would not do it. He argued with me and went so far as to say I didn’t do good work. 

Instead of arguing with him, I walked with him into the field and pointed out the boundary. I said I would not do something that was wrong and would have to quit if he insisted. He did not know what to say and quit insisting.

My son and I worked together in another field. We planted everything and sprayed the fertilizer as we’d been directed. Our employer had many complaints about our work and did not want to pay us. I thought of what Master Li said in Zhuan Falun

“How should our practitioners treat losses and gains? It is different from everyday people. What everyday people want is personal gain and how to live well and comfortably.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I told the man, “We have done the work you asked us to do and will not argue with you about the pay.” He did not say anything. Later, when the crops were harvested in the autumn, he brought the money to me. 

I will cultivate myself diligently and do well the three things asked of practitioners. Thank you to Master and fellow practitioners!