(Minghui.org) When we realize that a thought or a behavior doesn’t conform to the Fa, we must quickly correct ourselves. As practitioners, we are protected by the Fa and Master’s law bodies. If we are willing to correct ourselves and follow Master’s arrangements, we can defeat the old forces’ arrangements. 

The key is to correct ourselves.

If we always look within for the cause of a tribulation and correct our thoughts or behaviors according to the Fa, the old forces won’t find any loophole to exploit and the tribulation will quickly dissolve.

If, on the other hand, we simply focus on the tribulation itself and want to avoid it using ordinary people’s methods, the old forces will use this as an excuse to magnify the tribulation. Sometimes when a human body can’t bear the tribulation, the practitioner passes away or loses the chance to cultivate.

On the other hand, if a practitioner always follows the teachings of the Fa and looks within when a conflict or a problem appears, he or she can use the tribulation as an opportunity to improve xinxing and eliminate karma. In this way, the suffering turns out to be a good thing. In these circumstances, the old forces have no reason to continue the tribulation.

A practitioner should not be afraid of making mistakes. If a mistake is made, we can pick ourselves up and carry on. Master bestowed upon us the powerful tool of looking within; it’s the best way to find the cause and solution to tribulations.

When a human notion or a human desire emerges, we should recognize it immediately and take the initiative to correct or eliminate it. If we don’t acknowledge it and are able to correct ourselves immediately, Master will also help us to remove some of the bad substances associated with it.

The process will repeat itself many times until a cultivator reaches consummation and completely assimilates to Dafa. This is the way we fulfill our vows, carry out our mission, and enter the new cosmos following Master.

The above is my limited understanding at my current level.