(Minghui.org) I am a retired teacher and nearly 70 years old, I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1999. Even though I felt that it was too late for me to obtain the Fa, I read the Dafa books over and over again, and began to do the exercises. I knew that this is the truth I had been struggling to find all my life. 

Master said:

“For a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, personal liberation is not the goal of cultivation: when you came, saving sentient beings was your great aspiration, and that is the responsibility and mission history has bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification. Thus great numbers of beings are to be saved by you.” (“Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People”The Essentials of Diligent Progress, Vol. III)

Clarifying the Truth at the Education Bureau to Save People

I used the excuse of asking about my withheld wages to speak to the director and deputy director to clarify the truth to each department at the bureau. Many of my colleagues work at the Education Bureau, so they are no strangers, and they are willing to listen to news about Dafa and events they can’t hear about elsewhere. Many people understand the truth about Dafa and the persecution, and have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Some people have asked me for truth-clarification brochures. One deputy director put the material in the drawer immediately after receiving it, as he was afraid of being seen.

Over the past 10 years, six directors and deputy directors have renounced their memberships in the CCP, and everyone in one of the reference departments quit the CCP. The number of people at the Education Bureau who have quit the CCP and its youth organizations have been as many as 30 to 40.

Saving School Employees

I have worked in three different schools. One of the schools has a staff of more than 300. On one occasion, I brought them 50 copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and finished distributing them in the morning. The 50 people were very happy to receive it. One person said to me, “You are very courageous! After being fired (for practicing Falun Dafa) from public office so many years ago, you still have such a high spirit and are very healthy and happy every day. It is really admirable.” 

I said: “Good health is the most important issue of one's life. If I didn’t practice Falun Dafa, I wouldn’t be so healthy. If I wasn't healthy, what’s the use of money?” They nodded and agreed.

The school I last worked at had merged with other schools, and some of my former colleagues there were assigned to work at other schools in the city. In order to clarify the truth to them, I went to various schools to find them. After I arrived at a school, I would find someone I knew, and immediately ask for the whereabouts of others. After I learned where they were, I went to that school. Thus, I traveled to various middle schools throughout the city.

Of course, some colleagues would not accept the truth, and didn’t quit the CCP. My compassion may not be enough to save them. I feel deeply guilty and sorry.

Clarifying the Truth When Visiting a Distant Relative

During the previous Chinese New Year, I flew to another province to visit my elder sister. She has a large family and many relatives and friends. Everyone invited me to dinner. A nephew is a village cadre. He also invited the secretary to his house.

I took this opportunity to thoroughly clarify the truth to them. They attentively listened to me as if they had never previously heard the truth about Falun Dafa. I answered every question they asked. They listened, and finally quit the CCP. During this 10-day trip, I brought back a list of 37 people who quit the CCP.

Clarifying the Truth to the Court and the Appeals Office

I thought that I should go to the judiciary to clarify the truth to them. At the end of last year, I filed a lawsuit against the Education Bureau on the grounds that I was illegally fired from my office and my wages suspended.

During the court session this spring, I stated that: because I practiced Falun Dafa, the Board of Education suspended my salary, which was a serious violation of the Teachers Law. Firing me from public office was a violation of authority and an illegal act. It is not illegal to practice Falun Dafa. The Constitution clearly stipulates: “Citizens have the right to freedom of belief.” There are no public provisions for suppressing Falun Dafa. On what legal basis did they expel me from public office? For about half an hour, the judge didn’t say anything, and finally adjourned the court. In the end, the verdict was: “The court dismissed the complaint.”

Later, I went four times to the Municipal Appeals Office to ask which law was violated by practicing Falun Dafa. They all laughed without answering the question. In fact, government officials at all levels know that when it is a case that involves Falun Dafa, they avoid it. It can be seen that the communist evil spirit has a firm grasp on them, making them afraid to speak for justice.

Replacing the Party's Songs in My Mind with Songs About Dafa

I love to sing. In the past, all the CCP's evil red songs were in my mind. Sometimes I was controlled and hummed those songs. I later realized the seriousness of this problem. Isn’t this adding energy to the evil Party? After understanding this, I began to learn the songs sung by Dafa disciples. I have learned more than 20 songs, and put these Dafa songs in my mind. I sang these songs when I was walking and working. These are the songs I sang to people. I smiled every day and walked on the path of Fa-rectification. Continuously singing the Dafa songs cleared out all the evil red songs from my mind.


I obtained the Fa over 20 years ago. It has been 20 years of clarifying the truth to people in the midst of persecution. In the past two decades, I have experienced improvement and depression, experienced ups and downs, and tasted the sweetness and bitterness. Although the evil party expelled me from public office, and stopped paying my salary, Master gave me a healthy body. I practice the exercises in the morning, work to earn an income during the day, and study the Fa at night. My life has been very fulfilling.