(Minghui.org) All four people in my family practice Falun Dafa, and my husband was persecuted to death in prison for it. Because my younger daughter and I petitioned for justice for my husband, we were put in a labor camp for one and a half years.

After returning home, I discovered that my daughter's ID card was lost, so I went to the local police station to apply for a new one. The process would take three months, so she was issued a temporary one.

Afterwards, my daughter and I went to work in the provincial capital. Because we petitioned for justice several times, we were closely monitored and encountered a lot of difficulties in obtaining her official ID card.

Master said:

"...nor is human history a recreation ground created for the evil to display its viciousness." ("To the 2005 European Experience Sharing Conference" in The Essentials of Diligent Progress, Vol. III)

With Master's words in my mind, I decided not to accept such unreasonable persecution and felt I had to get my daughter's ID card back.

Visiting the Local Political and Legal Affairs Committee 

After my daughter and I went to get her ID card, we were monitored by the police. Sometimes they knocked on my door and harassed us. We were followed wherever we went. To stop them from committing such crimes against Dafa, I decided to clarify the truth about Dafa to them.

They said that they were ordered to do these things by the Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC), so I went to the Committee and asked the chair, “Why do you send so many people to monitor us twenty-four hours a day?”

He first denied responsibility. I said, “Who else did if not your Committee?” 

He was speechless. I said, “Don't you agree that Falun Dafa practitioners are good people?” 

He said, “I absolutely agree that Falun Dafa practitioners are good people.”

I said, “On one hand, you admit that we’re good people, but on the other hand you detain and sentence us. How can people understand what's happening? I only know that bad people are sent to prison.” 

He said, “You can leave. I’ll tell them to stop monitoring you.”

The next day, I found that the people who monitored me were still there. So I went back to the PLAC. The headreluctantly admitted that he didn't have the authority to stop them from following me. I felt he understood the persecution and knew we were good people, so thought I could find an opportunity later on to tell him about Dafa and the persecution in more depth.

As for the officers who followed me everywhere, I decided not to treat them as persecutors but rather as lives that should be saved. After learning the truth, they knew we were good people and found that it didn't make sense to follow us. They even came to my home to chat. When we went to the PLAC and the police station, they drove us there.

I went to the Committee for the third time, and my daughter went with me. When I asked the head why the officers were still monitoring us, he flew into a rage, took out some photos of their surveillance vehicle that had been posted on the internet, and asked, “Did you upload this?”

My daughter said, “I did it for our personal safety. If we go missing one day, it means we were arrested by you, and everyone who cares about us will know.” 

He replied, “I'm here to make sure you two won't have problems.”

Clarifying the Truth at the City Police Department

Three months later, I returned home to pick up my daughter's ID card. The police station said the 610 Office didn't want to issue the ID card since they were afraid we would petition again. 

I thought this was an opportunity to clarify the truth to the 610 Office, so I went there and met the person in charge. At first he was arrogant and said he was just following orders. While he was talking, I sent forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil factors controlling him.

Later, I went to his office several times and went to his home twice to clarify the truth. Gradually, his attitude changed, and he told me the telephone number and name of the person to be contacted at the city police department.

Whenever I went to ask for the ID card, local practitioners always cooperated by sending forth righteous thoughts. They also helped point out my shortcomings, such as competitiveness, saying hurtful things, etc. I accepted their suggestions with an open mind and tried to do better next time.

I decided to go to the Municipal Police Department to see the head of the Domestic Security Division that persecuted Falun Dafa. Other practitioners told me this man was very evil and a pioneer in persecuting Dafa disciples.

I took this as an opportunity to talk to him about Dafa. Three other practitioners decided to accompany me and send forth righteous thoughts outside. I confidently went into the building. My mind was calm and without fear; I just wanted to save this life.

I found his office with no difficulty, knocked on the door, and heard him say, “Come in.” I pushed open the door to find a very unfriendly face. He looked at me with fear and alarm, and I had the feeling he was uneasy because he had done many bad things.

After introducing myself, I said, “I heard you ordered the local police station not to issue my child an ID card. Why has her ID card been seized? Are you afraid Falun Dafa practitioners will petition?” 

He said, “Don't mention Falun Dafa.” I said, “If it has nothing to do with Falun Dafa, I wouldn’t have come to look for you. I shouldn't have had to come to you for the ID card.”

I went on to say, “I should only have to ask the local police station to get the ID card. But the police station said the 610 Office took it. I went to the 610 Office and was told you wouldn't let them issue the ID card. Can this matter be resolved if I don't mention Falun Dafa?”

He denied giving the order not to issue the card. I said to him seriously, “It’s illegal for you to withhold people's ID cards. It violates human rights.”

Then I told him how my family was persecuted and how my daughter was taken to a forced labor camp at a young age only because she petitioned for her father who had been persecuted to death. “How can she find a job without an ID card? How would she able to live normally?” I implored.

His attitude softened a little, and he was less nervous. I talked to him for more than an hour and eliminated some evil factors behind him. But in the end, he still did not admit he gave the order not to issue the identity card.

After I returned home and talked to other practitioners, they pointed out that I had a combative mentality and didn't have enough compassion when I spoke. They also pointed out some other shortcomings and residual CCP culture I had.

I was determined to get rid of my attachments and do better next time. The other practitioners also took this matter seriously. We considered it a rare opportunity to clarify the truth, as the domestic security head was normally hard to reach.

I talked to him six times in total, and the other practitioners actively cooperated each time. Once there were two cars of practitioners nearby to send forth righteous thoughts.

On my second and third visits, he was more friendly and looked less evil, but he shirked responsibility, either telling me to provide a letter or telling the police station provide a certificate. When I brought him a letter, he didn't read it.

While the other practitioners intensified their efforts to send forth righteous thoughts, I looked inward and realized that my purpose when speaking to him was to get the ID card. I was fooled by the evil and did things passively.

After I realized this, I went there with my daughter for the fourth and fifth times. We cooperated well: when I spoke, she sent forth righteous thoughts, and vice versa. Our purpose was to clarify the truth, and we gave up the obsession of getting the ID card.

I went to him for the sixth time and was told he had gone to the provincial police department for a meeting. So I immediately decided to go to the 610 Office at the provincial police department to talk to him more.

Visiting the Provincial Government

Arriving at the provincial capital, I first went to a department that received petitioners. I talked about my family’s ordeals and my daughter’s ID situation. The sympathetic staff member grew indignant and said, “Petitioning is your right.”

When I told him the responses I had gotten from the local 610 Office and police department, he grew even angrier and said, “Whoever withholds the ID is breaking the law! I'll give it a push for you and have your city government urge your local authorities to resolve this matter.”

I went on to contact various departments. With a heart to save people, I clarified the truth about Dafa wherever I went.

When I returned to the provincial police department, people handling petitions sympathized with me and my daughter, but when I mentioned Falun Dafa, they all showed a sense of helplessness.

Getting the ID Card

I went back to my hometown and told the head of the 610 Office, “I came to see you again for your sake. I went to the provincial government to report your seizure of the ID card. They said whoever withholds the card is breaking the law.”

He became irritated and insisted that I talk to the director, which I did. The director was also anxious and told me, “You go home first, and we’ll discuss it tonight.”

The next morning, I went back to the 610 Office and received my daughter’s ID card.

Through this incident, I realized that if we do what we are supposed to do, the result is inevitable. I saw that the government staff I talked to understood the truth even if they didn’t dare to say anything. They were, in fact, waiting to be saved. As long as our heart wants the best for them, we will be protected by Master.

The whole journey was also a process of improving myself and removing my attachments to competitiveness and resentment. After I realized that the most important thing was to save people rather than getting the ID card back, I didn’t even think of the latter and just used the opportunities to tell people the facts about Dafa.