(Minghui.org) This July, local practitioners began doing the exercises outside every morning. Eight practitioners showed up the first day and 12 came the second day. But attendance decreased gradually and finally, only 4 came. Then, one practitioner couldn't come due to family duties, and only 3 of us remained. 

One day, I missed the practice too. The next morning our coordinator, Lynda, said, “It was just May and me yesterday!”

To be honest, I only came to the practice site because I felt obliged to. I did not like the fact that I had to spend 20 minutes driving to and from the practice site every day. I secretly wished I had some excuse so I could avoid going. Lynda later told me that she had also wavered. She wasn’t sure if the practice site would last much longer with such low attendance. 

One Sunday morning a well-dressed lady stopped by. She asked what we were practicing. Lynda told her, “This is Falun Dafa.” The lady said excitedly, “Falun Dafa! I’ve seen your Tian Guo Marching Band performing in a parade. The music was beautiful! I'd like to practice Falun Dafa.” Lynda realized we must continue coming to the site because there were sentient beings here for us to save!

Occasionally, practitioners from other areas joined us, but attendance remained low. Everyone felt low-spirited. Master encouraged us in a special way. 

It was a Tuesday and we were doing the 60-minute version of Exercise Two. While holding my arms up, I suddenly saw a lady dressed in white standing between May and I doing the exercise with us. In front of us, six male practitioners were standing in a straight line as they did the exercise. 

I looked to my left, two female practitioners were standing between Lynda and May doing the exercise, and further to Lynda’s left, more than a dozen elderly practitioners practiced along with us. They formed a half circle with us. 

When the practice was over, I told May and Lynda that we had been joined by many practitioners. Lynda said excitedly, “I didn’t see them!” I said, “They were in other dimensions.” After I described the scene, May happily said, “We are not alone!”

Another day, while we did the 60-minute version of Exercise Two, I saw three towering ancient warriors standing in front of May and I. They had huge legs and I would say even hurricanes could not move them. They were wearing brown armor, their swords sheathed behind them, majestically facing the same direction as us. 

I looked to our left, two heavenly maidens, one in a pink dress and the other in green, danced near a practitioner named Michael. 

While we did Exercise Three, I saw a huge pillar appearing in front of May and I. The pillar was about 30 meters tall and one meter in diameter. It was made of white light, spectacular and beautiful. Later I realized it was a Gong column! What a tremendous encouragement from Master for us to continue doing group practice and spreading the Fa!

The third time, after doing the hour-long Exercise Two, I suddenly felt I was big and tall, and my physical body was merely a core. There were layers upon layers of translucent bodies, one bigger than the other, outside the core, much taller than the trees around us. All of the bodies were moving their hands up and down along with the music. 

While doing Exercise Four, I felt my hands were moving upward along the back of my huge body. As soon as my palm touched my hair, I realized I was still the same height. But my other bodies were still exercising with the music. I was lost in the wonderfulness. I think my body was probably in the optimum state of transformation at that time. 

The fourth time, the entire sky was a haze. There was a 2-3 meter clearance on the horizon, and seven to eight stone pillars’ top part were above the mists and visible. The pillars were less than one meter tall, leading up to a slope with a 70-degree bend in its path. The path disappeared into the mist again.

People began emerging from the mist, carefully stepping onto the pillars. They leaned forward, walking up step by step in time to the music. Their eyes were fixed on the next pillar. Master’s Fashen was standing at the bend, leaning forward watching and helping people walking the pillars. Master was standing in the mist, dressed in yellow, looking very serious and slightly tired.

Suddenly, there was an explosive section of the music. Master reached out both hands and sent a group of people to the next level. With that movement, the mist was pushed aside, then rolled upwards and flowed back, enveloping people in it again. 

The scene kept on going like this with the music. 

A little higher from the pillars, I saw four to five people sitting in a circle. They looked like disheveled refugees that just escaped from danger, with sad expressions on their faces. But from their body language I could tell they all had a sense of relief, and were discussing something. 

On an even higher level, where the mist had turned white and lighter, I saw several people walking out of the pillar path. Their bodies became as large as three meters tall, and they continued walking upward happily. 

At the highest level where I could see clearly, I saw a practitioner I knew. She has steadfastly helped clarify the truth at tourist spots in San Francisco. I'd seen her in all my previous visions! 

In my understanding, on our path to the heavenly paradise, the practitioners doing face-to-face truth-clarification at tourist spots were walking in the front, and their current levels are probably the highest. 

I had all four visions while doing the 60-minute version Exercise Two. We had only done the 60-minute version 10 times, because people seemed more willing to do the 30-minute version. Master allowed me to have these wonderful visions four of those ten times. 

We believed Master was encouraging us to do the 60-minute version of Exercise Two. In addition, I understand Master is encouraging us to practice outside because I had been doing the 60-minute version at home by myself but never had any visions. I believe by introducing the 60-minute version now, Master must have empowered a new meaning for the music, something different. We must keep up. 

From then on, we began doing the 60-minute version of Exercise Two every day. Now, as soon as the music starts playing, I feel as though I'm entering a deep and enormous dimension. I felt every beat has its own meaning, and the melody was Master articulating the Fa with music. I was “reading” the Fa with my ears. 

As soon as I meditated into that deep and beautiful musical realm, a solemn, dignified and merciful feeling flowed through my body, I felt Master’s great compassion of saving people from the sea of bitterness. 

Different beats would bring me different memories and visions. Sometimes, the music was as if Master was telling ancient cultivation stories, and other times as if Master was warning us in a deep voice that humankind had entered a very dangerous situation, and urging people to get out of the danger quickly. 

While the clear and crisp section was playing, I saw Master dropping pearls of Fa principles, and the pearls were bouncing up and down on a jade plate, playing the wonderful sound of heavens. 

That fresh, winding section beat the heartstrings of people, as if calling for the awakened people to break free from the world and move towards the beautiful world of Heaven. At this time, the music resonated a joyful tremor in my heart, as if a strong current was flowing through it. 

My feelings above were rather new. I listened and “read” every note of the music carefully every day, my entire being was submerged in that beautiful melody. My raised arms formed an orbit, and I truly felt the Hand-Gliding Mechanism between my arms, which was very enjoyable. 

I believe with the increased amount of time of practicing outside, more of Dafa’s principles will be revealed to me along with the beautiful exercise music which I will develop a deeper understanding of. The first few times I read Zhuan Falun, my understandings were very shallow and on the surface, but now I can understand some Fa principles. 

Falun Dafa is a practice of mind and body. Practicing outside cannot only strengthen our bodily mechanism and transformation, but also allows us to experience Master’s teachings in the form of music. Doing group outdoor practice is gaining two ways in one shot, and yields twice the result with half the effort, why wouldn’t we do it? 

This is my recent understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.