(Minghui.org) I was arrested and held in a detention center with more than 30 other Falun Dafa practitioners from our area in May 2005. When this happened, my son was preparing for the National College Entrance Examination.

My son was under a lot of pressure, and it was not the first time I had been persecuted. While I was in detention he developed a large abscess between his anus and tailbone. The abscess ruptured while he was taking the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. It was messy and soiled his slacks, but he was determined, and finished his exam.

I was released one month later. The abscess still bothered him. It had ruptured and and would not heal even with medicine applied every day. The doctor could not do anything but cut and drain it. My son applied antibiotics every day until September, when he went to the university in Beijing. The cut had not recovered and was painful.

I called him at the college often to inquire about the abscess. He did not want me to worry so he said it was fine. When he came home for winter break I knew he was in pain, and the abscess had not healed. Why had it lasted so long, almost ten months?

I applied medicine with a cotton Q tip. The Q tip penetrated deep into the abscess, and became soaked in stinky dark bloody liquid. I was concerned that it would affect one of his organs. I asked my son if he was in pain. With tears, he said that he was suffering with pain every day. He had told no one of the pain he was going through.

I said, “You will be fine as long as you say every day, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance’ is good.” My son did not believe it and did not even want to hear me say those words to him. He got angry when I did.

Over the years, each time I lost my freedom due to my practice, it happened at important times for my son, such as when he was entering middle school, high school, and college. My family was under a lot of pressure and wondered why it happened at such critical moments. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents even threatened my son, “If your mother continues to practice Falun Dafa, you will be dismissed from school.”

My husband took my son to the hospital but the doctor said, “There is no effective treatment. It is not a good time of the year to do surgery. Come back in May and we will cut and drain it again. Prepare to be bed-ridden for two months after surgery. I cannot make any guarantees for recovery.”

All of my family had been influenced by the CCP's propaganda. They did not even want to listen to me when I tried to explain the CCP’s corrupt nature to them.

After winter break, my son returned to college. I planned to rent an apartment near his college and take care of him until next May.

The persecution of all practitioners in our city was quite severe at that time. Practitioners who prepared truth-clarification materials were often sentenced to long prison terms. These materials were limited, and I was the only person who had contact with a practitioner who had been quietly working on them. All the materials she prepared were distributed to me. Over the past year, I shouldered a lot of responsibility distributing the materials and Minghui Weekly.

I told the other practitioner about my son's status and said I would be going to Beijing. I wanted someone else to replace me while I was gone. The practitioner who was preparing truth-clarification materials didn't want to replace me because the persecution was severe and other practitioners were not mature, and still had severe fear attachments. She said she might just stop her work and wait for my return.

I was feeling sad when I arrived home. I was thinking about how going to Beijing would affect all the truth-clarification materials in the entire city, and how that would affect our work in spreading the truth.

I spoke to Master, “Master, in order to let fellow practitioners improve and to save more people I am letting go of my attachment toward my son. I have decided not to go to Beijing, and to continue doing what I am supposed to do. Please strengthen me Master and help me to let go of my human notions.”

I called my son on the phone and said lovingly, “Mom loves you. I want to give you the best. All that I do is for you. Please repeat from your heart ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ You need not spend even one penny. You will be fine. Only Dafa can save you. I have decided not to go to Beijing.” He agreed.

My heart calmed down after that. My son called me three days later and told me with joy, “Mom, the abscess is healed. There is no blood and it is dry. I am telling you the truth.”

After I heard this, I said quietly to Master, “Thank you Master. It is because I have let go of my own attachments.” It is Master who saved my son.

Through my son's tribulation, I understood the importance of letting go of my own attachments. If I were too attached, I could not fulfill my vow, it would delay the process of saving people, and my son would not change his notion and let go of his pain.

The outcome was because of Master's mercy. There are no words to express my gratitude. I can only cultivate diligently, let go of my attachments, make good use of this precious time, and do my best.