(Minghui.org) I ate two soaked Xinjiang jujube fruits after breakfast on the last day of 2017. I spat out one pit but there was another in my mouth. I wasn't really aware of it, so I instinctively tried to swallow, but it lodged in my esophagus.

Could a Doctor Help Me?

I thought, “Master, please save me.” I jumped up and down to shake the jujube pit down but it didn't move. Then I swallowed some bread to push the pit down. It still didn't move. I got worried and anxious and tried to put a soft wire down my throat to push on the pit, but in vain.

An idea struck me suddenly: “Is there a karmic relationship between me and the pit? Am I in debt to the jujube pit? Should I send righteous thoughts or go to the hospital?” 

I spoke with another practitioner who said, “That is not a disease. A doctor can easily get it out. You should go to a hospital to get help.” I thought she was right so I did.

After checking my throat, the doctor seemed worried and said, “The jujube pit is in your esophagus. The doctor who operates the esophagoscope is on vacation. You should go to the city hospital immediately or to the provincial hospital if the city hospital cannot help. The tip of the jujube pit can easily puncture the blood vessels, and make you bleed terribly. It would be life-threatening.” As the doctor was talking, I recalled a practitioner who’d died the year before. I became alert and told myself, “I must not follow the path of that practitioner. I will not die, I will not damage Dafa.”

I ran into two practitioners who’d rushed to the city hospital to see me. One asked, “Why did you go to the hospital? You should ask Master to take it out.” The other said, “This is not a disease. Let the doctor remove it.” I hesitantly walked into the emergency room. The doctor told me he would have to see an ultrasound of my throat first. Looking at the image, he said, “You have to have surgery because I don’t think the esophagoscopy will work in your situation.”

I immediately refused to be hospitalized, so the doctor suggested that I first try the esophagoscopy. I thought to myself, “I must have strong righteous thoughts when making this choice.” Just then, the words “nirvana rebirth” flashed in my mind, and I realized that Master was telling me that I was going to face a life and death test.

It took me nearly two hours to pay for the surgery because the name on my ID and medical insurance card did not match. When I gave the payment receipt to the physician, she said, “Why did it take you so long for you to pay? I am about to leave now. It is risky to use esophagoscopy to take the pit out, and I cannot guarantee it will work. You will be in danger if bleeding occurs. You and your family have to sign.” Then she told me she would administer an anesthetic. A feeling of uneasiness struck me. I saw myself struggling under her hands. Suddenly, I realized that I should be in control of my life and no one else should be.

The two practitioners looked at me and said, “Let's ask Master for help.” I put my hands together in front of my chest and said, “Master, please protect me.” Then I said to the doctor, “I won't sign because I have decided not to have the procedure.” The doctor was very angry and criticized me. She said that she’d taken a taxi to the hospital just for me. I gave her the money for the taxi and sincerely apologized to her. Then her attitude changed and she said kindly, “Don't be afraid. It will be fine.” I told her firmly that I didn't want to do it anymore.

I left the hospital with the other two practitioners after nearly four hours of struggling, hesitating, and finally making a decision. Master had used many ways to wake me up, but I hadn't enlightened to his hints.

A Miracle Occurs Six Days Later

A practitioner suggested that I stay with her at her house, so I did. I couldn't eat or swallow anything, not even soy milk. The pain was aggravating. I thought to myself, “Master, I have decided to follow you and not a doctor. Why don't you remove the pit for me?” A practitioner reminded me to destroy the ultrasound image from the hospital and to not accept any opinions from the physicians. But I didn't heed her advice. The practitioner then asked me to listen to a recording of the Fa for the night.

Early the next morning, the practitioner reminded me again to burn the ultrasound image and that only then would I realize that Master wanted me to negate all the diagnoses of empirical medicine. I burned the image immediately.

My throat felt much better on the third day. It seemed that the pit had moved, and I was able to drink a little rice soup. The practitioner suggested that I wash my hair and go out to talk to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution. My throat started hurting again and even more so after washing my hair. The practitioner reminded me not to pay attention to the discomfort and that nothing could stop me from saving sentient beings.

We listened to the Fa and did the exercises and then went out to talk to people. But the pain attacked more fiercely, even in my back. Just drinking water was unbearably painful. My whole body was cold and I felt dizzy. I was drowsy on the bus and saw scenes in my mind: I was bleeding terribly. My life was at risk. Then I saw myself die. I also dreamed that I was very happy to jump into a coffin and lay down.

I kept telling the practitioner what I was seeing and thinking. She said firmly, “Those images are all fake. Eliminate them.” I immediately sent righteous thoughts and eliminated them. I realized that it was an evil deity playing scenes of my death. I asked Master to destroy it.

With the practitioner's help, I dug deep for hidden attachments. Master showed me when I did the exercises or sent righteous thoughts how I had signed an evil contract with the old forces and the practitioner who’d passed away the year before. The contract said, “Descending to this world together and leaving the world together.” I had agreed to serve as a negative life that interfered with Master's Fa-rectification. With Master's help, I negated and cleared that pledge with righteous thoughts.

Master showed me my karmic relationship with the jujube pit after cleaning up the covenant that the old forces made use of: I had hanged all the sentient beings in the jujube pit in one of my lives. They all wore white. When I read “On Dafa,” I saw them kneeling on the ground, assimilating to Dafa and flying away one after another. However, I saw that an old god had pierced Master's throat with a spear. I was deeply touched and understood how much Master had to endure for sentient beings. I felt fully aware of Master's boundless benevolence. 

My neck swelled to the size of my face on the fourth and fifth days. The pain was so intense that I couldn't fall asleep at night, my esophagus had a rancid smell, and I kept spitting out foul-smelling sputum. Every day I studied the Fa, did the exercises, sent righteous thoughts, saved people in various ways, and tried to thoroughly deny the persecution imposed on me by the old forces.

On the sixth day, the swelling on the left side of my neck went down and the pain was less severe. On the seventh day, the right side of my neck was no longer swollen, and the pain was minimal. I had almost recovered and walked for three hours with other practitioners to talk with people about Falun Dafa without tiring. 

When I got to the practitioner's door, I felt like vomiting but instead spat out the jujube pit. I was so happy, I shouted, “Jujube pit! I spat out the pit!” I was so excited that I pressed my hands together in front of my chest and said, “Thank you, Master for your boundless compassion and benevolence. Thank you, Master!”

People came over and saw that the pit was three centimeters long. I didn't expect it to be so big. It would really have been hard to remove even using esophagoscopy. It was highly possible that it would have damaged my esophagus and caused massive bleeding. Words couldn't express my thanks to Master and Dafa. I once again witnessed the greatness of Dafa.

Afterward, I searched online about people having jujube pits stuck in their throats and read that there was a high mortality rate within two hours when a jujube pit pierced the esophagus and caused major bleeding. 

The jujube pit lodged in my throat was long and pointed and was in my esophagus for six days. Spitting out the pit was a miracle of Dafa manifesting in this world. I experienced in person Master's compassionate protection.