(Minghui.org) Our Fa study group consists of mostly new practitioners. I have found that our xinxing level rises quickly when we “Compare in studying, compare in cultivating” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin).

I was reluctant to join the group because I live far from the study site. It takes a lot of time and considerable taxi fare to travel there. I thought I could save more time if I studied by myself at home.

However, it’s been a year since I joined the group, and I see the benefits of studying the Fa with other practitioners.

We take turns reading aloud, and practitioners point out my mistakes if I misread a Chinese character. This ensures that I read the Fa correctly. Although I cannot see things in other dimensions, I believe that it is important to read each character accurately.

Cultivation sharing afterwards is beneficial to new practitioners. It has helped me identify and stop using words and expressions established by the Communist Party indoctrination that I was raised with. It has also guided me to understand many issues based on the Fa principles. And veteran practitioners have urged me to deal with my tendency to laziness.

Veteran practitioners have guided the new practitioners to clarify the truth, from advice on how to greet people, how to transition into the subject matter, and how to answer questions. After several runs, new practitioners have learned various ways to talk to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

We have become better at truth clarification, and have raised our understanding of cultivation from sharing with each other.

We really have improved, and benefited greatly from studying the Fa together.