(Minghui.org) There are only a few practitioners where I live. Because we haven’t formed a whole body, I have cultivated on my own.

Thanks to the Minghui website, I have benefited a lot since I began to read every practitioner’s cultivation experiences.

I was easily irritated before I started to cultivate, and I had not really changed in this regard. If anything or anybody upset me, I couldn’t control my anger. Even if no one provoked me, I still could not hold back my rage. I kept sending righteous thoughts to eliminate this attachment of anger, sometimes with good results, but sometimes not.

Master Li said:

“What is Heaven What is Earth  Human eyes see human principles” (“Reflection,” Hong Yin IV

Not long ago, when I read Master’s words, I realized that I must get over the idea that I liked to be angry. “Anger” is a living substance in another dimension and it was attached to my body. It doesn’t want me to behave like a practitioner—it wants to control me.

Master said:

“Some people go right after supernormal abilities or have practiced sham qigong. When they practice qigong, they are used to abandoning their Main Consciousnesses. They lose their awareness of everything and give away their bodies to others. They become mentally disoriented and let their bodies be dominated by their Assistant Consciousnesses or by foreign messages. They exhibit some strange behavior. If such a person is told to jump out of a building, he will jump; if he is told to dive into water, he will dive. He himself does not even want to live and has given away his body to others.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun

If I didn’t realize at the time that this “anger” was not me, I couldn’t overcome it and would regret it later. Sending forth righteous thoughts was only effective sometimes—actually it was tempering my will and trying to make me depressed. I realized that it was the human notion that controlled me and have resolved to reject what doesn’t belong to me: I must treat it as somebody else and eliminate it by sending forth righteous thoughts.

I wonder if there are any practitioners like me. Before when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I would target a certain problem, or one thing, or many things. Five minutes were up before I finished reading those things. Now I have understood that whenever I start to clean up my dimensional field, I must first read what Master said:

“…thinking about eliminating the bad thoughts, karma, bad notions, and external interference in their minds. As you’re like this, think that they die, and then they will be eliminated. Five minutes will do.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference,” Guiding the Voyage)

It was during the 2019 New Year that I really understood how to send righteous thoughts. At that time, I was suffering from a sickness karma tribulation that had already lasted for a year. For two days, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate what is not me. Now my health has fully recovered. I can study the Fa with a quiet heart and the attachment of anger seems to be on its way out.

I will carry on cleansing myself, completely eliminating different kinds of thoughts and notions from the microscopic to the macroscopic particles of my body.

Master said:

“Your bad thoughts are, to be explicit, just like a thread that we’re constantly cutting and getting rid of, piece, by piece, by piece, by piece. It will still exist before it’s completely eliminated. Why would you say you can’t cultivate? Isn’t cutting it and getting rid of it cultivating? Actually you have made great progress cultivating. So that’s the idea.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe)

We should not be afraid of bad thoughts, not be discouraged, and not be depressed. Instead, we should continue to study the Fa more and send forth righteous thoughts. The old forces do not exist at all. We just want what Master has told us. We will never accept what Master doesn’t recognize, nor do we want them—the old forces. We should cleanse ourselves at all times. Whenever we encounter something, we should measure it with Dafa. This way, we can do the three things well with a pure mind.