(Minghui.org) I am a 77-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner. When I was young, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) branded my family as “bad elements.” As a result, I only attended primary school for six months and then had to drop out. Therefore, I could be called illiterate.

My son gave me the book Zhuan Falun in 1998, which made good reading. My son and daughter helped me when I ran into unfamiliar words. Even though it took me a while to read a few lines, I couldn’t put the book down. The interesting thing was that when I came across the same word in other books, I didn't recognize it. But, as long as it was Zhuan Falun, I had no problem reading the entire book.

During the first few years, I wore strong reading glasses whenever I read. However, one day, I forgot to put on my glasses. I realized that I could see every word clearly. So I put my glasses away for good.

My husband and I moved to the suburbs in 2013. Back then, I was reading Zhuan Falun every day. One day, I decided to copy the entire book by hand. In the beginning, because I had never learned to write, I looked closely at each character for a while before copying it. It was just like drawing a picture. When I ran into a rather complicated Chinese character that was comprised of many strokes, it took me a while to figure out how to write it.

Gradually, I realized that when I was copying the book, the characters were lit up as if every word had a small light bulb under it. This was powerful, for I could see each word clearly. Initially, every word was like a round, sparkling dot. Then, the entire line I was reading would shine.

I didn’t realize that Master Li Hongzhi was empowering me. But, I understood that Zhuan Falun was truly amazing. The more I copied, the more I wanted to keep doing it. Then, my vision also improved a lot. For many years I couldn’t see the hole when threading a need, but now I have no problem.

Not until October 2017, when I joined a Fa-study group, did I finally understand what Dafa cultivation meant. By then, I had copied Zhuan Falun twice. I got up early every morning to do the five sets of exercises, attended a Fa-study group in the morning, and then handed out truth-clarification materials in the afternoon.

Sickness Karma Means Cleansing Body

I had the symptoms of a stroke a couple of years ago. One morning, my legs were out of commission but returned to normal in the afternoon. The same thing happened on three consecutive days. I didn’t see a doctor, nor did I take any medication. I was copying Zhuan Falun at that time and came to understand that the symptoms were Master Li cleansing my body.

Then, my arm and leg on one side of my body didn't work, and I felt pain in one leg. I still went to Fa-study and handed out Falun Dafa brochures every day as if nothing happened. Although my leg hurt, I had no problems going out to distribute Dafa informational materials. When I climbed stairs, I could walk all the way to the top of a four or five-story building.

One month later, my upper back began to ache terribly. The pain worsened day after day. As a result, getting out of bed every morning became a challenge. Even so, I went to the Fa-study group and handed out materials every day. Later, my leg became so sore it felt like someone was tearing the flesh off the bone.

One day after the Fa-study group, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t distribute the brochures and took a cab home. After getting out of the car, it took me close to an hour to walk a few steps, and up some stairs to my home.

Even though I was in extreme pain, I was not moved. I knew that Master was helping me pay back some of the karma I owed. I continued with Fa-study and listened to audio recordings of Master Li’s lectures.

I struggled for more than half an hour to get up in the morning but still could do all of the exercises. I made up my mind to complete the exercises regardless of the difficulties I was experiencing. Between the sets of exercises, I rested whenever I couldn’t keep up, or paused to take a rest, and then did the rest of the exercises.

After about two weeks, I finally made a breakthrough and got over this tribulation. My body felt relaxed, rejuvenated, and there were fewer wrinkles on my face.

When my son's sisters-in-law learned about my situation, they witnessed my health improvement and realized that this was due to the power of Dafa. After seeing this, my son and his wife stepped into Dafa cultivation.

Walking Straight After an Accident

Another practitioner and I took a bus to deliver Dafa materials. At one stop, a woman and her daughter jumped on the bus. The driver told the woman to pay the fare for her daughter because of her height. She refused and argued with the driver. Then she appeared to become more agitated and eventually tried to wrestle the steering wheel from the driver.

I recently heard that when a passenger tried to grab the wheel from a bus driver in Chongqing City, the driver lost control of the bus and a full busload of people fell into a river. It looked like something like that could happen. Suddenly, I heard a squeal as the driver put on the brakes.

I was thrown out of my seat and fell on the floor. Many passengers asked if I was able to move. I couldn’t get up and felt that my side was injured. I thought, “I am fine, Master is taking care of me." I then asked Master for help, saying that I had to get up because I still had Dafa materials to deliver – and I could get up.

The passengers, the driver, and the police officers who came to see what was going on told me not to move and suggested that I go to the hospital. I ignored their suggestions. As soon as the other practitioner, and I got off the bus, we went to hand out materials.

During the past two years of cultivation, I experienced the power and wonderfulness of Dafa, as well as Master being around us. I know that I have to seize the time and walk diligently on my cultivation path.