(Minghui.org) Mei (alias) is 76 this year and retired. Her mother is 96 but looks as if she is in her 80s and is very healthy. They both began to practice Falun Dafa before 1999. Mei’s husband was paralyzed from the waist down three years ago, and he began practicing Falun Dafa three months ago. Each of them explains why Dafa is precious.

Mei: Hit by a Car

A car struck me when I was distributing Dafa truth-clarification materials in the evening on March 8, 2019. I was unconscious for some time. I came to laying on the backseat of a car and noticed that my shoes and hair clips were gone. I felt fine so I told the driver that I wanted to get out. The two passengers got out of the car and found my shoes.

The driver asked me if I wanted to check into a hospital. I replied that I was fine and that I wanted to get out of the car. He asked me if I was clearheaded, and I replied that I was.

The driver wanted to give me some money as compensation for hitting me, but I wouldn't take it. I told him that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and would not take advantage of him. I said he should remember these two sentences: “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He said that he would and that he felt fortunate to have met me.

When I got home from handing out the Dafa brochures, I felt sick and wanted to throw up. I couldn’t eat, so I did a few Dafa exercises.

The next day, my back ached, my legs were swollen, there were bumps on my head, and I could see abrasions on my feet. I couldn’t cough because it hurt. I lost bladder control and couldn’t even get out of bed. So I did the exercises and meditation on my bed and studied the Fa. Fellow practitioners came to help me. Three days later, I was able to get out of bed.

My son came to visit and asked why I had just let the driver go and didn't go to the hospital. I told him that, because I practice Dafa, I would be fine, that Master looks after me. After approximately 10 days, I could do household chores and cook meals.

Mei’s Mother: Diligent in Studying the Fa

Before 1999, I had high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, asthma, and other health problems. I recovered from all of them after I began to practice Dafa.

I never went to school, so I am illiterate. I listened to the audiotapes of Master Li’s lectures or listened to others reading the book Zhuan Falun during group Fa study.

Three years ago, I read in the Minghui Weekly about an 80-year-old practitioner who could suddenly read the teachings. I thought to myself, “If others have learned to read, why can’t I?” I was determined to learn to read and study the Fa on my own. I listened and learned when my daughter read the teachings aloud, and I would ask her whenever I saw any character I didn’t recognize.

I didn’t recognize the characters for “shady willow trees” in Master’s lecture, “After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

When my oldest son came to visit, I asked him how I could remember the characters for those words. He told me to look at the willow tree outside our house to remember the words if I forgot the meaning of those characters. Now, I always recognize those words.

After I began studying the Fa, Master gave me wisdom. I would try to memorize characters, and soon they were imprinted in my mind. Now, I can read Zhuan Falun on my own, and there are only a few words that I don’t recognize. Sometimes I read three lectures a day, and I’ve memorized some of the Fa at the same time.

I do the exercises and read Zhuan Falun every day, so Master has shown me the power of Dafa. When it is time for me to get up and do the exercises, I either hear coughing by my door, or a voice telling me to get up in my dialect. Sometimes, it feels as if someone tapped my legs. When these things happen, I get up and look at my watch—it is time to do the exercises.

Because of my age, my family worries about my health. However, I have a healthy body because I practice Dafa. One time, I had trouble breathing, and couldn’t eat. My son wanted to take me to the hospital. I told him that I was not going anywhere, that I would just study the Fa, do the exercises, and ask Master to help me. I said to Master, “I must have a healthy body and be able to eat again. I only follow your arrangements.”

After a while, I felt better and asked my family to cook some noodles for me. I quickly ate them and felt much better.

When my friends and relatives come to visit, I tell them the amazing things that have happened to me since I began cultivating Dafa. They are amazed by what I describe.

I said to my son, “I will only cultivate Dafa and follow Master. I am not going anywhere. I must cultivate Dafa.”

My oldest son is now 71 and has begun to study the Fa because of the changes he saw in me.

Mei’s Husband: Cultivation Brings Positive Changes

I had heard about Dafa before the persecution began in 1999 and that it was beneficial. I helped my wife distribute Dafa fliers after the persecution started. I even read Zhuan Falun during my breaks at work, but I never really wanted to cultivate. About three months ago, a local practitioner gave me Zhuan Falun and I read it again. I saw a torch burning at the top of each page. I quickly looked at the Minghui Weekly, but I didn’t see any torches. I thought, “This is so amazing. I want to learn this.”

Since I began cultivating, I’ve gotten healthier and can take care of myself. I was paralyzed from the waist down.

My mother-in-law, who lives with us, and I used to fight over the restroom all the time. I no longer vie for the restroom and am less attached to material gains and losses. I used to make money by delivering coal. Now, my old customers still ask me to bring coal, but I won't take their money anymore. I would not have been able to do this if I hadn't practiced Dafa.

My wife used to tell me that Dafa was great, but I never understood why. Now, I feel that Dafa and cultivation have really changed my attitude.