(Minghui.org) I was born into a well-off family in Jiangxi Province, China, and I had an easy childhood. Since I was 14, I wanted to become a monk. At the age of 16, I said to my mother that I would not get married or have children.

I felt there was nothing worth pursuing in life. After I began working, however, I learned how to be deceitful, how to compete against my colleagues, and how to profit from the intrigue. I smoked, drank, and even went to a brothel with the encouragement of my customers, and I gradually became like the people I once most despised.

Obtaining Dafa

I started cultivating Falun Dafa on January 1, 2015. That night, I wrote in my diary, “I received a rare treasure for my birthday. I obtained this treasure by chance, and ordinary people will never know how amazing it is.” On that very day, I finally understood I had been looking and waiting for Dafa. 

Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa, requires its practitioners to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to improve their character. 

In fact, anyone understands that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. But acting in accordance with those principles is difficult in the face of self-interest. I wondered how many people could strictly follow those principles. 

I used to think I knew a great deal. I thought I knew something about various religions, philosophies, astrophysics, poetry, and so on. But I couldn’t answer why people suffered misfortune and disease, or could not understand the purpose of life, what qigong and cultivation were, and much more. I'd looked for answers but never found them. In Zhuan Falun, Master Li (the founder) answered all my questions and doubts. 

I felt reborn, so I was very happy. After obtaining Dafa, I felt determined not to work in the advertising industry anymore, to bid farewell to that detestable work environment, and to become the kind of person I'd always dreamed of being. 

I resigned. Even with no job and no savings, however, I was not worried. I spent every day studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. I felt blessed and happy every day. 

Amazing Experiences

Three months later, a stranger called me and asked me to come in for an interview. The call came from a high-tech company, yet I had not sent them a resume. I had no connection to this industry, nor any experience with it, but the interview went well. 

Asked about salary, I said I would accept the basic salary of 5,000 yuan a month. They offered me 6,000 yuan plus commission. I accepted the job.

The emblem on the title page of the book Zhuan Falun appeared three-dimensional. It looked a bit like watching a 3-D movie. I was so excited when I first saw it that I showed it to the people around me. Everyone who saw it said that it was flat. After that, I knew I saw it differently. Later, my sister read Zhuan Falun for the first time, and for her, each word was in glaring lights. 

I usually go to sleep around midnight and get up at 3:50 every morning. I do the exercises for one to two hours, read Zhuan Falun, and then go to work. Despite little sleep, I do not feel sleepy or tired. In fact, I feel energetic. 

I feel a round wheel in my abdomen rotating like an electric fan almost every time I do the second exercise, holding the wheel between my arms. The rotation is very fast, and the power is extremely strong. 

After a few days of practice, when I went to the bathroom, I felt something slip out when I had just sat down. I looked down and saw something like a chunk of black pus. I didn't know what it was and wondered why it happened. Later I understood that Master Li cleansed my body.

In addition to doing marketing on my job, I also make plans for clients. I use a computer, and I couldn't do it due to my extreme myopia. The light hurt my eyes. Then, everything I saw turned white. One night, I felt really sick due to my eyes, so I asked Master Li for help: “My eyes feel really bad. They have seriously affected my studying the Fa and my work. Master, please help me with my eyes."

Then I went to sleep. At around 4:00 a.m. I woke up clear-headed, turned on the light, and got ready to get out of bed. Usually, this was the time my eyes hurt the most, but that day, my eyes did not hurt at all, and I saw things very clearly. I was filled with joy and happiness. 

Passing Family Tests

My mother peeked at my diary when I was home for the Chinese New Year. She was petrified when she knew I was practicing Falun Dafa. She cried and told me to resign from my job and come back home.

She told me that she could not live if something happened to me, especially because she knew how unreasonable the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was. I could never defeat it. I told her that I had no interest in fighting and defeating anyone. I just wanted to follow the requirements of Master Li and Dafa to be a good person.

When she realized that I was really determined to practice Dafa, she said that she did not support or oppose it. 

I visited a relative to celebrate the Chinese New Year and clarified the truth about Dafa. One of my relatives called my parents and told them about my practicing Dafa. My father was not happy with me. This incident created a lot of pressure on my family and me. My sister was angry and yelled at the relative. I told her she shouldn't be angry and I didn't blame him at all. I practiced in an upright manner and with dignity, and so there was nothing to hide.

Meeting Another Practitioner

After a long time of self-cultivation, I wanted to find another practitioner to share with me. I met a practitioner online, and I suggested that we meet. We met in Beijing. This person later became my wife.

She was the first Dafa practitioner I had ever met, and she was a veteran disciple. She began to practice at the age of 10. She had been practicing Dafa with her mother. Her mother used to take a lot of medicine. She was sick and weak and would stop three times during a 300-meter walk. She had never seen her mother laugh since she was a child because her mother suffered so much from her illnesses. After practicing Dafa, her mother recovered from her illnesses without taking medicine.

This young lady was innocent and cute and smiled all the time. Her colleagues thought that she must have never suffered any hardships in life and that she grew up happy, as she always had a good attitude. 

In fact, she had experienced hardships beyond their imagination after Jiang Zemin (the former CCP leader) launched the persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999. Her mother was forced to leave home. For a time, no one knew whether her mother was alive or dead. 

My wife was a teenager at that time, and she knew that her mother did nothing wrong. She wrote about her thoughts and her support of her mother in her diary. 

However, her father was terrified, afraid of being implicated. To expose his daughter, he made 1,000 copies of her diary and distributed them to the village to show that he stood with the CCP. Betrayed by her father, how would a teenage girl feel? After that, the whole village chastised her. She was expelled from school.

Displaying the Demeanor of a Practitioner

A few years later, her mother returned home, but her father was imprisoned due to a car accident. People said this was karmic retribution. She and her mother withdrew all their savings to pay for her father’s lawsuit. Her mother said to her, “Your father raised you. You should be grateful to him for this.” Her mother's words made her get rid of her resentment against her father. That first trip to Beijing made me see the gap between other practitioners and myself. 

During my second trip to Beijing, I went with her to pick up a practitioner whom I had never met before. He was released from prison. This practitioner was the boss of a real estate development company in Beijing. Before he was imprisoned, he was a contractor for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Bird's Nest. He was told that he could make 300 million yuan on the project if he gave up Falun Dafa. If not, he was going to be imprisoned. He chose to be a Dafa disciple. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. During those eight years, he was beaten and tortured. 

However, when he talked about how others beat him, he was very detached, as if he was talking about someone else. I could tell he was a true cultivator, and he had no resentment or hatred in his heart.

Dafa Brought Blessings to My Entire Family

Master said, "When one person obtains the Fa, the whole family will benefit." ("Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Yyanji," Zhuan Falun Fajie

This is absolutely true with my family. My mother did not support me in the past, but later she understood the greatness of Dafa and gradually came to support me. One day I played the recording of Master's lectures to her, and she said Master's voice was particularly great and she wanted to listen to the lectures every day. Then I taught her the exercises and she saw white light during her meditation. Also, while sleeping, she heard wonderful music she had never heard before.

My parents used to talk about getting divorced, and their relationship was very tense. It was due to years of conflicts and resentments. I spoke with both of them about the Dafa principles I'd learned. Slowly, they eliminated many resentments towards each other, and their relationship became better. Now they talk and laugh with each other frequently. 

I told my mother, “You are a cultivator now, and the requirements and standards for you are much higher. You need to gradually and completely let go of your resentments and really care about him.”

For some time, my sister was looking for a suitable job in another city but couldn't find one. I told her, “Maybe that means you should go home so you can practice Dafa with mother.” 

She was worried that it would be even harder for her to find a suitable job in her hometown. I told her, “Go back and try it. In fact, there is an arrangement for a cultivator.” She found a suitable job on her third day home. 

My job is even better. I work for two to four hours a day, the rest of my time is completely free, and the salary is very good. People say I have a holiday every day. I said, “I cultivate every day and find some time to work. I have never felt so sure, safe, and happy like I do today! I know that all of these things are arranged by Master.”

My uncle was taken to a hospital after a car accident in 2018. He was diagnosed with advanced-stage liver cancer. The entire family was shocked when they were told his cancer was incurable. 

The doctor suggested we prepare for his funeral. I went to the hospital to visit him and brought with me a copy of Zhuan Falun. I told him that the accident was a blessing in disguise. "If you had not had this accident, I would not have brought you Zhuan Falun."

I told him to read it and recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." He promised to read it. One week after I left, my sister sent a message telling me that he was re-examined and that he no longer had liver cancer. 

Falun Dafa brought blessings to my whole family. Whether you believe in Dafa or not, if you treat Dafa with the appropriate respect, you will enjoy blessings from Dafa, too.