(Minghui.org) As a regular reader of the Minghui Weekly, I often read experience-sharing articles by practitioners about how they dealt with sudden onset of illness symptoms associated with attacks from evil in other dimensions. I truly benefited from seeing how those practitioners' words and deeds reflected their rock-solid belief in Teacher and the Fa. At a critical moment when I suddenly suffered symptoms of a stroke, I remembered their experiences, and confronted the illness demon with righteous thoughts.

Sudden Symptoms of Stroke

In early March of 2019, while copying the book Zhuan Falunand writing the Chinese character for “body,” I suddenly lost control of my right hand. I immediately recalled several practitioners’ sharing articles about the illness demon harming practitioners’ physical bodies. I said loudly, “Whatever demon you are, I am a disciple of Teacher Li Hongzhi. I will eliminate you if you dare to persecute a Dafa practitioner!” I said aloud Master's Fa-rectification verse, “The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated.”

At the same time, I said, “Teacher save me! Teacher save me!” I stepped out of my room. My wife heard the noise, and walked out of her room. She realized that I was in serious trouble, because my right hand and leg were shaking, and I had problems talking. She reacted immediately: “Let’s send righteous thoughts immediately to dispel the evil spirits in other dimensions!”

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate the Illness Demon

My wife wanted me to sit on the sofa, but I had to sit on the ground for more support. I could not control my legs, especially the right leg. It took me a long time to finally sit on the ground. However, I knew that I should not be controlled by the evil. If it did not let me move, then I should move. I struggled to stand up without success. My wife suggested that I continue sending forth righteous thoughts – so I did.

After 10 minutes, I attempted to stand up again. I finally stood up after a lot of effort. However, I could not lift my right leg to put on my slipper. My wife suggested, “Let’s continue sending forth righteous thoughts for an hour and ask for Teacher’s protection.”

It was 7:30 p.m. I tried to sit down, and held my right hand up to send forth righteous thoughts, but I lost control of it. I tried to use my left hand to support my right hand. In the end, I held up my left hand instead.

I announced loudly, “I only follow the cultivation path arranged by my Teacher, and reject any other arrangements forced upon me. The old forces have no grounds to test me. My right hand is under my control. It will stay up upon my command!” At the same time, I asked for Teacher's blessing, so my wife and I could maintain strong righteous thoughts.

I wanted to hold up my right hand to keep the proper form to send forth righteous thoughts. I could only keep my right hand up for one minute before it started to shake vigorously; so I switched to the left hand. After two minutes, I tried again. Finally, I could hold my right hand up straight without any problem.

Looking Inward to Remove Attachments

After an hour of sending righteous thoughts, I said to my wife, “I want to go to the restroom.” My thought was that I must stand up properly. Upon that thought, I stood up, put on my slippers, and headed to the restroom without any problem. Afterwards, I no longer felt any discomfort, and told my wife that I was okay.

My wife and I expressed our gratitude repeatedly, “Thank you, Teacher!” Then we knelt in front of Teacher’s picture, and respectfully kowtowed three times. We sincerely thanked our Teacher for saving me from the disaster. Without Teacher’s compassionate protection, I could have had a stroke. It was like suffering the symptoms of a stroke, and it affected half of my body.

After this incident, I followed Teacher's guidance and looked inward to find any attachments. Although I have been a practitioner for more than 20 years, I still have many serious attachments, such as interests in profit and gain, resentment, fighting, and refusing to take advice from others. I also had lustful thoughts from time to time, even though my wife and I stopped this type of behavior years ago. After identifying the many attachments, I felt ashamed of myself.

From now on, I must use Dafa to guide all my thoughts and behavior, and remove my attachments. I should commit to doing the three things diligently and hope to repay Teacher’s compassion. I should feel no regrets after completing my sacred mission to help Teacher in the Fa-rectification and return home with him.