(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 2002, and have participated in promoting Shen Yun since 2006. In 2016, when Switzerland was divided into German-speaking and French-speaking regions, I was made a coordinator.

Fulfilling My Role

I first took part in promoting Shen Yun in New York in 2006. I have spent nearly six months each year helping with ticket sales in various cities, and have gained a lot of experience. But 2017 was the first year I began coordinating the promotion at shopping malls. Although I didn’t have much experience, over the years I’ve gradually realized that as long as I follow the Fa there is nothing that I can’t accomplish.

In the beginning, I visited shopping centers with a Western practitioner. Each time we met the person in charge I asked him to take the lead because he was a native German speaker. After a month nothing had been accomplished. I became anxious as the start of promotion got closer and closer. Each day I looked inward, but couldn’t find a solution. One day the Western practitioner said that he was too busy, and he asked me to phone the manager of the shopping center. That phone call helped us secure our first promotion venue, and it was completely free of charge. I realized that Master wanted me to improve and I needed to walk my own path.

I later worked with a non-German-speaking Western practitioner. We worked well together. We obtained the contact information for the manager and assistant manager of a large shopping center. After listening to my introduction, the staff member told me that the weekly rent was more than 2,000 euros and was never discounted. I calmly smiled and thought to myself, “The arrangements are up to Master.”

The Western practitioner and I sat on a bench near the entrance to send forth righteous thoughts, after which I planned to phone the manager to make an appointment. While we were sending righteous thoughts, I noticed a well dressed gentleman nod at me. I realized that he was the person I was looking for.

I told him why I had come and showed him the promotional video. As soon as the audience feedback portion of the video began, he said, “I’ll give you a space, free of charge. My assistant will contact you this afternoon.” I immediately felt a surge of energy throughout my body. I turned around and saw the Western practitioner with tears in her eyes. She said that while I was speaking with the manager she felt we were surrounded by very strong energy. That day, three shopping centers agreed to give us free promotional space.

Most of the tickets were sold at those venues. A small portion of the sales came from practitioners sending mail, so our advertising costs were zero.

After the tickets were nearly sold out at those venues, I moved to another city and managed all the promotional tasks, including renting a place to stay, finding promotion venues, advertising, etc. As time was limited and the tasks were challenging, it was a constant test of my righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Thanks to Master’s benevolent arrangements, I sailed smoothly through various tribulations. In the end, 95% of the tickets were sold for the first time in three years.

Placing Other Practitioners’ Improvement First

Since there are few local practitioners in each city, we rented a place where practitioners from other countries could stay while promoting Shen Yun. Each morning, we sent righteous thoughts together and did the five sets of exercises. During the day, we went out to promote Shen Yun. In the evening, we studied the Fa and talked about our experiences.

We all treasured this cultivation environment. Whenever we encountered conflicts we discussed the situation and encouraged each other. I only allowed three subjects: 1) Discussion of Fa principles, 2) Examples of xinxing improvement, and 3) The process of looking inward. This left no room for gaps among practitioners.

I knew the importance of improving together. As practitioners improve, the effect of saving people is very good. On the other hand, if our human sides are at work, not only are the desired results not achieved, the negative factors can easily take advantage of our loopholes.

During the first year that we promoted Shen Yun in one city, and the second year in another city, those who came to help were mostly Chinese practitioners from Germany. Many were able to stay for a month or two. We had the same cultural background and no language barriers, so it was easy to communicate. Of course, when practitioners get together there is bound to be some friction and different understandings of the Fa. I encouraged everyone to discuss their experiences. Since practitioners came from different cities and weren’t used to working together, they were reluctant to talk at first.

I took the lead to look inward, letting go of the attachment to fame. When we did not do well, I apologized to the others and talked about my attachments. Whenever I enlightened to something new from the Fa, I told the others, and they soon began to talk honestly.

Our cooperation improved because we constantly looked inward. Practitioners felt that our entire field helped us look inward. Some practitioners who had stubbornly refused to look inward or expose their attachments, changed. In our harmonious environment, all the tickets were sold.

Tolerance Needs to Be Boundless

During coordination work, we need to continuously expand our capacity, but this is easier said than done. I also realized that no matter how unfairly it seemed I was being treated I should only focus on the strengths of others while turning a blind eye to their weaknesses.

I have mainly worked with Chinese practitioners over the past two years. This year the majority of the German-speaking practitioners in Switzerland are Western practitioners. Due to some long-term conflicts between certain practitioners, our cooperation was strained. Furthermore, practitioners who came to help this year were mainly Western practitioners from different countries. They differed in cultivation states, culture, and living habits. Living together day in and day out was a brand new challenge for me.

Compassion Dissolves Misunderstandings

One Western practitioner from another part of the country stayed in our rented accommodation three or four days a week during the Shen Yun promotion. Over the years she had worked very hard and done a lot, but she lost her temper easily. After I became a coordinator some said they felt that this practitioner had a tendency to pick fights with me. I seldom saw her so I didn’t pay much attention to this.

When it was time to promote Shen Yun, she stayed in the place we rented. In the beginning, I asked if she had any resentment towards me. Although she denied it she easily became angry with me. Before Christmas, I noticed that the tickets were not selling as quickly as they had in the previous two years, so I was very anxious. As the coordinator I felt it was my responsibility to bridge any gaps between fellow practitioners, otherwise it would be easy for the old forces to cause trouble. I didn’t know where to start.

During the New Year holidays I attended the annual Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference held in Germany. Before the Conference began I thought of this practitioner. I asked Master, “What should I do?” I then suddenly noticed the banner on each side of the conference stage:

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in springRighteous thoughts can save the people in this world”(“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos,” Hong Yin Vol. II)

I realized that Master was hinting that I didn’t have enough compassion. I also enlightened that, “the people in this world” refered to not only ordinary people, but also to practitioners.

Thinking of the practitioner, I felt that I was not capable enough. Also at that moment I saw the two small banners which said, “Falun is constantly turning. Dafa is boundless.” Dafa is boundless! Why should I limit my abilities? At that moment I felt enveloped by strong energy.

The next morning, the practitioner was in an emotional state over a tiny matter. I calmly replied that I wanted to have a chat and clear up the misunderstanding between us. I started out by thanking her. I pointed out that she was the first Swiss practitioner I met before I obtained the Fa. I expressed my appreciation for her understanding and help. To my surprise she told me that she often recalled the first time we met, when she clarified the truth to me.

We discussed each misunderstanding. I explained my understanding of each situation and why I handled them the way I did. I found that due to the lack of real communication between us over a long period, the old forces had created many misunderstandings. Just like that, we both opened our hearts and the misunderstandings over the past few years were dissolved. As we finished our conversation, another practitioner said, “Fantastic! I feel that our fields are all clear now!”

Resolving Conflicts with a Smile

A practitioner called me a few times asking me to explain something. I had already spent a long time explaining things to her and felt that she understood. I thought of how difficult things had been for this elderly practitioner. It’s not easy to talk to people about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations every day for so many years. Her husband had passed away and she was by herself. She had no one to talk to, so when she got into a conversation she tended to drag it out.

She called again the following day, and wanted to do something that I felt should not be done. I patiently explained to her my feelings on the matter, which I felt were based on the Fa principles. Not at all pleased, she exploded. After I calmly let her yell for a while, she felt embarrassed. She then listened patiently as I explained, based on the Fa, why she should follow the requirements on this matter rather than going her own way. Finally, she fully understood.

Another incident took place a week later that helped me with compassion. One practitioner was not pleased with my arrangement. We were in the street, when he suddenly began shouting at me. Worried that he might disturb the neighbors, I gestured for him to be quiet. He ignored me and kept yelling.

When I looked inward later, I discovered that even though I was calm on the surface I hadn’t achieved true stillness in my heart. I continued looking inward, and asked myself why in the previous incident could I resolve the conflict with a smile, but failed to do it this time? I realized that because I’d known him a long time, I relied on him. After a while, human sentimentality grew, and I had expectations of him, whereas I had no expectations of the other practitioner. In addition, he hadn’t been in a good cultivation state recently, so I focused on his negative traits instead of his strengths. Just as Master said,

“There is no constraint between this qi and that qi.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

When we talked about our day’s experiences after Fa study that evening, I looked inward and frankly admitted my shortcomings. Still, that practitioner maintained his position. Looking inward, I found that I had hoped that he would do the same. Two days later, he suddenly apologized to me. He also thanked me for the great help in his cultivation.

After the Shen Yun shows, many practitioners sent me thank you messages for helping them in their cultivation. I am merely a particle of Dafa. Everything I have was given by Master. I still have a lot of shortcomings, such as attachments to showing off, competitiveness, complacency, looking down on others, sometimes being strong-willed, and so on. I will continue to purify myself so that I can do better as a Dafa particle in coordination work, in order to live up to Master’s expectations, practitioners’ trust, and the expectations of all beings.

I would like to thank Master for these opportunities to cultivate and save people. Thank you practitioners for your understanding and support. My sincere apologies to anyone that I’ve offended.

The above is my understanding at my current level. Please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.

(Presented at the 2019 European Fa Conference)