(Minghui.org) Our village was a target for persecution around 2002 when the persecution was at its height, because of the village’s high population of Falun Gong practitioners. The village officials were ruthless given the pressure by the authorities, as well as enticements from their superiors. They put up a sign about getting rid of Falun Gong on the busiest street in the village, encouraging people to turn against Falun Gong. The atmosphere throughout the entire village was horrifying.

Wisdom Helps Overcome Evil

Fellow practitioners came to me and talked about ways to get rid of the sign. I told them that I would think about it. But in reality my motivation was not that high. I had been put in detention centers four times by then. I still had lots of human attachments and was in fear of retaliation if I destroyed the sign.

On the other hand, even without fellow practitioners coming to me, I could not stand seeing fellow villagers being harmed and Dafa smeared either. I decided I would destroy the sign no matter what. This was a fight between righteousness and evil.

I put on a different pair of shoes and went out with the paint and brush at night. I painted over the sign and cleaned up the scene afterwards. I burnt the shoes right after I came home. I still had human attachments and feared that the persecutors could come and measure my shoe prints. They indeed came the next day.

But this time they did not truly suspect me. Because they thought I was not educated enough to do what was done. I painted over the sign partially, making the original “Support Getting Rid Of Falun Gong” into “Support Falun Gong.”

The persecutors would not give up. They rewrote the words, and assigned people to guard the sign at night.

A few days later, I destroyed the sign again at 3:00 a.m. when the guards were dozing. The village officials, and the 610 Office were outraged. They began to suspect me, and gave me warnings through my family. They rewrote the sign.

While the evil in other dimensions was rampant, the persecutors in this dimension were energized. They swore they would arrest the culprit who destroyed the sign, by whatever means necessary. The village director looked at me suspiciously whenever we met. Other villagers seemed to do so as well. My family members were worried. The pressure was unbearable.

I felt bad every time I passed the sign. I began to study the Fa as much as I could to strengthen my righteous thoughts. I still wanted to destroy it to prevent it from harming people.

I felt much better after studying the Fa for a while. I found that the guards almost always stayed with the sign until 11:00 p.m. So I went there at 3:00 a.m. I saw no one when I stuck my head out from an alley. But I heard something when I was ready to step forward. Still, I walked over to the sign, took out the brush, and painted over it.

When I turned, I saw a guy smoking. It turned out that he was hiding in a doorway of a house opposite the sign. He yelled, but did not move when I walked away. I remained calm during the entire process. But I was worried after I got home.

I found the man the next day and told him the facts about Falun Gong. I told him that Falun Dafa is a Buddha law and that what goes around comes around, that doing good deeds brings rewards and doing bad deeds brings karmic retribution. He told me, “I’ll say that I didn’t see clearly who it was if they ask.” But he continued to say that he had 20-20 eyesight, meaning he had seen me clearly.

The village director began to visit my home to harass me, and also harassed my family. My family member responded, “Put him in prison if you have evidence.” The atmosphere was intense. I felt it was smothering.

Teacher Arranged a Deception

Teacher saw my situation. To encourage me, Teacher made a wonderful arrangement to resolve my problem.

A drunk in our village walked in front of the sign and walked around it one midnight. The guard chased after him when he ran toward my home. The village director ordered other people to join the chase. Finally they caught up with him and stopped him. They were surprised when they found it wasn't me. The village director asked him why he was in front of the sign at midnight. He said he wanted to see if the guards were being diligent. The guards were upset, feeling that they were being teased.

In addition to guarding the sign, the persecutors also searched the bags of passers-by for Dafa informational materials. The practitioners got together and sent forth righteous thoughts together to stop the persecutors from harming people like this.

The village director had a stroke the next day. He became slow after being discharged from the hospital and could not continue with his duties. The incident truly shocked the persecutors of the village.

Evil Is Nothing

I studied the Fa diligently during the process. The fear factor in my thoughts dissolved gradually. My behavior became calmer and wiser. The guards decided to sit around the sign to guard it. They thought this way no one could erase it. Nonetheless, the sign continued being destroyed by me time and time again. What they did not know was that they were only tools of the evil, while we are Dafa practitioners. We have sentient beings on our mind. Teacher was helping us and righteous deities were protecting us.

We destroyed the sign as soon as they wrote it. They rewrote it as soon as we destroyed it. It looked simple on the surface. But it was a fight between righteousness and evil in other dimensions. Many of the evil elements were destroyed in each battle. After eleven such battles, they finally changed the sign’s content.

The eleven battles between righteousness and evil helped practitioners to better assimilate to Dafa. The process of destroying the evil was also the process of enhancing practitioner’s righteous thoughts, and making us mature. Later, I just took the Dafa informational materials to the village office and distributed them there.

We have been helping Teacher rectify the Fa for 20 years. Looking back, we feel that the evil is nothing.