(Minghui.org) Master said,

“Set your cultivation goal as high as you want, as long as you dare to!” (“Fa Teaching at the 2019 New York Fa Conference”)

When I first saw this sentence, my understanding of “dare” was dare to let go of all attachments in the human world. So I asked myself: Would you be able to let go of everything in the human world? My attachment to my daughter’s Fa study, my concern for her future, my worrying about my husband’s suffering, my attachment to how relatives and friends view me, and so on. I had been entangled with these attachments for a long time.

There is also my attachment to the human body, my concern about the uncomfortable physical condition I experience on and off. Why didn’t the discomfort go away, why has it lasted for so long? I always thought of the physical discomfort, which is also an attachment. Isn’t this selfishness? Of course there are other types of attachments, I won’t list each one of them. This time I told myself, let them go, I dare to let all go!

Today I have some new understanding of Master’s teaching. We all know that we’re lords and kings in heaven. We clarify the truth about Dafa and save people in the human world, just as Shakyamuni and Jesus did during their time. Dare we treat ourselves as Shakyamuni and Jesus as we carry out our divine duty in the human world, just like gods and Buddhas, with our thoughts being fully altruistic, selfless, and completely for the benefit of others.

We should perceive everything from this angle, with no selfish thought before sentient beings. We should think about how to save sentient beings and help them to not commit crimes against Dafa and Dafa disciples. If we truly did, would the persecution exist? Would Shakyamuni fear persecution? Would he always think about his own physical discomfort? Would he be afraid of death and attached to anything in the human world? Shouldn’t we think and act like this?