(Minghui.org) My niece and I were arrested when went out to clarify the truth about Dafa Falun Dafa in the Fall of 2017. We were taken to the police department, and our home was ransacked. Dafa books and Master's portrait were taken and we were detained for ten days. Since the arrest, other family members have watched my activities more closely, and I developed the attachment of fear. I slacked off in Fa study and doing the exercises, and didn't even think about going out to tell people about Dafa.

My health deteriorated after just over two months. I felt weak and my vision was blurred. When my family asked me to go to the hospital and be examined, I agreed. I was diagnosed with mild diabetes, and the doctor prescribed some medication for me to take at home.

A Falun Dafa practitioner lived near my home. After learning about my situation from my niece, she came to my home and talked to my husband about letting me stay at her home so we could study the Fa and do the exercises together. She promised my husband that I would be all right. My husband reluctantly agreed to let me go.

We studied the Fa together, did the exercises, sent righteous thoughts, and looked inward. My health improved bit by bit, and I went out with her to talk to people and tell them facts about Falun Dafa.

Result of Developing Fear

As I was going home after Fa study one day, I looked up and saw a surveillance camera on a tall tree in front of the practitioner's home. I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep that night. I was afraid that I would be photographed and arrested, and wouldn't be able to bear the persecution. I feated that my family would not understand me, along with many other things. I subsequently didn't dare go to the practitioner's home to study the Fa again. As a result, the old forces took advantage of my loophole.

When I was cooking dinner one evening, I felt mentally confused and couldn't talk clearly. My husband called an ambulance to take me to the hospital. The doctor ordered a CT scan of my brain which showed there was insufficient blood reaching my brain. I also had diabetes and high blood pressure.

I was hospitalized for two weeks, costing more than 10,000 yuan for my care. The doctor subscribed a lot of medication when I was discharged.

After returning home, every morning my husband brought medicine and water to my bedside and watched me take the pills. Thirty minutes before meals, he injected me with insulin. After each meal, he brought all kinds of other medication for me to take. He would only leave after he saw me take the pills.

But after taking the medication, I felt more uncomfortable and dizzy. I couldn't study the Fa or do the exercises. I quickly lost weight and couldn't stand up straight. In just a few days, I was underweight and felt tremendous mental stress about my health.

Master's Fa Opened my Eyes

I then remembered something Master said:

“Will you treat it as an illness? Or will you consider it eliminating karma for a practitioner?” (“Lecture in Sydney”)

That was it. I was not sick, karma was being eliminated. I knew I shouldn't need any injections or medicines. I needed to study the Fa, do the exercises, and do the three things well. I asked Master to save me, and vowed to take only the path he arranged and not follow the path arranged by the old forces. Because I held this firm thought, two or three days later, someone asked my husband to do a job out of town. After he left, no one watched to make sure I took the medicine and had the injections. I was free and relaxed.

I went to the practitioner's home and stayed with her. Every day we studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, sent righteous thoughts, and looked inward together. She said, “You are holding human notions with one hand and divine ones with the other. Your illness is an illusion. Do the things you are supposed to do.” Every night she took me out to tell people about Dafa.

Master said,

“If you cannot relinquish the attachment or concern for illness, we cannot do anything and will be unable to help you.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

The practitioner said that if I stopped taking the medication and injections, and denied the old forces' arrangements, then Master would help me. I was still unsure at first. My husband called me every day and asked if I was taking the medications. He asked my granddaughter if she had given me my insulin injection.

Master said:

“'I'm Li Hongzhi's disciple, I don't want other arrangements or acknowledge them'—then they won't dare to do that. So it can all be resolved. When you can really do that, not just saying it but putting it into action, Master will definitely stand up for you.” (Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

Master’s Fa teaching woke me up. I shouted, “Master, I was wrong.” I stopped taking all medication and insulin. I burned or threw them all away.

Experiencing the Power of Dafa

I soon recovered, gained weight, and developed energy. When my husband came home and witnessed that I had recovered after studying the Fa and practicing the exercises for more than 20 days, he no longer interfered when I did Falun Dafa things. When I sometimes didn’t go out and tell people the facts about Falun Dafa he asked me why I hadn't gone out. Other family members also witnessed the power of Dafa.

I had two car accidents. My electric scooter was thrown more than ten meters in an accident. My arms and legs were scraped and bleeding, but I wasn't seriously injured.

One time, I couldn't open my eyes and my mouth was turned down. Relying on practicing Dafa, I recovered within two weeks. This time, with the help of a practitioner, I overcame a serious illness tribulation.

I am grateful that Master gave me a new life. I understand now why I did not improve in my cultivation for a long time. I did not make cultivation and saving sentient beings a priority. I did not give up my attachments of fear, resentment toward my husband, affection for my son, and so on, for a long time, and this was taken advantage of by the old forces.

If not for Master's protection, perhaps I wouldn't be here today. I am grateful to Master. I'll study the Fa and practice the exercises more often and do the three things well.