(Minghui.org) Back in 2016, I accidentally stepped on and was stung by a giant hornet on my balcony. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I did not think much of it at the time. However, I later developed a skin infection on the sole of my foot. The pea-sized lesion constantly oozed out a clear fluid. It did not really impact on my ability to study the Fa, do the exercises, or go out to clarify the truth (about Falun Dafa) or do housework, therefore I just kept ignoring it. But the condition went on and the fluid discharge did not stop for a whole two years.

A fellow practitioner said to me, “Your blood sugar level is over 20, you really need to go to see a doctor.” I was amused, “I don’t even know my own blood sugar level, how come you do?” Again I did not think much of it, but there was still a gaping hole in my foot that never healed.

In October 2017, a friend leased a small farm with two acres of land a few miles outside our town. She asked me to look after the property for her and help with feeding her livestock. I fed the chickens and tended the vegetable garden during the day, but I would lock up the place and go back home when all was done.

Around April 2018, I felt unwell one day and an idea occurred to me that I should go and stay at the farm house. My husband and I have always been targeted and harassed by the local Party officials (for practicing Falun Dafa), so I thought staying at the farm would at least provide us a quiet and secure environment in which to cultivate and undertake truth-clarification activities. We made the temporary move.

One evening, Master’s fashen came inside the house while I was reading the Fa. Master stood there and behind him were a few divine Fa guardians who were cleaning out the place for me. Cautiously, I asked, “Are you Master Li Hongzhi? Master, is that you?” I asked about three times, but Master only smiled at me.

The next day, my foot swelled up, turned as purple as the color of an eggplant with a build up of pus. In a matter of days, the lesion on the sole of my foot grew to be about 1.5 inches in diameter and spread to the bones. Lots of bloody pus oozed out every day, so I had to constantly soak it up with tissue paper. The top of my foot was swollen and black and felt as hard as metal.

My son came to visit me after work one day and caught me cleaning my wound. He cried and insisted on taking me to the hospital, but I firmly refused. I stuck to Master’s words:

“Didn’t I say at the beginning of the persecution that just by staying unmoved you would be able to handle all situations?” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference)

I thought there was no point crying. I would not be moved by it because I was a Dafa practitioner. He took a photo on his cell phone and said he would get advice elsewhere. The advice he got was: “The hospital would not be able to help with her foot.” The advice he got from searching on the internet was the same.

Fellow practitioners who could not find me at home for some time eventually tracked me down at the farm. They were horrified when they saw my foot, so we all decided to study the Fa together and look within ourselves for our shortcomings.

Not long after, a few people gathered outside the gate of the farm house. They appeared to be measuring around the big drain pipe. I talked to them about Falun Dafa and found out they were going to build a flood gate. A few days later, the workers arrived and setup their station right outside our gate – I knew that was Master’s arrangement. I made time to speak to them about Dafa and the persecution. Over time, everyone at the site, from the top boss to the second boss, to the workers and the engineers, managed to gain some understanding of the truth about Dafa and we all became friends.

What followed was the most amazing thing. The hole in my sole was filling out from the inside and the skin was patching over, much like a mended net. It was fully healed in a few days. In a few more days, the top of my foot, at the area corresponding to the hole in my sole, puffed up into a big blister. It cracked after a few days and two bones and a bit of tendon were sticking up. I could feel the bones but they wouldn’t move when I tried pulling them out.

My foot was unbearably painful at night, making me clench my teeth over my blanket, cry and roll in bed. Master’s words came to mind at the time:

“I would say that physical pain is the easiest thing to endure: Just grit your teeth and it’s over. When people are scheming against each other, that is when the mind becomes the hardest thing to control.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

I pleaded to Master to give me strength and I also yelled out, “I am feeling so comfortable!” At the same time, many evil beings came to interfere. They lifted my ceiling and then dropped it. I could also hear them bouncing on my ceiling. I dealt with the situation as per Master’s teaching:

“Didn’t I say at the beginning of the persecution that just by staying unmoved you would be able to handle all situations?” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”)

During that time, I kept myself awake at night thinking that if I fell asleep I would make it easy for the evil beings to overwhelm me. Sometimes when I felt I was about to doze off, I would clear my head and kept my concentration on listening to Master’s lectures. That lasted for a few days.

When I felt I could not bear the pain any longer, I heard many people yelling out: “Quick, don’t waste the time you have saving people!” I opened my eyes and saw Master standing right before me. Master smiled at me, took a glance towards the window and then left. I looked towards the window and saw our yard was teeming with masses of people stretching out of sight and then I woke up. On the same night, a fellow practitioner also had a dream about something big happening in our area which shocked the world. I took that to be a reminder from Master that I must not waste any time in saving people.

A miracle awaited me the next morning. Protruding from my foot were the two bones and the bit of tendon which I removed easily and cleanly with a pair of tweezers. Afterwards, I distinctly felt the transformation of my whole body. I felt a huge relief in my heart and I was over the moon. I had no words to describe my immense gratitude to Master. My body had been completed transformed and became so light. My foot quickly healed and recovered with no signs of injury except for a slightly shortened little toe.

It was around lunchtime when the thick, crusted shell of layers of skin on top of my foot fell off. It was in the shape of the foot and made a clinking sound when I tapped it. Workers working outside my gate happened to see the molted shell and the boss’ son asked me, “Doesn’t your foot hurt? Aren’t you scared? Look at it, it’s like a metal sheet. I am scared just looking at it. I knew you had some trouble with your foot, but I never thought it was that bad and you still went out to talk to people.” I said to him, “I am alright because we are looked after by our master. Please don’t forget ‘Falun Dafa is great’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great’ and you will get blessings in return.” I also helped him withdraw his membership from the Young Pioneers (of the Chinese Communist Party).

He asked me curiously, “I think we humans are not the only sentient life in this universe, there are other sentient lifeforms.” I answered his question with what I have learned and understood from Master’s teachings.

When the boss found out about what happened to my foot and understood the goodness of Dafa, he told his workers, “I don’t mind you not wearing your protective hat when you are on the job, but you must wear the Dafa amulet.” Since then, all the workers that have ever worked at the site have quit the Chinese Communist Party and the whole team has been blessed.

When the flood season came, it broke through dykes built at other sites. But the dyke built at our site was undamaged even though it was most vulnerable since it’s situated in the lower downstream area. That was because the boss led his workers and also asked us to join them in reciting: “Falun Dafa is great! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great!”

While I was studying the Fa one evening, a being from the old forces sat beside me and said, “You are meant to die in the vow you made with me. It has been a few years now and how come you are still alive?” I closed my Dafa book and said, “I only made that vow with you because that was the only way you would allow me to come to the human world. But I already made a vow with Master Li Hongzhi way earlier and that’s the only vow I will honor. I completely reject and nullify any vow I have made with you. What my master teaches me is cultivation of both the spirit and the physical body and I am needed here for the urgent mission of saving sentient beings, so I will not do what you want me to do. I will only do as my Master tells me to.” The being sighed and left me alone.

But when I finished sending righteous thoughts at midnight and was about to go to sleep, the evil being came again. It said to me, “I am running out of ways to deal with you. If you don’t die, I will just sit on you.” It landed hard on my belly, forcing my limbs to fling upwards. I turned over but it forced me back with a punch. I sat up and said, “There’s no point sitting on me, I am determined to return to my heavenly home with my master.” It left in exasperation. I sat up to send righteous thoughts to clear out all evil interfering with and harming me.

During 2019 New Year, two fellow practitioners came to visit me as they heard that I was unwell. They said they were not feeling well, either. I told them to ignore any symptoms they might have because the fact that they occur is part of a process of improvement in their cultivation. They told me, “We are relieved now that we have seen you. We know you will overcome whatever tribulations you have.” I replied, “Nothing cannot be overcome if you truly listen to Master.”

Thank you, Master, for your mercy on us! Thank you, fellow practitioners, for your unconditional support!