(Minghui.org) I am almost 70, but since I became a Falun Dafa disciple, Master Li has given me wisdom. I’ve mastered the skills of making the banners and bags we use to distribute information about Dafa.

For many years, local practitioners have helped many Chinese people to learn the truth about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s persecution of Falun Dafa and make righteous choices. Usually, if we see new information about Dafa published on Minghui.org in the morning, we print out the articles and distribute them that evening. That way, people are able to access information very quickly.

On May 2, I brought new banners to a large park that I hadn’t been to this year. Since it was a holiday and the weather was nice, there were a lot of people strolling around and enjoying the day. Although it’s dangerous to put up Falun Dafa information in public, I was able to find over 20 spots to hang the banners on trees. I put a banner in a tree on each walking path in the park. People noticed them as they went by.

May 13 is World Falun Dafa Day and Minghui published images of people celebrating all over the globe. There were also short poems and stories to commemorate the occasion. I put aside everything I normally do and focused on making banners. I made them in three different sizes and included pictures and poems created by practitioners. I was very excited about seeing all the information from adherents around the world!

Under Master’s protection, I was able to hang the banners in over 60 places in my community on the evenings of May 11 and 12. I encountered security guards twice and waited till they passed, then quickly hung banners on trees in front of their security booths. I was able to finish hanging all the banners and make it safely home.

Breaking Through Fear, Master Protects Me

Under Master’s protection, I broke through my fear. In order to let people in our community see that Dafa is being celebrated throughout the world, I hung banners on trees even though there were a lot of surveillance cameras. I felt that Master Li was protecting me every second.

A few times, I ran into acquaintances while hanging banners. Once, a security guard that I know, and who I had helped quit the CCP, saw me putting a banner on a tree. He didn’t interfere and just walked past. I continued hanging banners until I reached a neighboring community. I felt it was truly fortunate for people to be able to see the facts about Falun Dafa on those banners.

Spreading the Truth to Families

I also made Dafa truth clarification materials for my son-in-law’s family so that they could know that Dafa is widely recognized and celebrated all over the world.

I have a good relationship with my son’s mother-in-law. She and her family have been reading the pamphlets I gave them, and they understand what I do and its importance.

Elevating Myself In Cultivation

To be honest, around the time of World Falun Dafa Day, I was exhausted from making and distributing information. Sometimes, I had to skip a meal and go hungry. Other times, all I had was crackers and water. I didn’t even have time to do the dishes or laundry at home.

Before I went out, I always told Master in my heart what I was going to do, what my path would be, and asked him to give me the strength to do the work and protect me for a safe return home. I read Hong Yin before leaving the house and maintained righteous thoughts and a strong faith in Master. I came home safely every time.

My son also gives me technical support, buys me the supplies I need, and quickly resolves all my issues.

Around the time of May 13, I put all my efforts into spreading as much information as I could. I wasn’t able to meditate every day during that time, but on May 19, I caught up by doing all five exercises.

Although it was tiring to change my everyday routine, I was very happy to be able to let more people know about Dafa’s wonder in the world and to awaken their consciences!