(Minghui.org) I’ve always enjoyed reading, and out of curiosity I read Zhuan Falun once in 2010. At that time, I did not wish to begin practicing Falun Dafa and I did not learn the exercises. Three years later, in May 2013, I decided to practice.

After I read Zhuan Falun in 2010, I had an unforgettable dream which inspired the following poem:

I am an exhausted traveler in the wind and dustGoing through worldly reincarnationWhich life of mine is it this time?Suddenly a huge lotus seat appears before my eyesHow I long to sit on itOur most compassionate Master enlightened meHolding up my dirty soul“There is a piece of pure land awaiting youWhy bother to linger on this earth filled with bitterness and joy?”Master, I have been lost and I want to go backFrom now on, I will take lightly the seven feelingsAnd cherish Zhen Shan Ren in my heart

Even though I was only 38 years old, I felt physically and mentally drained. After many years of doing business, I felt miserable and tired. I had cervical spondylosis, a hard lump in my lower abdomen, and with each breath my chest made noises like pieces of broken plastic. I always felt tired and it was difficult to do any household chores.

In May 2013, I decided to begin practicing Falun Dafa. I wanted to study the Fa and I quickly learned the exercises. Looking back over my life, I always gave up half-way. I was always filled with regret. I thought, “If I decide to learn Dafa, I should do it very seriously. This time I won’t give up.”

I had only read two pages in Zhuan Falun when my problem of always being out of breath disappeared.I began experiencing many changes. I experienced what Master Li said in Zhuan Falun:

“When a person’s Buddha-nature comes out it shakes the Ten-Directional World.”

One month later, all my ailments were gone. I had a dream in which Master was cleansing my body. It seemed that I had many negative substances. Master told me that for such a young person, I had accumulated many bad things. He cleansed my body to the very core.

When Master was done, there was a large pile of black soil beside me. From my abdomen, Master pulled out an entity that looked like a mouse or a spider and threw it away. The lump in my lower abdomen that was always itchy and hurt was gone, and the crackling noises in my chest were gone as well.

I felt renewed – strong and full of energy! I no longer felt tired and I could even take three stairs at a time. The huge psychological pressure that had plagued me after my child was born seemed to have been completely removed by Master.

I personally experienced what Master said:

“...we totally purify your body. We take all the bad things in your mind, that karma field around your body, and all those factors that make your body unhealthy, and we clean the whole thing out. If we didn’t, then how could you, and that dirty body of yours that’s all dark, and that filthy mind of yours, how could you cultivate up to high levels?” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

My life was renewed! The sky outside looked especially bright, and I was overjoyed! I diligently studied the Fa every day. I endured the pain and double-crossed my legs when I did the sitting meditation. One month later, I noticed my sagging skin was smooth and firm. Even the flesh on my body no longer sagged. The dark “pregnancy spots” that had covered my face were gone.

Ever since I was little, my elder sister and my mom were fair-skinned, but I was dark. But now my skin looked lighter and fairer than theirs. My clients were amazed and asked why I looked younger and younger! Some even asked what my “beauty secret” was.

My body and soul have been purified by Dafa. One’s appearance stems from the mind. Master said, “On a lighter note, young women like to do facials to get fairer and better skin. I’d say that if you truly do a dual practice of nature and longevity you’ll naturally get that, and I can guarantee you won’t need to do facials.” (The Fifth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Elevating in the Family Environment

I had a stable relationship with my husband. After I started to practice Dafa, he was very much against it due to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) constant propaganda. Over the years he’d heard many stories about how practitioners had either lost their jobs or their families were broken apart because they refused to give up the practice.

My husband tore up my Dafa books and even wanted a divorce. Holding on to Master’s photo, I sat and cried. He refused to listen to anything I said. Every time I tried to clarify the truth to him, he threatened to destroy my Dafa books and materials.

Master said:

“When you do other things she won’t bother you as much, and even though it’s a good thing, she always squares off with you. Actually, she’s just helping you eliminate your karma, but she doesn’t know it herself. She’s not just fighting with you on the surface yet still nice to you inside, that’s not how it is. She’s really, genuinely angry. That’s because whoever the karma falls on, that’s who feels the pain. It’s definitely that way.” (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I quietly endured his disapproval. I understood that he was influenced by the CCP’s propaganda to do bad things against Dafa. Whenever I felt myself getting angry, I remembered that a practitioner should be tolerant and compassionate.

Whenever the feelings of resentment surfaced, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them. One day when I was reading Lecture Four in Zhuan Falun, Master removed the substance of “resentment” from me. I understood the Fa principle, “...matter and mind are one thing.” (Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia) Right after that, I remembered how my husband had always been good to me. I said to Master with tears in my eyes, Master, I understand. I dreamed that night that my xinxing was elevated.

After that, my husband’s attitude toward cultivation changed. He began to listen when I explained what it means to cultivate one’s xinxing. For example, when I wanted to purchase a laptop, he brought an unused laptop home from his workplace for me to use. I told him that we should not take things that don’t belong to us. He returned the laptop.

I also told him about my mother. Before she began practicing Falun Dafa, she refused to pay for the renovations she had done by saying that the workmanship was not satisfactory. After she began practicing, my mom looked for that contractor and paid him the 3,000 yuan she owed him. I explained that practitioners never take advantage of others.

I used every opportunity to encourage my husband along a righteous path. He gradually started to ask me questions, for example, about reincarnation, why Chinese society was in disarray, and the truth about the CCP.

He began to read Master’s teachings. When he began reading Master’s lectures from around the world, he said, “Why didn’t you give me this book before!” He started to do the exercises with me.

Although he has only begun practicing, compassionate Master has already opened his third eye. He can also feel Falun rotating when he does the standing exercises.

Watching my husband change from being against Dafa to now connecting with Dafa, I am filled with emotion! Thank you, Master! Another precious being has boarded the Fa boat to return to Heaven!