(Minghui.org) I was in my early 40s in 1996, but I was being tortured by illness. The pain in my body was destroying my quality of life.

Some of my family members introduced me to Falun Gong, but I didn’t believe that just doing some exercises would cure my longstanding illnesses.

My dad had been a village official for over 20 years, and growing up in that atheist environment filled with Chinese Communist Party culture, all I knew was to fight with heaven and nature. I did not believe in the existence of gods or divine beings at all.

Dafa Has Given Me a New Life

Since I had no other options I figured I would give Falun Gong a try. I went to the exercise site and spent some time learning the first four exercises.

After I returned home I felt so comfortable! I hadn't felt that good for years, and all my pain was gone.

This miraculous feeling really shocked me. On the third day I got the book Zhuan Falun, and when I saw the three characters, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I knew deep in my heart that this was what I was looking for.

Dafa has given me a new life! After witnessing the changes in me, my husband, daughter, son, mother, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and neighbors all started to practice.

We were all so happy! However, in 1999, the Chinese communist regime, led by Jiang Zemin, started the brutal persecution of Falun Gong.

Persecuted for Clarifying the Facts

I had benefited so much from practicing Dafa and I wanted to tell this to the government officials with a sincere heart. So I went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Dafa.

I was so shocked by the sight of police madly beating practitioners in Tiananmen Square. Several police officers pushed me to the ground and used frozen bottles of water to hit me in the head.

They punched and kicked me, then dragged me onto a bus full of Falun Gong practitioners. My heart was bleeding, and I thought, “What has happened to these police officers?”

I went to appeal in Beijing several more times, and each time I was arrested and sent back. I was also fined and my home was ransacked.

Even though my family suffered a lot, I could not just stand by while people were being fooled by the lies and slander against Dafa. So, in 2001, I took on the job of transporting Master’s new lectures and Falun Gong fliers.

I was arrested in October 2002, sentenced, and jailed until October 2011. Through studying the Fa and sharing with fellow practitioners, I felt that I was far from meeting the Fa’s standard in doing the three things well. So I adjusted myself and joined the effort to assist Master in Fa-rectification.

Clarifying the Facts to the Interpol Brigade Captain

When the movement to sue Jiang Zemin first began, some practitioners’ lawsuits were submitted successfully, while others’ were intercepted at the post office. One fellow practitioner went to the post office to find out what was going on and the staff there said it was an order from the police department.

I asked a fellow practitioner the next day to go to the police department with me and clarify the facts there. The fellow practitioner didn’t want to go but said she could find several practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts for me.

Her words reminded me that clarifying the facts and saving people require righteous thoughts. It was 11:00 a.m. and the police department was about to close, so I decided to go there myself.

I became a bit nervous when I arrived at the door and saw police officers coming in and out. Then I asked myself, “What am I scared of? Am I scared of losing something or being hurt?”

I realized immediately that this was a selfish mentality. I said to myself, “Master, this is not me. I don't want it. I’m here today to save people and that’s what's important.”

I was instantly surrounded by positive energy and isolated from all evil factors. I felt I was very tall and Master was standing by me.

I calmly parked my electric bike by the door and went inside to register. I didn’t bring my cell phone, nor did I give them my number.

I was looking for Sun, who was the captain of the Interpol brigade. An officer told me where he was. His door was open and four or five people were chatting inside.

I stood by the door and Sun asked me, “Who are you looking for?” I told him that I was looking for Sun.

He asked, “Do you know him?” I said, “Yes, it’s you.” It was totally just by instinct as I'd never met him before.

Then I asked him if he would answer some questions, and he agreed. I started by asking, “Do you think everyone should be equal in front of the law?”

He said, “Yes.” I went on to ask, “If Jiang Zemin violates the law, does that count?” He said, “Yes” again.

I then said, “So are people allowed to sue him?” He said, “Of course.”

I went on to say, “Then if the post office intercepts lawsuits against Jiang, are they violating the law?” He said, “Yes.”

“Furthermore,” I said, “Jiang Zemin used his power to stage the self-immolation hoax and persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Many people have died as a result. Shouldn’t he be sued?” He said, “Yes.”

After that I said, “Then why does the post office intercept those letters?”

He said, “I don’t know. I do not work at the post office.”

In response I said, “We went to the post office to ask and they said it was an order from the police department.” He denied this and said that I should sue the post office.

I then clarified the facts to him and told him that right now we were only suing Jiang because we wanted to give others a chance to understand the truth. I asked him the whereabouts of the 10,000 yuan that was taken from me when I was arrested.

He said that he wasn’t in his current position at that time and I should talk to Hou. I said, “How would that be possible? You know that he is dead.”

Then I said, “He persecuted Falun Gong practitioners and was on the list of evil people. He didn’t believe that good and evil deeds would receive retribution, and he died a terrible death.”

After that I said, “The whole world knows it. But this was not what we wanted to see. I hope that you can distinguish good from bad and avoid tragedy.”

I asked him if he had quit the Chinese Communist Party. He replied that he had.

I didn't believe him, and said, “Really?” I questioned him again, and he again confirmed it.

Lastly I said, “Then you are able to tell how evil the Chinese Communist Party is. Following it will bring harm to oneself.” He said, “That’s true, that’s true.”

We talked for about 40 minutes. It was a very calm conversation and I left the police department feeling very relaxed.

On my way home I felt that the Fa principles had never been so clear in my mind. I realized that all people are waiting to be saved.

My attitude had previously been that the police officers were the ones doing the persecuting and that practitioners were the ones being persecuted. I now saw that they were the ones being saved and we were the ones saving them.

Master has made the Fa principles very clear. Only when we truly cultivate and are able to reach a certain state, can we really see and feel that Dafa is omnipotent.

Only Dafa can save people, and only when our xinxing reaches the Fa's standard are we able to save people.

Clarifying the Facts at the Procuratorate

I have gone to the Procuratorate with fellow practitioners’ families many times, so they are familiar with me. This time we were looking for a section chief, and as soon as he saw us, he was very mad and said that he didn’t want us to come in.

I remained calm and told myself that I wasn't there to argue with him, but to save him. As soon as my mind was clear, Dafa’s compassion and powerful energy immediately suppressed the evil factors, and his attitude immediately changed.

He smiled and said, “If you have something to say, come on inside.” We went inside and clarified the facts with him, and we talked as if we were old friends.

This again reminded me that only when our xinxing is in accordance with the Fa's standard, can we save sentient beings more effectively.

I still have many attachments and human notions. I hope to cultivate diligently and improve together with fellow practitioners and do the three things well.