(Minghui.org) A relative of mine is a fellow Falun Dafa practitioner who lives in a nearby city. His wife notified me in 2015 that he had just been arrested.

Although our business was really busy at that time, I asked my wife to take care of the business and then took a bus to get to his city at midnight. I saw that his wife was quite upset and suggested that we go to the police department to request the release of her husband. I reminded her that this situation was an opportunity for us to cultivate ourselves as well as to clarify the truth to others.

The next day, we went to the police department to look for her husband. They would not give us any information when we got there, so we then clarified the truth to police officers and other people present at the police department. Finally, we were told that her husband had been taken to the detention center. Then we took some clothes and other daily necessities and went to the detention center. We clarified the truth to the guards, and they agreed to pass on the clothes to her husband.

We then went to the police department every day to clarify the truth. One day, we met a police officer who had participated in the arrest of her husband. My relative explained the facts of Dafa to him in a very angry manner. The officer said, “We’re about to arrest you now. How do you even dare to come here?” He didn’t listen to her and left quickly.

After returning home, we shared our experiences with that police officer and reminded each other that we should not clarify the truth with mentalities of hatred, fighting, or resentment. Later, we also found our attachments of fear and jealousy. By rectifying our mentality, our state got better and better in the process of rescuing our fellow practitioner.

Clarifying the Facts with Practitioners’ Cooperation

Accompanied by a few other practitioners, we went to the police department on another day to clarify the truth. With Master Li’s help, we were eventually received by the branch director as family of the detained practitioner. Other practitioners were outside sending forth righteous thoughts.

The director took us to a big room that was full of cameras. He told us that whatever we said would be heard by people in all departments of the local government. Maybe he was letting us know that we would be monitored and recorded and should be careful about what we say, but I thought it was perhaps arranged so that our truth-clarification could be heard by more people.

The police director thought I looked educated and asked, “Why do you also practice Falun Dafa?” I told him many well-known specialists and professors were also practicing Falun Dafa because the practice improves physical and mental health, as well as the morality of society. Then I thoroughly explained the truth about the staged self-immolation on Tiananmen Square and the persecution.

As I was talking, another practitioner cut in several times with unfounded words. I felt unhappy about it, but I immediately found my own attachment to competition. I realized that only by collaborating with each other well can we clarify the truth well. After I rectified my heart, the practitioner said, “Let me send forth righteous thoughts for you.” I continued to clarify the truth, and the result turned out to be very good.

Removing My Fear

The biggest attachment that I removed during this rescue effort was the attachment of fear. During my stay in the city of the arrested practitioner, we also hung up a lot of banners and stickers about Dafa. At the beginning, I was afraid because vehicles and pedestrians often passed by when we were putting them up next to the road.

The more I feared, the more vehicles and people appeared beside us. When I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate my attachment to fear, gradually I felt fearless and more energetic.

When I was putting up stickers on a big metal pole at an intersection, I suddenly saw a surveillance camera just a meter above my head. I was not afraid and immediately sent forth righteous thoughts that nothing would harm us. Days later, when I passed that place, I saw that some of the banners and stickers were still intact.