(Minghui.org) The Falun Dafa Association published a notice on June 25 on the Minghui website about someone from Taiwan posting photos of the Dragon Springs Temple online.

I didn't think it was related to me at first, since I was in China and don't know anyone from Taiwan. But when I read, “He also distorted the meaning of the Fa and misled the sentient beings,” I was surprised and realized that I knew who he was.

I began to practice Dafa in 2017. In 2018, I watched a video on the Internet about human history and aliens that seemed similar to things Master talked about in the Dafa books. I visited the website that published the video. After watching a few more of the videos, I stopped because I felt that the author’s understandings deviated seriously from the Fa.

The website basically presented a combination of ancient and modern prophecies and some information from Dafa books. Talking about the prophecies wasn’t a problem. But the person used Dafa and Master's name to promote another person or a religion. He also participated in different activities in Taiwan and gave lectures misrepresenting Dafa.

I realized that if people believed in him, they would think highly of the religion he promoted, instead of believing in Dafa. I reported this to Minghui via email but did not receive a reply. I believed that Minghui might not want to tell me specifically how to look at the matter and that I should enlighten on my own. I immediately stopped visiting his website.

There are all kinds of information on the internet. Those with deviant understandings and their followers often share common characteristics:

1. They do not attack Dafa and the Master on the surface, but instead appear to be highly respectful of Dafa.

2. Under Dafa's banner, they promote another person on the sly. They claim that this person has supernatural ability and is enlightened about the Fa.

They may also say that this person has reached consummation or is someone in the prophecy that came down with Master to the human world for the Fa-rectification. They make people feel that this person is second only to Master and that Master trusts him and commissions him to do things and so on.

3. They give lectures to disrupt the Fa. They study Dafa books in depth and publish articles or books about it. They give speeches and misinterpret some words in Dafa to mislead new practitioners and the public. They’ve formed small circles and attacked practitioners who’ve raised objections.

5. They disapprove of the Minghui website and the Falun Dafa Association, claiming that they are just following Master's words to “take the Fa as the Master.”

Master has told us time and again about the importance of the Minghui website and that he is paying close attention to the website and provides guidance to its overall direction.

After the Minghui website published the notice, however, someone posted on social media that we shouldn't push people to the opposite side for the sake of saving all beings, implying that the person mentioned in the notice may still be contacted. Many comments echoed that sentiment, such as “There are many people with the same name and I don’t know who he is,” “It’s strange and not necessary,” or “I would support anyone who does truth-clarification work,” etc.

I don't know if the people making these comments are acquainted with the person in the notice, but, in my opinion, they were using Master's words to cover up their attachments and yet still felt good about it. I really worry about them. They did not trust the Minghui website and the Falun Dafa Association. Does Master have to stand right in front of them and tell them how to cultivate?

In fact, the notice was crystal clear, with the name spelled out and declaring that he is not a practitioner. I enlightened that the reason the notice was so brief was not to advertise him. People acquainted with him would know who he was and should not contact him in the future. People who did not know him should not be curious about him.

Master told us not to read the website that disrupts the Fa. When you are curious and try to know more, you are already deviating from the Fa. I am glad that I did the right thing and stopped browsing that website when I did. But I still wasted two weeks of my time. Because of this loophole caused by my curiosity, I was led to that website.

Let's recall Master's teaching to encourage us to do better:

“Also, there is a segment of people who go along with certain evil websites. Such people have gone far astray from Dafa, abetting those evil sites by spreading misinformation and even hurting the reputations of Master’s family members. And some people—in spite of Master’s having told everyone at the Fa conferences convened by our Dafa disciples not to listen to, believe in, or look at those evil websites—haven’t taken my words to heart and behave as though they’re completely under the spell of those sites. Even to this day they’re still irrational about it. When a person takes a wrong turn he can always start over. But, what’s to be done if a person’s mistake ends up destroying some people on account of the misinformation you spread? What’s to be done if, because of you, the countless sentient beings who are behind any person and awaiting salvation can never be saved? Do you realize how serious the consequences of this are? When you ignore what Master has said, can you be considered a Dafa disciple who is “helping Master rectify the Fa”?

The expression “help Master rectify the Fa” isn’t just big, empty talk. Although I have only discussed a few problems, there are in fact a lot of other instances of failing to believe in the Fa. Hanging in the balance at this dangerous juncture is nothing less than, for Dafa disciples, the wait of tens of millions of years; for our students, your sole, true wish for coming to this world; and for Master, whether he will manage to widely save sentient beings—including all of you—in this Fa-rectification.” (‘What Does it Mean to “Help Master Rectify the Fa”?,’ The Essentials of Diligent Progress, Vol. III)