(Minghui.org) In August of 2018, a fellow practitioner and I went to a neighboring county to distribute information about Falun Dafa. Our neighboring county is relatively mountainous and hence sparsely populated. In order to help people living there to learn about Dafa, practitioners have made frequent trips over the years to this area. During this trip, we met with severe life-and-death interference.

After we finished distributing flyers, we headed home on my motorcycle. The practitioner sitting behind me remarked that there was a motorcycle following us. Several of our fellow practitioners had already been arrested and persecuted while distributing Dafa materials in this county, and my anxiety instantly spiked when I heard her words. As a result of my incorrect thoughts and the high speed at which we were traveling, we took a nasty spill and I blacked out instantly.

The practitioner who rode on my bike with me quickly picked herself up from the ground and lifted the motorcycle from my body. After seeing that I was unconscious, she started sending forth strong righteous thoughts, asking Master to save me. She politely declined aid from passing motorists, firmly believing that I would wake up on my own.

I returned to consciousness half an hour later, though my mind remained unfocused. My mind was a complete blank, and I couldn’t even recall the names of my family members or fellow practitioners, though I knew for certain that I was a Dafa practitioner.

As the fellow practitioner accompanying me did not know how to ride a motorcycle, we started to push the bike home. I was so exhausted that I was barely able to move and said, “I really want to lie down and rest for a bit.” However, she refused to stop and told me, “Let’s walk slowly. We must reach home before dawn. If you lie down now, you will fall asleep again.” We walked for over ten miles before another practitioner found us and drove us home in his car.

I reached home at 3:30 am. My worried husband had not slept a wink, and my bloodied, injured appearance shocked him. It took him some time to calm down.

The following morning, my daughter-in-law saw my injured appearance and burst into tears. My nose was obviously fractured, blood flowed from my ears, and half of my face had been so severely torn up it was unrecognizable. My feet and left knee were covered in wounds, and my right hand was badly bruised and swollen. She took a picture of me with her mobile phone and sent the photos to my son who was working in another city. My son also burst into tears when he saw my appearance. Convinced that I was on the brink of death, he and his elder sister rushed home and tried to persuade me to seek medical treatment. I firmly turned down their suggestions. I am a Dafa practitioner under the care of Master Li Hongzhi! What did I have to fear?

Initially, I encountered difficulties in taking care of myself. My cheeks, jaw, and throat hurt so badly that I had difficulties forcing my mouth open and swallowing food. Unable to breathe through my nose, I started breathing through my mouth instead. My injured legs could not be bent, resulting in difficulties whenever I went to the toilet. However, with the firm belief that I am a Dafa practitioner, I persisted in my efforts, and my condition gradually improved.

Word spread among practitioners in my area and they flocked to my home to study the Fa and practice the exercises. On the first day, blood kept flowing from my various wounds and I had difficulty breathing. The following day, my entire face swelled so badly that my eyes became mere slits and I could hardly open my mouth. On the third day, the swelling in my face had receded, I could open my eyes again, and all my facial injuries were on the road to recovery. Though I still could not sit straight, I constantly felt tired, and my mind sometimes refused to think clearly, I persisted in sitting upright while studying the Fa. Though my hand remained severely swollen, I continued to lift the book with both hands while reading. I tried to adhere to the requirements of a cultivator while rejecting all negative thoughts.

During my recovery, I reflected on the events which had occurred. The day before my accident, the coordinator had informed me of his intent to coordinate a mass truth-clarification distribution activity. I told him it would be a few more days before I could join the activity due to needing to complete chores in the field first. However, the coordinator persisted, and finally, I reluctantly agreed to go. I had placed my own interests before that of saving people. As I did not deny these negative thoughts, the result was the accident that occurred.

On the seventh day, my children rinsed the pus from my wounds with hydrogen peroxide. Although I knew in my heart that this was wrong, I did not voice any objections. The following morning, I woke up and found that I could not bend my knees. Shortly after, the wound on my knee began to hurt in earnest and my mind became unfocused. I ignored my discomfort and did my best to perform the exercises as I had originally intended.

Later my mistake with the wound treatment was pointed out by practitioners. I should not have allowed hydrogen peroxide to be used on my wounds. I deeply regretted my lapse in faith and admitted my error to Master. Within twenty days, I recovered sufficiently to resume doing household chores. Master's help and blessings allowed me to overcome this difficult tribulation.