(Minghui.org) I returned to practicing Dafa in 2011. Given Master’s great compassion, I have since been doing the three things quite smoothly.

I encountered great interference when I decided to practice Dafa again. The first was fear. I tried very hard to deny it. For a while, I felt discomfort in my heart, because I had heart problems when I was younger. When I practiced Dafa with my mother, who is also a Dafa practitioner, I returned to good health. I was now alone, at school, and more than a thousand miles from home. I encountered serious illness symptoms, and sometimes lost confidence in my ability to overcome the belief that I was sick.

Although I wasn’t really afraid, my mind wasn’t stable. I was in this state for quite some time. The more the illness symptoms appeared, the more my mind considered it a real illness. I was nevertheless determined to study and practice the Fa exercises daily.

When my environment didn’t allow me to practice, I became creative. I did the Dafa exercises in the attic of a building when no one was around, and practiced the sitting meditation during nap time after lunch.

Master said:

“Set your mind at ease. You still have at least one breath left, and you still have at least one righteous thought, right? Then just cultivate Dafa.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in New Zealand)

I suddenly realized that I should not be afraid. As long as I had one breath left, I would practice Dafa. From that moment, the attachment to fear was gone. Righteous thoughts come from the Fa. Through Fa cultivation, the fear disappeared naturally.

I practiced the exercises on and off during the past two years, and felt that my physical condition was not as good as before. My thighs felt itchy when I walked. I tried several ordinary people approaches but the results were not good, and the symptom became even worse. Though I knew the cause was my lack of Dafa cultivation, I could not eliminate it because I was seeking comfort.

Other symptoms also arose. I had bumps on my body and legs, which got bigger and itched like mosquito bites. My family asked me to see the doctor, but I was firm “I will not go to the hospital even if I die.”

I later realized that I could not die because I was a Dafa disciple during the Fa-rectification period. This should not be a problem. Cultivators need to endure hardships including illness symptoms. I had only one recourse and that was to cultivate, look inward, and improve myself.

I began to study the Fa diligently. I memorized and recited the Fa, and looked inward. When I found an attachment, I would let it go and try to behave like a true cultivator. Mother reminded me to spend less time on the cellphone. I did not listen to her initially, but realized it was an attachment which Master was pointing out to me through my mother. My health condition improved after I got rid of this attachment.

I now realize that a true cultivator should focus on cultivation, look inward, and improve xinxing, rather than focusing on the changes in his physical condition. After xinxing improvement, the illness symptoms became very small. I felt that I became stronger and could overcome it.

I tried to put down the concepts of ordinary people. It is Master’s great compassion and protection that helps us overcome those hardships when we have righteous thinking. I am grateful for Master’s protection.