(Minghui.org) I previously used an older mobile phone, but my daughter gave me a smartphone in 2015. She helped me install the WeChat messenger app and got me connected with my friends and family. In the past I didn’t understand the functions of the mobile phone, so I wasn’t interested in using it that much.

Addicted to WeChat

After communicating with my relatives and friends on WeChat a few times, I could no longer put the phone down. I browsed photos and videos of my grandson when I had time, and I could never get enough. One or two hours often passed by without my realizing it.

While studying the Fa, I wanted to pick up my smartphone every time I heard a notification sound from it. When I thought about this later, I asked myself, “What is the use of these things?” I realized that there was no advantage at all, and were just a waste of time. After that I decided to no longer closely watch things on my phone, but I still couldn’t put it down.

I read Master’s “2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.” after it was published on the Minghui website and realized that Master’s Fa-rectification process had reached a new stage, testing whether each Dafa disciple could take a step forward and keep up with Master’s Fa-rectification process.

I told myself clearly that I must listen to Master’s words. In the tide of the human world, I should go upstream and become a true Dafa practitioner. I then quit my online friends circle on the phone.

Removing the WeChat and QQ Software

After a few days I saw that the Minghui website had published Master's lecture, “What All Dafa Disciples Must Know.” I felt after reading it that I had only taken a few small steps, since it said we must completely remove WeChat and QQ software to get rid of the evil interference from other dimensions.

I immediately removed all photos from WeChat and my phone. At that moment I felt very relaxed and incomparably wonderful. When I study the Fa or do Dafa exercises now, I now calm down more readily. Looking at my cleaned phone, I feel that my life has been fundamentally purified.

Severing Certain Food Attachments

A fellow practitioner came to my house last July to repair some machines, so I ordered some take-out dishes, one of which was called “clam scrambled eggs.” That night at around 10:00 p.m., I felt unwell. My head hurt, my body felt cold, and my chest was uncomfortable. I began sending righteous thoughts and looking inward.

I couldn’t find the reason for my discomfort. After sending righteous thoughts the symptoms hadn't improved, so I lay down and fell asleep. I had a very clear dream in which I was still looking for my shortcomings. At this time I heard a voice say, “clam scrambled eggs.”

I was shocked and suddenly understood that I had caused those clams to die by ordering the dish. I thought that the small restaurant I ordered the food from didn't have any live seafood, and used frozen instead. I woke up and realized that I had done something that didn't conform to the Fa. I was sweating, but the discomfort had completely disappeared.

As a veteran disciple who had been practicing for more than ten years, I felt very embarrassed that I had such a poor understanding of the Fa. I didn’t think that I would be involved in an issue as serious as killing. I had done things that a cultivator should not do. I felt very sorry for my lack of consideration and grateful for Master’s compassionate hint.

Through this lesson I deeply understand the seriousness of cultivation. The requirements have become more and more stringent. We should diligently do well the three things Master requires and not give Master a reason to worry.

I respectfully bow to Master.