(Minghui.org) After I lost my job in 2000, for not renouncing my faith in Falun Dafa, a friend of mine who was the director of an agricultural research institute, asked if I wanted to take charge of the roughly 0.16 acre of bare land and nearly 10 acres of fruit trees that no one in their institute wanted.

He told me that whatever the land produced would belong to me, and I only needed to pay him 2,000 yuan each year. But I didn't have to pay him if nothing was produced.

I had never worked on a farm, let alone taken care of fruit trees, but with no other choice, I accepted the challenge.

I went to the field the next day. It was covered with dried mud from the nearby road construction. The ground was very hard, and I found it almost impossible to loosen the soil.

It was already mid-June. The nearby farms were all doing very well, and some already had produced baby vegetables.

The fruit trees were in even worse shape. Most of the trees looked half dead. The leaves were covered with dirt, the roots were exposed, and both the roots and bark were gnawed by rats.

Believing That Master Would Take Care of Everything

I soon began working in the field. I dug out the dried mud and sowed some cantaloupe seeds. I also planted some vegetables near the fruit trees, including cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, and green beans.

I went to the field early in the morning every day with my speaker. I first did the Falun Dafa exercises, and while listening to Master Li Hongzhi's lectures, I worked all day long in the field.

My husband did not believe that this bare land could produce anything. He objected to my going to the field every day. I didn't listen to him and continued my farm work.

One month later, other farmers’ fruits were ripe and ready to sell, and mine had just started. The plum trees began to set fruits but were very tiny. I reminded myself not to be affected – just keep doing what I should do, and Master would take care of the rest.

Experiencing the Power of Dafa

When others’ fruits were sold, my plums began to ripen within a short time. They were big, black, shining, and sweet. I gave passersby access to my fruit farm and let them pick the fruit themselves and pay me by the pound.

The cantaloupe farm produced very sweet and juicy cantaloupes.

I gave a box filled with cantaloupes to the director who gave the land to me. He was amazed, and said that he had not tasted such good cantaloupe for years.

He recommended it to the administrators in the Central Fruit Resources Center. I sold them 25 boxes of cantaloupes, each box weighing about 66 pounds. I charged them 50 yuan per box, three times the price of regular cantaloupe in the market.

That director was very excited and said, “Bare land that nobody wanted has such an amazing return under your care!”

That season I made over 10,000 yuan. I also harvested various kinds of vegetables. My life was back on track.