(Minghui.org) I was touched greatly by an article on the Minghui website about a practitioner who could not bear to read articles about the persecution and torture. She later realized that if we, as Falun Dafa practitioners, feel moved and uncomfortable, how can ordinary people bear to read them?

I also felt this way and always avoided such articles, because I could not bear to read them. Sometimes, I became fearful when I read about the evil deeds of the police. I later realized that Master Li had me see the woman's article to guide me so that I would no longer avoid the articles that described the brutalities. I now read every article that reports on practitioners being persecuted.

Seeing that many police officers across the country lawlessly persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, I was very anxious. What could I do for my fellow practitioners? When you make a phone call in China, the caller's number must be authenticated, so it is not easy to call the perpetrators when their numbers are published in Minghui articles. I didn't think it was right to just rely on overseas practitioners to stop the evil. We live in China and we have to stand up and be proactive.

After seeing an elderly man sentenced to jail for eight years and his daughter being taken away by the police again, I became very angry because I couldn’t stand up to the evil with my righteous thoughts hand gesture. Just then, Master gave me a hint: We are practitioners, and Master gives us abilities. Our righteous thoughts are magical powers that eliminate evil, so why don't we use them?

I suggest that practitioners in China send righteous thoughts towards the perpetrators whose names are published.

Master said:

“Of course, just keep sending righteous thoughts like you did before. Now that I've talked about it, you know about it, and having a clear objective when you send righteous thoughts will do. There's no need to think about things that are too specific. Have this objective in mind: Completely end the old forces' involvement.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference, Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. III)

Our gong has power and will automatically find evil and eliminate it. When I was sending thoughts toward an evil warden, I asked my gong to hit him in the area he was hitting others, clean up the evil spirits behind him, let him experience immediate retribution, and strengthen the righteous thoughts of fellow practitioners being persecuted so that they would be released as soon as possible.

After a while I could not hold back my tears. I can’t see other dimensions, but I think maybe my divine side couldn’t bear to see fellow practitioners being persecuted or perhaps it was because I felt sorry for the wicked person who created such huge karma out of ignorance.

Every day, the Minghui website reports specific locations and names of persecutors. We can send righteous thoughts toward them, remove the evil factors behind them, and let these people incur retribution. They are not allowed to interfere with the Fa-rectification and persecute practitioners. This affects the salvation of all beings.

The righteous thoughts of practitioners in China should concentrate on the evil perpetrators that are exposed every day. That field will be very powerful. Along with the phone calls that clarify the truth made by practitioners outside of China, this will make Minghui articles more powerful and timely.