(Minghui.org) As Fa-rectification cultivation progresses, some practitioners seem to slack off and seek comfort. During this precious time, when every minute and second is so valuable, some practitioners start to relax, some exhibit “sickness karma,” while some give up cultivation, which is very distressing. Then, in the face of the present-day environment and interference from the old forces, how can we maintain a state of “cultivating with the heart we once had?” I would like to share my understanding.

I work in the media. Because Teacher asks all those who work in the media to study the Fa daily face-to-face, I join the morning Fa-study session every day. The fixed schedule helps me maintain a steady cultivation state, and I feel that I am getting closer to cultivating with the heart I once had.

Understanding: “Not Catching Up” in Fa Study

No matter where practitioners are, everyone who truly cultivates is very busy. Many practitioners know it's important to study the Fa, but they are often interfered with and find it hard to maintain a stable Fa-study environment.

Master said,

“That is why Fa-study is still the most, most important thing—it is the fundamental guarantee for all that you are to do. If you cannot keep up in Fa-study, then there is no hope.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

I noted that Master said “keep up in Fa-study.” If we can’t keep up, then we lose all that we have waited for these thousands of years. What is not keeping up? It isn’t sufficient when we claim that we have studied the Fa. Rather, we need to “keep it up.” My understanding of “keeping up” is guaranteeing that quantity and quality are maintained. We can’t just study the Fa one day and then skip it the next day, claiming that we are busy. Also, we can’t be late or leave early, nor can we just study a small section and then take off.

I often see practitioners coming late to Fa study. At first, I found it inconceivable. How can someone be late? When we miss the part that has already been read, what do we do? Every single sentence of the Fa is so important and can’t be missed. I feel that when we miss part of a lecture, it’s one way of failing to “keep up in Fa-study.” Therefore, some practitioners need to ask themselves: how many times have they studied the Fa without missing a single word or sentence in Zhuan Falun?

Thus, I feel that daily Fa study is extremely important. It helps us reach the basic quantity and quality.

Persistence in studying the Fa this way doesn’t require many practitioners. Two to four people reading together is already very good. When we read one lecture each day at a fixed time, we won’t slack off in cultivation.

Understanding: The Quantity of “Keeping Up”

We all have different cultivation states and cultivation paths. How much Fa study should we do to be considered “keeping up?” Personally, I think we need to study two lectures in Zhuan Falun each day: one in the morning after we finish the exercises and another one at night. I have done this consistently for many years and benefited from it tremendously.

Many practitioners claim that they are busy and there isn’t enough time to study two lectures. They say that it’s a luxury to be able to find time, with which I disagree. The key lies in our hearts. The old forces’ interference also plays a major role. When we really want to study the Fa, they won’t let you have the time to do so. When we are not persistent, the old forces will not let us study two lectures.

I am very determined to study two lectures. Things in ordinary society can hardly move me. Therefore, I am efficient. I manage to complete things quickly when it takes others a whole day. When I don’t maintain a strong will, I can easily waver, get stuck, and feel cornered.

In this state, I spend a long time on an easy task and still can’t finish it because I keep taking detours. For example, when I am decisive, I will finish writing an article quickly. But when I am in a state of confusion, I cannot write it at all. There is an old saying in Chinese that “grinding an ax will not hold up the work of cutting firewood.” Although it is not very accurate, it describes what I think.

I see that those practitioners around me who cultivate solidly aren’t the busy bunch. However, there are those who are occupied with many things from dawn to dusk, but they do not perform well at all. Yet, they say that they are too busy and don’t have time to study the Fa. I feel that this is inverted, or at least a state of being stuck in a loop.

Fa study is the fundamental guarantee for us to do everything well. Many practitioners know that this is a fact, but it’s difficult to accomplish. Therefore, I would suggest setting aside a fixed time for Fa study. If we spend more time studying the Fa, we won’t slack off and will be able to maintain the state of cultivating with the heart we once had.

This is only my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.