Supporting the Family of a Jailed Practitioner

Chen and Li are a married couple from a rural area. For practicing Falun Gong, they were illegally sentenced to a long prison term right around harvest season, and their corn fields were left with no one to harvest them. I talked to every practitioner I knew and asked for their help.

On harvest day, about thirty practitioners showed up, some from the city, others from neighboring villages. Some were more experienced with farming than others, but they all put their hearts into the job. One elderly practitioner ordered cake and fruit and had them delivered as she could not come herself. I had tears in my eyes when I heard about this. Others brought all kinds of food as well.

The jailed practitioners’ family was very touched, and the villagers were all impressed. When more practitioners arrived and asked for directions, they were told, “Just keep going until you see a lot of people.”

At noon, more than 30 of us sat down to send righteous thoughts. It was very impressive. We sat there as if nothing could move us. Looking back, I am still moved by Master’s arrangements and the selfless cooperation of fellow practitioners. It appeared that we were helping others, but in fact, it was an opportunity for us to cooperate with each other. We validated Dafa with our actions.

Cooperating to Rescue Fellow Practitioners

When we heard that practitioner Wang in a neighboring town had been arrested and tortured and was to receive a lengthy sentence, we decided to hire a lawyer for him and also go to clarify the truth to the authorities to rescue him. I took time off work and went as well.

On my way there, I was debating whether I should just send righteous thoughts nearby or talk to the police face to face. I had fears as I heard that the evil was rampant there, but I realized that I was a practitioner and that I would trust Master.

As soon as I got off the bus, I met Wang’s wife, who understood Dafa and the persecution. More and more practitioners came. One of them pointed at me and two other practitioners and said that we would all go to talk to the police to demand the practitioner’s release while the others sent righteous thoughts outside.

I knew this was Master’s arrangement to get rid of my fear. Practitioner Wang had endured so much mistreatment, and the police were harming both others and themselves without knowing it. As a practitioner, I had to walk my path righteously.

We went in and requested to see the officer who was responsible for Wang’s case. He came out reluctantly but was very vicious and wanted to kick us out. He even took our photos to threaten us. We were not affected and continued to clarify the truth to him.

When we came out, a large number of officers appeared and cordoned off the area. They were everywhere on the street and near the bus stops. We realized that we had not kept up with righteous thoughts, so we immediately strengthened them to disintegrate the evil in other dimensions. Shortly afterward, they disappeared.

Then we decided to pool some money to hire a lawyer for him since he could not afford one, but we were 10,000 yuan short. I thought about the 10,000 yuan of savings we had, but that was all we had and we had just spent a lot of money to rent a place in the city. At first, my wife was reluctant and suggested we just donate 5,000 yuan. I didn’t say anything and knew that she would eventually come to the right decision.

As I expected, the next day she said, “Take all the money. Fellow practitioners’ business is our business. They have endured so much, and yet I cannot let go of this little bit of money. Am I a Dafa practitioner?”

I enlightened that selfless actions without pursuit are the most righteous. One will not lose anything as a result. We later accumulated more savings and bought an apartment and a vehicle. Our life was improving.

Supporting a Young Practitioner

At the end of last year, a young practitioner whose parents had been illegally jailed was not doing well. He was living with his grandmother during the winter holidays, but the practitioner decided to go back to school and refused to stay with his grandmother for New Year’s Eve, which was a month away. The grandmother was worried and called me for help, as the young man had listened to me in the past.

When I got there, I found that he was all packed up and determined to leave. I invited him to come with me, and he did. As soon as he got to my place, he laid down on the couch lifelessly. My wife and I chatted with him, encouraged him, and showed our warmth. When it was time for evening group Fa-study, he initially did not want to join, but after a short while, he was able to sit properly and became more energetic. After reading a lecture of the Fa, he changed completely. He was smiling and willing to talk.

He then stayed and studied the Fa with us. We treated him like our own child, and he felt at home. He helped with some housework after dinner and was really well-behaved. We had many fellow practitioners visiting. Some offered him food or money, which he declined unless we gave him permission to take them.

One day he said to my wife, “I will pay you back when I have a job.” We helped him move back before New Year’s Eve, as his mother’s side of the family really missed him. When I met the child’s aunt and uncle, they were very grateful to me. I believed that helping the young practitioner was also a way to validate Dafa.

Supporting Other Practitioners

A short while ago, a practitioner asked me to help them out. They had a surplus of shiny truth-clarification stickers, as the practitioner was moving and no other local practitioner could use them. They asked me if I could take them somewhere else to be used; otherwise, it would be a waste, and leaving them around would be a security risk. So I went out of town to ask practitioner Dong who had put up stickers before, but he said he didn’t do that anymore. After I explained the situation, he agreed to cooperate but needed a special tool.

So I went back to get the tool. When all was ready, the local practitioner wanted it back when the job was done. I was not pleased as I had promised that I’d give the tool to practitioner Dong. I spent a lot of time going back and forth to coordinate this. As I grew resentful and complained to my wife about it, I realized that I was not approaching the conflict correctly. I must eliminate the resentment and just cooperate unconditionally.

So I used my home and my car as a storage space for the project. Around this time, two practitioners were illegally arrested; one of them was a relatively new practitioner. She gave the authorities the names of other practitioners, and she had been to my home. I worried that she might tell the police about us, but I got rid of the notion right away. “I am doing the right thing, and nothing can move me,” I told myself.

The final step of production was completed in my home. The shiny stickers were eye-catching and beautiful, and they became very popular among fellow practitioners. I was very happy that they could play a role in saving people.

Thanks to Master’s arrangements, what appeared to be unpleasant and troublesome turned out to be the best. I hope that everyone cherishes the opportunity to cultivate that Master has bestowed upon us. Nothing can be achieved without Master’s bountiful compassion. Thank you, Master!