(Minghui.org) Over the years of my cultivation, I have kept in mind this excerpt from Master's teachings:

“In cultivation, upward progress is in fact something gained bit by bit and is unbeknownst to you. Keep in mind: What you gain should come naturally, free of pursuit.” Studying the Fa (Zhuan Falun Volume II)

These words guided me through every step of my cultivation. I studied the Fa and measured myself according to the Fa teachings. I have been eliminating various attachments and desires, naturally and without pursuit. Gradually, I noticed that I have changed – from a selfish, competitive individual who chased power, fame and wealth to someone who has a sense of responsibility, who is considerate of others, and who abides by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

I feel that obtaining Falun Dafa is something most fortunate! Falun Dafa can rectify one's heart, elevate one's morals, guide people toward kindness, as well as improve one's health.

Master helped eliminate sickness karma

An elderly practitioner developed serious sickness karma after she was harassed and persecuted long-term. She had bowel obstructions, and she was constantly in and out of hospitals. Yet her condition continued declining. She could only have a few sips of water every day – no food. Her family took her to a well-equipped hospital in a larger city to be looked at; after the examination, they released her for hospice care.

After I heard the news, my heart sunk, and I remembered what Master told us:

“You may have waited hundreds of years, or more, for a human body, only to not cherish it now, when you finally have one. If you reincarnate as a rock, it might be eons before you are freed—if ever. You would never be freed if it didn’t break, crumble, or erode away. Human bodies are not easily come by! A person who truly learns Dafa, the “Great Way,” is incomparably fortunate. This should give you a sense for how hard it is to get a human body.” Zhuan Falun

Master cherishes each and every disciple, so I felt that I had to do something to help her. I decided to let her stay with me. I went to her home and encouraged her to have righteous thoughts, and believe in Master and Dafa. She agreed to come with me; her family members also agreed.

The day she arrived happened to be our group study day when we watched Master's lecture. After a lecture, she felt relaxed and comfortable. Over the next few days, we finished watching the nine-day lecture. We also studied the Fa daily, sent forth righteous thoughts, and searched within for thoughts that were not befitting the Fa, eliminating the old forces and their arrangements.

I did not treat her as a patient, but I took care of her daily needs. Her righteous thoughts improved, her spirit was lifted, and her sense of hope returned. Through her changes, I realized why Master required us to maintain a group study environment. It is so very important, and we should no longer overlook it.

One night, after we sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I saw a pair of hands roll this practitioner's clothes up, revealing a 6-inch long black column the thickness of a finger on the left side of her back. I saw the hand wave over her back, and the black column disappeared!

I immediately realized that Master had eliminated her sickness karma! She went straight to Master's picture and knelt down for a long time.

From that day on, she got better day by day. She could exercise now, and sometimes she would even exercise twice daily. She also began to eat regular food. But her complexion improved the most. Over a mere ten days, she changed enormously.

When her son saw her change, he could not believe it and thanked me profusely. I told him it was not me, but our Master who saved his mother. “Falun Dafa is great!”

My husband also felt relieved: “I was so worried for you, she was very sick, what if...I am so relieved that she is better. I don't have to worry anymore.”

My husband witnessed the wonder of Falun Dafa once again.

If I did not practice Falun Dafa, how could I have brought a person who was on their deathbed to my home to take care of? Master is great, and Falun Dafa is great.

During this process, I have become a more selfless, considerate person. We were protected and supported by Master in those ten days – every step forward, every notion changed, and every attachment eliminated was linked to Master's guidance. We are deeply grateful for Master's saving grace.

A fellow practitioner as a mirror

A fellow practitioner in our group had sickness karma and could not attend Fa study. I went to see her that day, and visited her nightly for several days thereafter. She and I studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts together, while other practitioners also visited her during the day. Her condition fluctuated, but it seemed to always get worse at night.

Her situation continued on; as a group, we did not know what to do. Another practitioner reminded me that we all needed to look within. Her words made me think a great deal. Most of the time, we all knew how important it was to look within, but whenever we run into a problem, particularly when fellow practitioners have to battle sickness karma, we never think that there's any correlation with us. I believed it was Master who reminded me of this through her words.

Nothing on the path of cultivation is by chance. I began to seriously search within, and I did find something! Even though I did not blame the fellow practitioner who was going through the sickness karma on the surface, deep down I resented her for not being strict with herself and being too attached to her children. When I used the same mentality to look at myself, those were exactly the same problems I had. It's like she was my mirror!

I dug deeper, from a different angle, a different level, and a different cultivation period, and I found more – a deep-seated attachment, a strong attachment to myself. Whenever others had different understandings that I thought were inappropriate, I would automatically disregard them, thinking that they were not on the basis of the Fa. The way I viewed others did not change much through my cultivation.

That is such a selfish mentality! I was validating myself, elevating myself this whole time, a serious mistake. It's a mentality which embodies many of the degenerate substances of the old cosmos and could easily ruin me, and I have to get rid of it.

Master said:

“spiritual progress isn’t possible without working on the mind.” Zhuan Falun

I found my fundamental attachment. Others in the group also began looking within and rectifying themselves with the Fa. In the end, we were able to elevate as a group. As we changed for the better, the fellow practitioner who was going through sickness karma began to recover day by day. She began attending group study daily and was soon able to carry out her duties as a cultivator once more.

It was Master and the Fa that corrected us on the path of cultivation. During the process of negating the old forces' arrangements, supporting the fellow practitioner, and looking with, I was able to further purify my mind and heart.

In order for us to improve and elevate, Master has expended so much effort to awaken us from the maze we're lost in, and always showing us different angles of a situation to enlighten and inspire us. Thank you, Master, for your saving grace!

I know that I have not met the standard on many levels, but I will not give up; I will seize the day to solidly cultivate myself, be more strict with myself in cultivation, firmly believe in Master and Fa, and cherish this time that Master has extended for us to save sentient beings.

Please kindly point out any short comings.Thank you, Master!Thank you, fellow practitioners!