(Minghui.org) It has been years since I came to the U.S. to study and was offered a job after I graduated from college. I studied hard, took my career very seriously, and took care of my family. Constantly being overworked took a heavy toll on my health. I tried everything to try to alleviate my illness symptoms, but nothing really worked.

Then, I discovered Falun Dafa, and as soon as I finished reading Zhuan Falun, I experienced the power of this cultivation practice. Without taking any medication or undergoing surgery, I recovered from my illnesses.

Ineffective Medical Treatments

I used to have frozen shoulders, worn out knee joints, arthritis, chest pain, neck and spinal problems, abnormal uterine bleeding, and extremely dry skin. The pain was excruciating when the symptoms came up, and I couldn’t tolerate the slightest touch. I consulted many doctors, but none of them could find what caused the symptoms.

My stomach began to hurt and it worsened after I received treatments. The medication for my osteoporosis aggravated the stomach pain. The doctor then prescribed antibiotics. It was one pill after another and I eventually gave up. I was diagnosed with glaucoma and extremely dry eyes in 2012. A few times I suffered sudden sharp pain in the eyes when I drove. It felt as if there were millions of grains of sand grinding in my eyes. Eye drops that temporarily relieved the pain cost over $200 a bottle. I could not afford the drops in the long run.

The pain in my eyes worsened and became constant. As if that wasn’t enough, my left shoulder started to hurt. The pain was unbearable and I couldn’t sleep in a normal position. For months I could only doze off in a chair and woke up every hour because of the pain. Having to work and not getting any rest, every day was a struggle.

After surgery the relief was short lived, as the symptoms just kept coming back. I tried various folk prescriptions and non-traditional healing methods, exercised, and learned qigong, yet nothing provided long term relief.

Falun Dafa Brings Relief

One day I took out a copy of Zhuan Falun, which was gifted to me years ago by a friend. I began to read a few pages each day. I agreed with many of the principles Master talked about, and believed that people should be good and kind. As for the phenomena in other dimensions or higher levels, I had no problem accepting them though I had never seen or felt any.

The day I finished reading Zhuan Falun, I felt that my eyes were filled with liquid, a layer of cooling and moisturizing liquid. The comfortable feeling was beyond description; I had not felt that way for a long time. The grinding feeling in my eyes was gone! I was very excited.

I then realized that zealotry was an attachment that I needed to eliminate and tried to contain the feeling.

Then, I went to a doctor and he told me that my chronic dry eye no longer was a problem. I will always remember that day --- April 2, 2013.

Master Cleanses My Body

After a while I quit yoga, knowing that it was also a kind of cultivation practice, as I should commit to only one discipline. For a while I was constantly thinking about my Third Eye because the qigong I practiced before required me to do so. I soon gave up the thought,

At the beginning of doing the meditation exercise, I couldn’t sit straight for two minutes. I was always bending over, grinding my teeth, constantly changing positions, and felt excruciating pain. After an hour, I was soaked in sweat.

One night when I was doing the sitting meditation, my stomach began to turn. I rushed to the restroom and vomited. Strangely the food in the vomit was dry, and whatever I had eaten four hours ago was not digested. I kept vomiting for a while, and then had diarrhea, which lasted for two hours.

I knew that Master was cleansing my body, and I wasn’t nervous. From that time on I no longer had stomach pain.

One day I attempted to do some push-ups, wanting to exercise my shoulders, and it triggered symptoms of frozen shoulder on my right side. Later I did the exercises and as I was holding Falun between my arms, I felt an itchy feeling deep inside my right shoulder. I finished the exercise, resisting the temptation to scratch. From then on the symptoms of frozen shoulder disappeared.

Whenever my child came down with a cold, I got sick too. Now, I could take care of my sick and feverish child without getting sick.

Gradually I could feel Falun spinning in my lower abdomen. At times I felt that every cell inside of me was shaking. I had the feeling that I was truly pure, my every cell was clean, and I felt that I was indeed illness-free.

I read all of the Dafa books, and realized that I had to send righteous thoughts and clarify the truth about this cultivation practice to people I knew.

When I went back to China, I clarified the truth to my relatives and acquaintances and helped them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I also made videos, put them on flash drives, and gave them to people when I clarified the truth.

Ten-Year-Old Daughter Cultivates

When my daughter was 10 years old, she was able to see spinning circles (Falun) that resembled snowflakes or fans.

She liked listening to cultivation stories, so I often told her such stories which taught the Dafa principles – Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. She liked to listen and sing songs that practitioners composed.

When she suffered from a painful headache, she found that it disappeared after she felt something turning in her palm. I suggested that she read the Chinese language version of Zhuan Falun. She needed my help since she couldn’t read Chinese characters. It took her a long time to get through the book once. Slowly she could read more and more Chinese and now can read Zhuan Falun on her own.

Reading the Fa with my daughter was a process for us to improve our xinxing together. I had to eliminate impatience, fear of experiencing difficulties, and attachments to comfort and authority.

We experienced friction between us and interference. Sometimes she was enlightened to things, but I wasn't. I knew that I could no longer look at her from an elder's perspective in this context, for she might have come from a higher place than I did.

She liked to watch Shen Yun’s performances and would cry when seeing the opening scene of Gods descending to the secular world to save sentient beings. She also often reminded me to send righteous thoughts.

Blessed by Falun Dafa

I had quit my job because of my health and age. After I recovered from the illnesses, my former supervisor called me and offered a much higher salary if I would return to work. This was Dafa’s grace and Master’s arrangement.

The working environment provided me with chances to cultivate and improve my xinxing. Conflicts between me and my coworkers allowed me to let go of my attachments to fame and personal gain.

I used to practice on my own since I don't live near Chinese people, and my work environment was quite isolated. I got in touch with a nearby practitioner in 2018 and began to participate in projects that clarify the truth. I also went to the Fahui in Washington DC and saw Master in person for the first time.

Recalling my cultivation process, I know that Master has never stopped guiding and helping me from day one of my cultivation.