(Minghui.org) I joined the French language Minghui team in 2000. At that time, I did not quite know what was expected of me. A coordinator asked if I could spend a few hours on a website every day. I said yes and promised to be available two hours a day.

It turned out that I spent much more time on this project than I anticipated. After finishing my regular job, I would spend six or seven hours in front of the computer translating. I tried not to look at the clock when I went to bed. Otherwise, I might have worried about the lack of sleep. Overall, I think I did well and always tried my best.

Looking back, I now realize that I expected to work as an editor, which did not materialize. I was not good at English, and my major responsibility was to polish articles translated into French from English. I used to spend hours searching in dictionaries and translating the content word by word. It was very time-consuming to find the best match for an idea. But, I also needed to be sure to keep those parts that had been translated well.

Whenever I read those persecution articles, tears covered my face.

My Relationships Suffer

My husband initially helped me with the translations, but he stopped after some time. Not only that, but he also stopped practicing Dafa. He could not understand practitioners in mainland China and why they chose to suffer so much for their belief. He could not figure out why they did that, nor did he understand me.

I did not know exactly why I kept working on Minghui, but I somehow understood that it had to do with the miraculous stories I read. For example, one time when a female practitioner was doing the sitting meditation, over 10 police officers tried to move her but couldn't. In another situation, when a practitioner was meditating in a room, those who persecuted her could not see her. These testimonies were so direct, vivid, and touching that I saw hope.

When I told people I knew about the brutalities the practitioners in China suffered, many refused to listen, making me feel lonely. But I did not realize that then. My heart was one with those practitioners who were being persecuted in China. I just could not figure out why my husband and children could not understand me.

There is no time requirement when working on the Minghui project, but I kept to a routine. When I completed my daily duties, I moved my chair from my office to my computer. Then, I had no time to eat or to spend time with my family. There was no time for me to show them I loved them, either.

When they came to me and saw me crying, one of them would say, “This is meaningless—I think you should stop.” They did not understand me, and I did not know why they didn't. But I knew that this was something I had to do. Practitioners in China were losing their lives for their faith—the same faith I had and that I cherish. Falun Dafa showed me that there is a purpose in life and that there is something I can contribute. How could I stop doing this? Back then, there were no other practitioners I could communicate with in French.

My family did not see that I had changed for the better, only that it appeared I did not care about them. I did not look within, either. I just thought that this was something I had to do.

Changing by Looking Within

As time went on, I learned to take one step back. This way, I learned to balance my Dafa project with family life instead of going to extremes.

Whenever we travel, I take the laptop with me. I try to translate early in the morning to ensure that I have time for my family later in the day. I also worked on changing my behavior, including caring for the other people in my life. They too are important and need to be saved. Some of them might have been exposed to the slanderous propaganda about Falun Dafa put out by the Chinese Communist Party. If they can see that I'm a caring person and see my righteousness instead of going to extremes, they will understand better that Dafa is wonderful and have a better attitude towards it.

I know that this is part of my cultivation in Dafa. I also feel Master wants me to stay with this project. No matter how difficult it may be, I have to face it rationally and with a clear mind. That is, I need to look within at every thought, word, and deed.

Working on Minghui does not make me feel lonely anymore. I have become more familiar with the project, and I know this is an opportunity to establish mighty virtue as well as to save people. Other practitioners have the same mission as I do. We are on a large ship sailing forward safely. Each of us faces different challenges on our cultivation path, but we are calm and determined as we head toward our own divine destinations.

It is a sacred opportunity to work on a Minghui project. I hope other practitioners can, like me, come to understand just how important it is. Let us cherish each other and embrace our team. Without effort from each and every one of us, there is no team. Without such dedication, we cannot achieve what Master expects for the website.

I am so happy to be here. I think many of us have overcome many difficulties to be at this meeting. To me, this meeting is historic and unprecedented. I am excited to meet other practitioners and, most of all, I am so grateful for Master's blessings.

(Presented at the Minghui’s 20th Anniversary Fa Conference-selected and edited)