(Minghui.org) My name is Wang Jiuchun. I am 72 years old, and I am a Falun Gong practitioner who lives in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Ms. Wang Jiuchun

Keeping My Main Consciousness Clear During An Accident

On the morning of November 7, 2015, I was out distributing brochures about Shen Yun, an internationally renowned performing arts group.

When I was walking in a crosswalk, an area marked for children and blind people, a car parked next to the crosswalk suddenly started to accelerate towards me.

The car hit me and I fell down. My head hit the ground. The car did not stop and ran over my right leg. I heard the sound of my leg and ankle bones being crushed under a wheel before the car stopped.

My right leg was still under the wheel, and I could see people in the car from the ground. The driver was a Caucasian lady. A young Chinese-looking man was in the passenger seat. Later I learned that he came from China.

After the accident, they were so shocked that they sat there not knowing what to do. I shouted, “Hurry up! Get out of the car and pull me out!”

My first thought was that my main consciousness had to stay clear, and I remained clear throughout.

Drivers from other cars managed to pull me out. They were telling the driver what a terrible thing she did to hit someone on the crosswalk. I did not complain in the slightest. It did not even occur to me that the driver or her passenger should express their sorrow.

Two police cars and an ambulance arrived after receiving emergency calls from the drivers who helped me out. The rescue crew quickly carried me into the ambulance and took me to the emergency unit. They took a lot of X-ray images, and the physicians identified five crush fractures.

The right side of my right ankle and the fibula bone connecting my right knee were completely crushed. Sharp broken bones protruded under my pants. The left side of my right ankle and my heel were completely crushed as well. My right shin was swollen, and the physicians had to cut my pants into small pieces. I could not move my legs at all.

The left side is an X-ray image of Ms. Wang's right ankle bones on November 7, 2015; the right side is an X-ray image on December 4, 2015, which indicated that the fractured bones were healing

When the police officer asked me whether I would file a lawsuit against the driver, I answered, “No, I won't.” The officer then asked whether I would seek financial compensation. I still answered, “No, I won't.” The officer was puzzled as the compensation would be a lot of money.

After taking a second look at me, he turned and asked my daughter whether we would ask for compensation. My daughter said, “I won't as my mom said she won't.”

Leaving Hospital for Home

I was taken to my local hospital in Waikato. Stephen McChesney was the lead orthopedic surgeon in my case.

After examining the X-ray images, he assembled an expert team of four physicians. They formulated a plan for surgery: large broken bones were to be fixed with stainless steel nails, and numerous splintered bone pieces were to be taken out and thrown away.

Four stainless steel parts were needed. The longest was an eight-inch plank, which would help fix the broken fibula bone. There were other pieces for the heel, ankle, and knee.

When the lead surgeon told me about their plan, I told him that I wanted to go home. I had not mentioned that I was a Falun Gong practitioner, just in case he could not understand. Upon hearing what I said, he exclaimed, “It turns out that this lady has mental problems.”

One physician in the expert team asked me, “Do you know how serious your fractures are? Now is the best time for treatment. But the window is very narrow and time is most pressing.”

I kept throwing up, and my entire body was swollen and aching. I was not able to sit up, and I was concerned that my right leg would have so many pieces of steel in it that it would be hard to sit in the double-lotus position.

Hospitals treat human beings as machine parts. From a higher level, this is a primitive approach to treat everyday people. However, I am a life created by Dafa. I was comfortable that there was no need for those stainless steel parts.

I thought, “Master could create the cosmos from the most microscopic level. To restore my broken leg at the molecular level would be a simple job.”

I was resolute in my understanding, and I never wavered in the slightest. I had to return home immediately.

Regardless of the skills and effects of hospital treatment, they had nothing to do with me. In the face of tribulations, my main consciousness remained completely clear. My train of thought was completely on the basis of the Fa. I believed in Master and the Fa one hundred percent.

My clothes and cell phone were taken home so I had no contact with the outside world. I was wearing patient clothes and could not move even slightly.

After I asked to go home, the physician on duty told me that if they let me do that, they would be violating the law.

If they decided that I was mentally ill, they could conduct surgery without my consent, based on the understanding that they had to save my leg within the window of effective treatment.

I realized that I had to complete legal papers to get out of the hospital. In this critical moment, the only thing I could do was ask Master to send fellow practitioners to visit me at the hospital, who would connect me with practitioners who practice law.

Several practitioners arrived shortly after. I asked them to contact practitioners who are attorneys and explain to them what I needed. Two practitioners who are attorneys dropped what they were doing and rushed to the hospital. With their help, I signed a series of legal papers to assume the risk and legal responsibilities.

In the end, I had to agree with the physicians to accept some simple treatment. They plastered my leg and used a stainless steel support to bolster my lower leg. If I did not do this, they would not allow me to leave. I felt it was fine as long as they did not cut open my leg, and I took no medicine or injections.

On the fifth day of hospitalization, an ambulance took me home. Afterwards, I learned that if my broken leg did not recover, the lead surgeon was going to file a lawsuit against the attorney practitioners. I have kept the letter the lead surgeon wrote to them.

Master's Strengthening and Fellow Practitioners' Support

After returning home from the hospital, I faced tests from my family members. They wanted me to receive treatment in the hospital. They surrounded me and asked, “If you become paralyzed in bed, who will be responsible for all that?”

Things were getting out of control at home. I first told myself to calm down, study the Fa, look within, and negate all that was done by the old forces. I followed Master's requirements in my thoughts and actions.

I stuck to my routine to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts. While I could not move my body, I practiced by moving my arms.

I continued to do newspaper typesetting as before, but tears fell as I worked because of the pain. My clothes were soaked in sweat, but I continued to attend online Fa study and even learned to write online posts to tell people about Falun Gong.

I had a hard time breathing when the pain took over. I had to close my eyes and said, “Master, your disciple can hardly breathe because of pain...” Before finishing my words, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, the excruciating pain was over. Master is beside me each and every moment, protecting me and helping me pass the tests.

All that I have comes from Master's benevolent compassion. Through my determination and efforts, I passed the tests from family members and broke away from the arrangements of the old forces.

I was able to achieve this only with support from fellow practitioners. When they learned of my accident, an elderly practitioner in Auckland got up at 3:00 a.m. to send forth righteous thoughts for me, asking Master to strengthen me.

Practitioners who were protesting in front of the Chinese Embassy kept sending righteous thoughts to clear up the evil factors that brought about the tribulations. Fellow practitioners in the Tian Guo Marching Band also supported me with righteous thoughts.

Those who came to visit me at home shared with me how to improve my xinxing to face up to the evil persecution. The two attorney practitioners and other Hamilton practitioners kept sharing with me to help me keep up my righteous thoughts.

By sharing and finding my own shortfalls, I saw my attachments and areas of improvement as a Dafa disciple during the Fa-rectification period. With improvement in my xinxing, my body recovered quickly.

Lead Surgeon: “You Don't Need To Come Here Anymore”

I returned home on November 11, 2015. When I went back to the hospital for re-examination on December 4, all the fractures except my knee were recovering.

A surgeon said, “It's impossible for the knee to recover. I won't be able to treat it. You won't be able to walk normally anymore.”

Upon hearing this, I thought, “You can't treat it. My Master can!” I didn't have even the slightest doubt, and I did not waver in my belief in Master.

By December 23, X-ray images of my knee showed clear signs of recovery. The breaking point was well aligned, and splintered bones were returning to their original positions as if they had a life of their own.

I returned to the hospital for re-examination three months later. The lead surgeon, who thought I had mental problems when I insisted on returning home without surgery, nearly jumped up in the air! He did not expect that I could recover so fast or so well.

He did not have a trace of jealousy and was so happy to see my condition. He said, “I am very, very satisfied with your recovery. You don't need come here anymore.” Other physicians were as happy as he was. Patients in the room also felt glad for me.

Attention from Neighbors and Community Leaders

Word spread in the local Chinese community that I did not receive medical treatment after such a serious injury. When I was taken home in an ambulance, people who did not know me came from long distances to my home.

Some came in, and some just looked in through the window. I treated them as people who deserve to learn about Falun Gong. They heard that something unusual had happened: a practitioner's leg was crushed under the wheel of a car, and she left the hospital with no surgery or treatment.

As my condition improved, family members, neighbors, friends, and physicians stopped blaming and complaining. Instead, they started to understand, respect, and support my decision.

One of my neighbors was the leader of a Chinese association that had close ties with the Chinese consulate. He had completely bought into the lies about Falun Gong spread by the Chinese Communist Party.

After my accident, he was probably the one who best witnessed my recovery apart from my family members. He never paid visits to my home, but when I went outside, his eyes were glued to each and every step I took. As my situation improved, his attitude changed as well.

When I went to take the bus a few months later, he appeared in front of me and shouted, “You are marvelous!” He looked excited and genuinely happy. I replied, “It’s Falun Gong that’s marvelous! It’s my Master who’s marvelous!”

Another Chinese person I know is an expert in sports medicine. He kept saying, “Yours is an extraordinary case in medical history!”

An owner of a large corporation in Auckland learned about me from fellow practitioners. He had good connections and was well known in business, government, and media circles. He thought I was crazy but was anxious to meet me, so he made arrangements through the practitioner from whom he learned about me.

He wanted to find out the facts by himself. His curiosity was intense, and he started asking questions through an interpreter as soon as he saw me. Some questions he later said he realized were not courteous, but I answered them all calmly. After a few questions, he knew for sure I did not have mental problems.

I gave a detailed account of the accident and how my crush fractures were cured through cultivating in Falun Gong, without relying on any medical treatment. He kept nodding, listening, and said respectfully, “Commendable!”

He had examined my X-ray images before visiting me. He watched closely when I walked to greet him. After learning the full story, he could not help getting excited, grabbing my hand, and asking to take a picture with me, making sure Master's picture was in the photo.

I told him all this was accomplished without my doing anything in particular, as Falun Gong helps cultivators adjust to abnormal situations. In the end, he grabbed my hand with both of his and said, “Oh! This is what Falun Gong is! This is how powerful Falun Gong is!”

In May 2016, half a year after the accident, I came with gratitude to the United States to attend the experience-sharing conference in New York. I listened to Master's lecture and joined the parade in New York City.

Ms. Wang Jiuchun participates in activities in New York City in May 2016, half a year after the car accident, in celebration of World Falun Dafa Day.