(Minghui.org) I am a 55-year-old farmer who began practicing Falun Dafa in August 1998. Prior to that, life was filled with conflicts and depression. I suffered from many illnesses including vertigo, mastitis, cerebrovascular insufficiency, and arthritis. I also experienced pain every winter from the frostbite I had as a child.

I attended a nine-day Falun Dafa seminar in 1998 and learned the exercises on the final day.

While doing the second exercise, I fainted on a pile of stones. When I regained consciousness about 10 minutes later, I discovered that I had no bruises or scratches even though I fell on my face! Since then, my vertigo disappeared.

All my other illnesses also went away. I was elated and couldn’t help smiling every day. It felt wonderful to be illness free!

Dafa taught me to be a good person. I strove to conduct myself according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and took conflicts lightly. I treated my husband, children and in-laws with compassion. My family environment became harmonious, and my life was more fulfilling.

My neighbors all mentioned how cheerful I was. I replied, “How could I not be? I’ve started practicing Falun Dafa. What Dafa has given me is priceless!”

Letting Go of Resentment

I was a gentle, even-tempered, and a non-confrontational person. Yet, I married into a family where it was normal for the parents to beat and scold their sons and daughters-in-law.

I once saw my father-in-law and his oldest son’s wife arguing and waving knives at each other. I was so terrified that I locked myself in my room for half a day.

My mother-in-law was also aggressive and argumentative like her husband. Soon after I married into the family, she left for her ancestral home and didn’t come back until the spring sowing and planting was over.

Before the spring sowing, my father-in-law asked to borrow money from me. He said he didn’t have money to buy seeds and fertilizer, and would pay me back after selling the harvest in the fall. My father-in-law had about five acres of farmland, so I lent him almost all my betrothal gift money.

After the fall harvest, my mother-in-law began dividing the family assets. She refused to pay back the loan I had given to my father-in-law by claiming that I had been eating their food. For the entire year of working on the farm, my husband and I only got 220 pounds of corn from her.

She later loaned my husband and me more than 10,000 yuan, and had the audacity to tell us to pay the 600 yuan loan she had borrowed from someone a few years ago. I refused, so she instigated my father-in-law to lift a hoe to try to attack me. I fainted immediately due to shock.

After I gave birth, my mother-in-law did not make a single meal for me, as was customary in our culture. She left it to my husband who did not know how to cook. The relatives brought rice as gifts for me, but my mother-in-law kept them and had me eat flour instead.

My husband made dough drop soup for me every single meal during the entire month of my postpartum period. I eventually developed acid reflux. From then on, every time I ate dough drop soup, I would get heartburn.

My 10 years of marriage was desolate and depressing. I often cried and lived every day in resentment. When I saw my mother-in-law, I refused to greet her and vowed to hate her forever. Filled with so much anger and negativity, my health began to deteriorate.

The dark clouds finally dispersed after I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Master Li’s (the founder) broad and profound teachings drove away the hatred and resentment from my heart. I understood the heavenly principles of karmic relationships between people.

I came to understand the reason why my mother-in-law was mean to me: I may have treated her in that way in my past life, and now I have to pay back my debt. As a practitioner, I must follow Master’s requirements.

Master Li said,

“Cultivators have no enemies, and nobody is worthy of being Dafa’s enemy.” (“Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

A cultivator must be kind to everyone. After I had a clear understanding of this Fa principle, I approached my mother-in-law to help her with farm work, gardening, laundry, and anything else she needed.

I empathized with her: the eldest son and his family relocated far away, the second son died at a young age, and her only daughter suffered from a mental illness. My husband often worked and was addicted to gambling, so he paid no attention to taking care of his parents. As such, the burden of their sunset years undoubtedly fell on my shoulders.

According to traditional Chinese culture, “Of all virtues filial piety is most important.” Even though my parents-in-law did not give birth to or raise me, I still needed to be filial to them.

After my father-in-law passed away, life became even harder for my mother-in-law. She depended on me for everything from her food, clothing, transportation to communication needs. I became her spiritual and life pillar!

When she got sick, I went to get the doctor for her, bought her medications, and stayed by her bedside. I was her personal “nurse.”

She was often moved to tears and praised how much kinder I was than her own daughter. I told her, “It is because of Falun Dafa and Master Li.” She would reply, “I must sincerely thank Master Li Hongzhi!”

My daughter-in-law once complained to me, “My grandmother-in-law has another son. Why aren’t they doing anything, while we are taking care of everything? It’s not fair.”

“They’re out of town,” I said. “Distant water can’t quench present thirst. I am a Dafa practitioner and do not give too much thought about who is doing what.”

After my mother-in-law’s daughter died of illness, I became her closest confidant. I felt her pain and found her life miserable. Her difficulties became my difficulties.

She thanked me when her mind was clear, but picked on me when she was confused. She even said bad things about me behind my back, but I didn’t resent her, and continued to care for her.

Master said,“A benevolent person always has a heart of compassion.With no discontentment or hatred, he takes hardship as joy.”(“Realms,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

As a practitioner, I must conduct myself according to Dafa’s standard of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Lymphoma Disappears

A grain-sized red bump suddenly appeared on the left side of my neck in 2015. Thinking it was a mosquito bite, I didn’t pay attention to it. The bump grew to the size of a nickel a month later. It was red, swollen, and very painful. My neck and face also became swollen, and the pain extended to my entire head.

It was during the autumn harvest, so I continued to work in the field. The red bump broke open and began to ooze blood one day. My mother-in-law dropped by at lunchtime and was taken aback upon seeing it. She looked worried and went to get a practitioner from the village, who also said that it didn’t look good.

My husband didn’t let me go back to the field in the afternoon, and said he wanted me to go to the hospital instead.

I thought, “I’m a practitioner and it is not an illness. It is the evil from another dimension persecuting me. I have Master and Dafa.”

I explained to my family that it was not an illness and that there was no need to go to the hospital. My mother-in-law and husband found it hard to understand, but did not force me to go to the hospital.

I read Zhuan Falun, did the exercises and sent righteous thoughts intensively. Two fellow practitioners later came over to send forth righteous thoughts with me.

Three days later, the red bump on my neck grew smaller, and the swelling on my face and neck went away, as did the headache. The red bump disappeared completely seven days later.

My family and I were delighted and extremely grateful to Master for saving my life!

In 2017, my sister-in-law also found a red bump on the left side of her neck. When it grew to the size of a nickel, she went to the city hospital and had it removed. Before long, another red bump appeared at the same spot and grew larger and larger. When it grew to the size of an egg, it broke open and oozed a lot of blood. She passed away in only four months.

Thinking about what my sister-in-law and I went through, I enlightened that Falun Dafa is the mighty virtue that saves people. Modern medicine can only remove symptoms, but cannot save people. If I didn’t practice Dafa, I would have undoubtedly followed the same fate as my sister-in-law.

Falun Dafa is the great Fa of the cosmos! Thank you Master for your great benevolence!