(Minghui.org) I started to have a number of health problems in my 40s, so I took early retirement to focus on medical treatments, hoping to regain my health. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994. I felt as if I had fallen from the peak of a mountain and desperately looked for a rescue.

Falun Dafa Saved Me

Doctors suggested that I have immediate surgery, since there was no other option. The muscles in my chest, my right breast, the right side of my armpit, and the muscles between the bones were removed. The surgery took a total of eight hours.

I thought I would feel better after the surgery, but the thin skin and the scraped ribs would not heal, so I needed to have the fluid pumped out and chemo drugs injected every day. The pain, combined with the miseries of more than a dozen other ailments, made me feel that I could no longer stand it, and I thought of ending my life.

Just as I was feeling the most desperate, a friend took me to a Falun Dafa volunteer teaching practice site to watch the videos of the teachings by the founder of Falun Dafa, Li Hongzhi. At first, I was not very enthused, as I had learned a lot of qigong practices prior to Falun Dafa, but none of them worked. I doubted if Falun Dafa would be any different. Perhaps it was due to that mentality that I did not remember anything that first day.

I left early the following day for family matters. On the third day, my seat was in the back row and my mind was occupied with various trivial thoughts, so I did not fully understand what Teacher said. On the fourth day, I went early and sat in the first row.

I heard Teacher talking about the “mysterious pass.” It was a new concept for me, but I was attracted to Teacher’s teachings and the profound mystery of Dafa. I wondered how this qigong master knew so much? I realized that Teacher Li was different from other qigong masters. Thus, I got Zhuan Falun, the main book of this cultivation, a set of Teacher's portraits, and paintings of the Falun emblem. I made up my mind to cultivate in Dafa.

The Power of Dafa

I stopped taking the medications and threw away all the medical devices I had been dependent on for many years. I also gave away the 1,700 yuan spectrum analyzer that I had just bought. In order to make me feel better, my family spent more than 40,000 yuan on karaoke equipment, but I never used it.

I practiced the exercises, studied the Dafa teachings every day, and began to feel the power of Dafa. When I first started practicing, I was afraid that walking would be difficult. To my surprise, it felt as if there were wheels were under my feet, and I was sliding forward as if someone was pushing me from behind. When I arrived at the practice site, I did the second exercise by holding my hands up for 45 minutes without feeling tired. When doing the fifth exercise, I could feel Falun (law wheels) spinning in my palms, my abdomen, and my chest. A Falun was spinning around the incisions. A few days later, I felt that there were hundreds of Falun in my body. I knew Teacher was cleansing my body.

Soon, all the ailments that I had suffered for more than two decades – headaches, bradycardia, atrial fibrillation, hypotension, thrombocytopenia, severe anemia, and kidney failure, and more – disappeared. My body became light and comfortable. I became illness-free.

I diligently practiced the exercises and studied the teachings. The more I learned about Dafa, the more I understood that Dafa was profound.

A Lonely Drifting Boat Finds Its Way to Return Home

I learned to eliminate my worldly attachments to fame and gain, because I knew that the human world is a temporary place for humans.

Before cultivating in Dafa, a coworker asked me to lend him 200,000 yuan to start a business. He promised that he would return the money to me, plus some shares in a month. However, his business partner ran away with all the money. Not daring to see me, my coworker later also ran away. I had borrowed money, and now we had to pay back the loan.

Dafa teachings helped me understand that everything had a reason, and it had meant to happen like that. I did not blame my coworker but found ways to pay the loan back. My family used all of our savings, sold our jewelry, and borrowed money from our relatives to pay back the loan.

One day when meditating I suddenly was enlightened that things had already been prearranged for me. Everything that happened, whether it was good or bad, was all good. It was a good thing that my coworker did not return my money. Dafa helped my mind to become compassionate and peaceful since I no longer pursued fame and otherworldly affairs. I was like a lonely boat that had drifted aimlessly for a long time, but now I had finally found my way to return home.

Recovery from All Diseases

A side effect of the large dose of anesthesia I'd been given during the surgery was that my entire body remained numb afterward.

Due to the relaxation of the abdominal ligament after surgery, the varicose veins in my right calf were enlarged. At that time, I saw a newspaper article, claiming that a hospital in a city in the North could treat my problem. When I got there, however, I learned that they actually just let the two bones in my knees die out so that the varicose veins were no longer enlarged. After that treatment, my right leg became much thicker than the left leg, and it was also getting less and less sturdy. My shoulder blades and knee joints often hurt.

After I became a Dafa cultivator, everything healed. The two dead meridians under my knees, as well as the ligaments in my abdomen and bones were connected, and so were the meridians in my body that had been broken.

Teacher said,

“Of course, in addition to Falun, we will also install in your body many energy systems and mechanisms that will, together with Falun, rotate and transform you automatically.” (Lecture one, Zhuan Falun)

The maoyou (the borderline between the yin and yang sides of the body) heavenly circuit drives the internal mechanism to spin inside my body. The external mechanism spins constantly together with Falun, and the great heavenly circuit caused my whole body to spin around the clock.

In the beginning, hundreds of Falun's adjusted my body, and then, only one Falun spun inside me. The internal and external mechanisms span from the root of my hair to the tip of the fingers and toes as well as other parts of my body until every single part inside my body was spinning. For more than two decades, my body has been spinning internally without stopping.

Modern Myth Created by Dafa

A few years after the surgery, something I never expected happened. The skin that was stretched tightly on the right chest muscle slowly relaxed. After a while, the shape of a breast began to grow slowly. One day, I could feel that muscles were growing under the right armpit. My right arm and hand also felt stronger when lifting things. The right side of my body gradually grew bigger and finally was in balance with the left side. At present, the entire right breast has been formed. This is an extremely extraordinary phenomenon, something that is absolutely impossible to explain with modern medicine. This is a modern myth created by Falun Dafa!

To celebrate the Chinese New Year in 1997, our work unit held a dinner party. I was delighted to join them. Everyone asked me how I could recover from cancer and other diseases so quickly. The very next day, dozens of people went to the park to learn the Falun Dafa exercises with me.

Dafa Brings Good Fortune to My Family and Friends

Witnessing the drastic changes in me impressed my family and friends. More than 100 people began to cultivate in Dafa. They also experienced the power of Dafa. My mother used to be illiterate, however, six months after cultivating in Dafa, she could read the book Zhuan Falun by herself. My brother-in-law’s hunchback straightened a few days after he practiced the exercises. He also quit smoking and drinking.

My husband and I returned to our hometown last fall. Our school friends commented that they were delighted to see “real Dafa cultivators.” We gave them Dafa informational materials, and they accepted them. Some even wanted to learn the exercises with us right away.

If it were not for Dafa's salvation, I would not be alive today. Dafa has given me everything that I have today. I will cherish this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and continue to cultivate in Dafa until I reach consummation (enlightenment).

I hope that everyone who is still blinded by the Chinese Communist Party’s lies can understand the truth about this cultivation practice as soon as possible.