(Minghui.org) One day my youngest daughter came to me all excited and said, “Mom, look! There are lucky clovers in our yard. Come look.” I said, “You're right. And so many of them.” She gathered some and pressed them between the pages of a book.

She later said, “These four-leaf clovers are pretty common, so I wanted to see if there were any with five leaves, and then I really found some.” “So what about six-leaf clovers?” I asked. Indeed, we found two! With two layers of leaves, three leaves on each layer. What a magical find!

This was what happened soon after I started practicing Falun Dafa. Just like the magically appearing six-leaf clovers, wondrous things have since happened in our family.

Unbelievably Fortunate

I had been plagued by chronic sore muscles since my twenties. I had resorted to all kinds of treatments, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and cupping. Whenever I heard of a potential treatment, I would seek it out. I once bought a plaster sheet with medicine on it, which was supposed to work really well, for about $700. It didn't help at all. Instead, it actually burned a square mark on my skin.

Apart from the constant muscle pain, I would easily pull the muscles in my back. If I stood or sat for an extended time, my whole body would freeze up. I also suffered from migraines, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, muscle cramps, indigestion, severe constipation, cystitis, arthritis in my finger joints, periodontal disease, shoulder periarthritis, and a skin disease. Because I worked on the sea, I was not able to eat or take medications at regular times.

I used to often complain that my hair was the only part of my body that did not hurt. My family had long-term debt, and I worked beyond what my body could endure. I feared that I would become a burden on my family.

Compared to my health, my temper was even worse. Whenever things didn't go my way, I would throw a tantrum. I complained about everything every day. Sometimes I felt I would rather die than live as I was.

All the suffering came to an end after I started to practice Falun Dafa.

A friend of mine who used to go with me to the chiropractor said, “There is a really good book you should read.” The book was Zhuan Falun, Master Li Hongzhi's main teaching that provides comprehensive instructions for cultivation.

After reading Zhuan Falun, I started to practice the exercises. Soon I realized that all my pain and ailments had disappeared. I went to sleep as soon as I lay down and enjoyed eating again. I could eat all the leftovers.

I could also work tirelessly all day long. It was a wonderful feeling, as if I had been reborn.

For a long time, every morning when I woke up, I thought about being a Dafa practitioner and all the dramatic transformations I'd experienced, and it all felt like a dream. Yet everything was so real. I could not believe I was so fortunate.

Good Fortune Comes Our Way

Before I was 50 years old, I did not know why I came to this world and had many questions about life. After starting to practice Dafa, I enlightened that all my suffering was caused by karma as a result of all the bad deeds I'd ever done. That meant I had to repay those debts through suffering. Master said,

“There is another way to change one’s life, and this is the only way: It is that this person takes the path of cultivation practice from now on.” (Zhuan Falun)

Ever since I started to practice Falun Dafa, I've never used my National Health Insurance card. In addition to my great health, my family also enjoyed good fortune.

My husband and I used to live under the same roof as his brothers. When his siblings split up, we had to move out and build our own house. We incurred huge debts and were weighed down by the financial pressure for 20 years. Within three years after I started practicing Dafa, we paid off our debts and our income increased year after year. Those seemingly bad fortune eventually turned into good ones.

One year, oysters were so plentiful that the market was flooded, so they were hard to sell. Because we wanted to help our neighbor, who was an oyster farmer and was overstocked, we bought his whole stock. Everyone laughed at us for being stupid, sneering that we didn't even know how to sell our own. Eventually, two hurricanes wreaked havoc, and oyster production suffered a severe loss. However, our oysters were spared any damage and became a hot commodity. We sold our neighbor's oysters and made a profit of over $30,000.

As Master said, “If something is yours, you will not lose it. If something is not yours, you will not have it even if you fight for it.” (Zhuan Falun) My husband's two older brothers initially promised to buy a lot of the oysters from the stock we bought from our neighbor, but they backed out eventually.

The day of the hurricane, my husband was worried like an ant on a hot plate, murmuring to himself, “We are toast. We are toast.” I did not worry a bit. In the end, the hurricane just rearranged our oysters' growing frames, trimming the superfluous parts without damaging the core product. When the market ran short of oysters, our stock sold for several times more than in past years.

My husband was a stubborn person and used to object to my practicing Dafa. I pointed to what happened with the oysters as an example of the power of Dafa. He used to say, “It was because of our own effort and hard work.” But when the prospects were grim, he was deflated and so worried. The unexpected turnaround of our luck helped us tremendously. As a practitioner, I knew it was a manifestation of Dafa's power in this human dimension. I understood it was Dafa that brought us good fortune.

Family Members Escape Death

My father-in-law suffered from hypertension and heart disease and once had open heart surgery. His systolic pressure could reach over 200 when he had an onset. One time he lost consciousness when no one else was at home except me. I recited “Falun Dafa is good” several times and then called my husband and his brother to get an ambulance. Before the ambulance arrived, he came to. On the way to the hospital, the medic measured his blood pressure, and it was perfectly normal.

Another time he fell while riding a bicycle. After that, his health deteriorated quickly, and I could feel the life draining out of him day by day. One day I visited him in the hospital. He was conscious and seemed alert. He told me that he felt he was about to die. I said, “That won't happen. Don't you remember I told you to recite 'Falun Dafa is good' to get better?”

He seemed to remember all of a sudden and started to say it. The next day, he was in good spirits. He improved day by day after that. Soon, a bedridden, elderly man who could not take care of himself was able to walk on his own and dared to ride a bicycle again.

There were many other risky incidents where Master protected my family. Once my husband was in a boat that capsized, but his life was spared with Master's benevolent protection and blessing.

Validating Dafa and Clarifying the Truth

The Chinese Communist Party launched its persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners and fabricated reports of suicides, homicides, and self-immolation. They have subjected countless innocent people to arrest, forced labor, imprisonment, torture, and even organ harvesting.

As Falun Dafa practitioners, we must validate Dafa and clarify the truth. I tried to seize each and every opportunity to tell people how wonderful Dafa is and how unjustly practitioners in China are being treated. I went to sightseeing spots to talk to tourists, joined Dafa parades in Hong Kong, made telephone calls to people in China, invited people to sign petitions, and talked about Dafa with those who visited us at home. I also talked to people at neighboring villages' temple fairs, my husband's family parties, and the night markets in our village.

My husband did not practice Dafa, so he did not understand what I was doing. I knew his main complaint: prior to my practicing, we used to go out to sing karaoke and play poker; after I started to practice Dafa and learned the meaning of life, I gradually became indifferent to the entertainment and chose to spend my time clarifying the truth.

I knew I must cultivate myself well so that, through me, he could see the beauty of Dafa and be saved. Little by little, things changed: he no longer objected to my clarifying the truth on the telephone; when I was busy, he would remind me when it was time to send righteous thoughts and take over what I was doing; on days when my Fa-study group met, he would get home early so I could drive fellow practitioners to the location; he replaced my old car with a new one to drive to the group study; a friend's wife had arthritis, so he talked to the friend about how my health improved after practicing Dafa; and so on.

There are many more such things I could talk about, but no words of mine could describe even a tiny fraction of what Master has given me in my cultivation. With benevolent Master protecting me, with the great Dafa guiding me, I will strive to walk each step well and save more people. I hope more people can come to know Dafa and benefit from it just like me. I will give my all to attain this goal.

Thank you, Master, for saving me!