(Minghui.org) At the beginning of 2014, a local coordinator asked me to research how many local practitioners died because of the persecution.

During the investigation, we found the family member of a practitioner who was killed by the authorities in Beijing and learned the details about this tragedy.

Assuring Accurate Reporting

From this case, I understood the responsibility inherent in this mission. I completed the survey and reported to the Minghui website. Later, I surveyed and reported to the Minghui website about cases of local practitioners being illegally sentenced to prison or forced labor, as well as those detained in local detention centers.

At the end of 2016, I summarized a report that disclosed local authorities who received retribution for their active participation in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Also, referencing a similar report, I summarized a report that detailed persecution of local practitioners beginning in July 1999.

I usually started by collecting materials from available sources, including the Minghui website and testimonials from practitioners. Practitioners who could write or type helped in this effort. In the beginning, I would dictate the stories. Later, I recorded the stories, and then someone transcribed the recordings. Thus, the narrator's thoughts would not be disrupted.

Master told us that the purpose of exposing the persecution is to restrain and stop the persecution, as well as to awaken the conscience of perpetrators in the persecution.

Thus, I was careful in the process when putting together the reports as to keep accurate facts. Many times, I had to reference different materials about a practitioner and revise the report multiple times.

In my opinion, an article to expose the evil must also display the merits of Dafa, as well as bring about a contrast between the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the beauty of Falun Dafa.

And to have the article appeal to ordinary people, I wrote it in a way easier to understand, showing the human nature when telling stories, and at the same time avoid being hampered by the indoctrination of the Chinese people by the CCP.

Project Process: Important Issues

Foundation of Project: Studying the Fa Well 

If one doesn't study Master's teachings of the Fa well, Master cannot help our effort. One's xinxing level will be low, and it is very easy to fall into the trap of validating oneself. Thus, one will not accomplish anything.

For some time, I was so eager to complete a report, that I didn't do any of the house chores. My wife, also a practitioner, was not happy and complained. I didn't look inward at my own problem, instead accused her of interfering with my project. The conflict worsened, affecting our xinxing, which impeded the project.

Through Fa study, I realized my mistake. How could I refuse to do house chores with the excuse of working on a project? She also had to do the three things well and Master had arranged tasks for her, too.

To ease her burden, I began doing some house chores. She appreciated this, and supported my working on the project. She did her best to take on some of the house chores, so I could work on the project.

Keeping Strong Righteous Thoughts

The Minghui website published in 2003 “Master's Comment on a Student's Article.” The article exposed wicked policemen and bad people. Local practitioners collected many cases of persecution and reported them to the Minghui website. 

However, the original writings were not preserved. The persecution was severe by then and many practitioners worried that these materials could be found by the persecutors and cause more persecution to involved practitioners.

Some practitioners involved in the project moved to other cities, some died, and some stopped working on this project.

In the end, the task was turned over to me. By keeping my faith in Master and Dafa, I continued working on the project. Sometimes I felt scared. If so, I temporarily stopped the work and sent forth righteous thoughts. I thought, “I am walking on a righteous path. Master is protecting me. No one has an excuse to touch me.”

Paying Attention to Safety

Although Master is watching over and protecting us, we still need to mind our safety in this human realm. Master discussed the issue in“Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding,” and many practitioners' sharing articles addressed this topic.

It is carved into my mind that I shall mind safety not just for myself, but also assure the safety of fellow practitioners at all times. Thus, I have been low key, minded my speech, and did not discuss my project with anyone else than those in the need to know. The equipment I use is well protected and everything in storage is encrypted.

I experienced hard times, as there was no practitioner I could share thoughts with. Sometimes I thought about quitting the project. Sometimes I didn't have the will power to turn on my computer.

But I know this is my mission. It was the vow I made to the creator and it is one of the highest honors. Thus, I was persistent in my task. Anyway, when compared to the persecution suffered by practitioners, my hardships are trivial.